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Added Feb 22 2018

Long-time gun safety advocate State Senator Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) has introduced a measure to address the sale of assault weapons, such as the AR-15, that have been used in countless mass shootings in America.

Senate Bill 3297 will make it illegal to sell assault weapons in Illinois. The legislation spells out which weapons are included in the definition of assault weapons and also includes the sale of so-called “large capacity ammunition feeding devices” of more than 10 rounds in a single magazine, belt or drum.

If you share Sen. Silverstein's concerns about gun safety in our state, particularly in light of the mass shootings in Florida, Texas and Las Vegas, please provide your contact information to stay updated on this legislation and other gun safety bills the senator sponsors. Thanks.

    Silverstein Petition to Ban Sale of Assault Weapons in Illinois
    Long-time gun safety advocate State Senator Ira Silverstein (D-Chicago) has introduced a measure to address the sale of assault weapons, such as the AR-15, that have been used in countless mass shootings in America. Senate Bill 3297 will make it illegal to sell assault weapons in Illinois.
  • Why is it that the anti-gunner, including politicians and the media, rarely cite the number of lives that that are saved by guns? The media very seldom reports on lives saved by gun use because it does not fit their agenda and narrative or is just not considered sensational enough to be newsworthy. Pick one. Granted, there is a problem even amassing such data for a number of reasons. In many instances, the encounter is not ever reported to the police, especially when shots are fired but the perpetrator is not struck by a bullet, but retreats, ending the threat. The vast majority of times, just brandishing a gun is sufficient to cause the perpetrator to retreat, ending the threat. Regardless, just because one is seldom hears of such these events does not mean that they do not take place.

  • And what about "good gun control" (whatever that is) was going to do anything about parkland...when:

    • A state psychiatrist recommending Cruz be forcibly committed to a mental institution
    • Cruz calling himself a "school shooter" in public
    • The Broward County Sheriff was called to investigate Cruz for violent, dangerous behavior 44 (!) times
    • Cruz performing self-mutilation
    • Cruz writing the word 'KILL' in his textbooks
    • Cruz telling classmates he wanted to bring a gun to school
    • Counselors saying Cruz was “moody, impulsive, angry, attention seeking, annoys others on purpose and threatens to hurt others”
    • Cruz's fascination with firearms and disturbing posts about guns on social media
    • Cruz being banned from carrying backpacks to school for fear of what he may carry inside them
    • The Broward County Sheriff was asked to search Cruz's home for a gun - that search never happened.

    How come the signs at your beloved march condemn guns and the NRA....but not Cruz or the Broward County Sheriff?

  • Actually Jimmy, statistically speaking, you and I are 17 times less likely to commit a crime than Bob is.

  • Anti-gunners are in favor of registration that works in theory but not in practice. Seldom are guns ever found at a crime season where a gun is used. When they are, often the serial number has been file away, or there is a serial number, but the gun was not registered, or the gun was legally owned gun and registered, but not to the criminal but rather to someone else from whom it was stolen. Registration almost never has been a factor in solving a crime. So much for registration which is little more that a precursor to confiscation.

  • According to a Department of Justice study more than 80% of crime in the US is gang related and the vast majority of that is drug related. Why is the focus of the anti-gunner on firearms in the hands of the law-abiding rather than on solving the major source of gun related crimes … gangs? Police are the single most important factor in reducing crime. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s crime fighting strategy regarding gangs was to disband specialized gang task forces … strategic saturation rapid response teams once heralded as key components of the city's lowering crime and homicide rates. He also closed down 2 of 5 detective bureaus that were in Chicago’s highest crime districts Since that time homicide rates have risen, but our mayor continues to defend his failed short-sighted decision that has fueled Chicago’s sparing murder rate. That is not to even mention a shortage of 1000-2000 policeman that has existed for many years. Shortage of police resources and poorly allocated police resources impact rates of arrest and convictions. Our mayor’s strategy does not work. Why has Bob not addressed these issue?

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    What's up with the opposition to gun registration? You register your car, don't you?

  • Why has Bob not addressed these issue?

    because root cause initiatives are complicated and everyone knows are almost impossible to control.

  • ah....the car registration fallacy.....

    it was just a matter of time.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    What's up with the opposition to gun registration?

  • I am opposed because experience has taught us that registration has not served to solve crimes and because registration has been a precursor to confiscation. Bob's reading comprehension is deficient. I sad it before, but it bears repeating. One can explain something to Bob, but One cannot understand it for him.

  • On the surface registering guns like we register cars may seem to make sense, but only if one when fails to analytically think things through, a bad habit of Bob’s. Cars are basically regulated as follows. There is no federal licensing or registration of car owners. Any person may use a car on his own private property without any license or registration. An adult may obtain a license to use a car in public places by passing a test. One can lose their license for proved misuse of the car, but not for most other misconduct. Even if one loses their car license, they can usually regain it at some later time. A car license from one state is good throughout the country. I suggest that Bob go back and reread the above and substitute “gun” for “car”. I’m betting that if Bob does that, he will retract his proposal.

  • I think if you were only allowed 3 gallons of gas per fill up, it would put an end to drunk driving and other vehicular homicides.

  • Not another Non Sequitor??? Bpb asserts that “the lack of good laws and good gun control is the reason gun ownership is rising” whereas the threat of new proposed gun laws, terrorism, and gun violence are that factors that have fueled gun sales. When is Bob going to get up to speed on this issue? Never mind that was a rhetorical question.

  • Understand that I am all in on any legislation that does not infringe upon my rights and will be effectively curtain gun violence, particularly mass shootings. Feel-good, knee jerk legislation that Bob is in favor has proven to that it will have no appreciable effect in preventing mass shootings. We need workable solutions and Bob has yet to cite an example of what will work. Since current laws and proposed legislation is not the answer, what can be done to more effectively protect children in schools? Doing away with school gun-free zones is the first step. Bob remains mute on that issue and his silence is deafening.

  • I wonder if Murder rates are concentrated in certain cities, particularly certain counties within those cities. 2% of our counties account for 52% of the murders in the U.S. AN those who live in Chicago and Cook Count know that firsthand. I one were to remove, Chicago, Detroit, D.C., St Louis, and New Orleans, the U.S. would have one of the lowest murder rates …189th out of 193 countries.

  • By the way, the recent March for Our Lives demonstrations were organized and bankrolled by one of the most staunch anti-gunner with the deepest of pockets … Michael Bloomberg. Why did Bob fail to mention that? The motivation of many who participated is sincere. It would be better for us all if they would invest their energy into workable solutions. It should be noted that 47% of children ages 13-17 are in favor of tightened gun control laws and background checks to prevent mass shooting in schools. Although not a majority opinion, the number is still significant, but the question remains. what constitutes or a workable effective solution and protests should not be misconstrued as a solution.

  • Bob’s labeling of me as gun obsessed is counter productive to the exchange of ideas and should be recognized for what it is … a logical fallacy know as Argumentum ad hominem (argument directed at the person), or the error of attacking the character or motives of a person who has stated an idea, rather than attacking the idea itself. Should I just try to be more understanding? I mean what other options does Bob have since he is unable or unwilling to repudiate the facts, statistics, and studies that I've cited?

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    It's been a pleasure to watch the national zeitgeist turning away from the NRA and it's culture warriors.

    Their defenders are growing louder - much like the last drops of water sizzling out of a hot frying pan.

    We'll all be better off when rational centrist minded adults take charge of the US gun mess and take the reigns away from those who are, so obviously, 'compensating' with their big-boy toys.

  • What’s really a mess is the culture we live in today where people yearn for attention and approval from their peers on a daily basis. A society where the majority of its people base their self worth on how many 👍 or ❤️ they get is doomed. Guns won’t kill us, the Interwebs will.

    Now please thumbs up my comment so I can compulsively check my phone for the next hour and not think about what really matters in my life.

  • Here are a few eye opening statistics...

    According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics & National Crime Victims Survey,
    550 Rapes and 1,100 Murders are prevented EVERY DAY just by SHOWING a gun.

    According to the National Institute of Justice, there are approximately 2 million defensive gun uses per year by law abiding citizens.

    According to the FBI, 99.9% of all guns in America are not used in violent crimes. 99.8% of all guns are not used in crime at all. Only 4% of guns used in crimes were obtained legally.

  • The term assault weapon does not exist in firearms technical literature, but was coined by gun control advocates no earlier than 1985. An ‘assault weapon’ is loosely defined as a semi-automatic firearm with a ‘military appearance’. Firearms, like the AR-15, with a having a hi-tech appearance that appeals to many and have been dubbed dubbed and ‘assault weapon’ although it is NOT! Assault rifles are clearly defined in the Defense Department’s Defense Intelligence Agency manual Small Arms Identification and Operation Guide as ‘short, compact, selective-fire weapons that fire a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges’. In short, assault rifles are military issue combat rifles that can fire capable of full-automatic firing. Such military assault rifles have been tightly regulated ever since 1934, with the passage of the National Firearms Act.

  • The carnage on our streets from gun violence is begging for a workable solution. Gun bans is not a workable solution. We must bring about a sharp reversal in the trend toward undue leniency and revolving door justice. We must insist upon speedier trials and punishments commensurate with crimes committed. Rehabilitation should be tempered with a realization that not all criminal can be rehabilitated, and that prisons cost society less than the crime of active predatory criminals. We need passage of "truth in sentencing laws" which require that criminals actually serve at least 85% of time sentenced. The longer "gun control" advocates distract our nation from this task by embracing their failed experiment consisting of senseless laws and regulations, the longer will it take and the more difficult our job will become to overcome gun violence.

  • Reposted with typos corrected. I wish there was an editing feature on Everyblock. What I meant to say was...

    Murder rates are concentrated in certain cities, particularly certain counties within those cities. 2% of our counties account for 52% of the murders in the U.S. Anyone who lives or in Chicago and Cook Count experiences this firsthand. If one were to remove, Chicago, Detroit, D.C., St Louis, and New Orleans, the U.S. would have one of the lowest murder rates …189th out of 193 countries.

    There that read much better now.

  • Right on, Randy. Citizen Pain needs to do some fact checking. There has been a aggressive public onslaught against the NRA. Clearly there are those that feel that winning the gun control debate is contingent upon negative sentiment toward the nation’s leading 2nd Amendment advocacy group. Some have even gone so far as to label the NRA a terrorist organization. In spite of all this membership in the NRA includes more than five million Americans and is spiking, according to people familiar with the numbers. According to various sources, after tragic mass shootings and rumblings of more gun control there is a surge in NRA membership and donations. After Sandy Hook alone, the NRA reported that it gained 100,000 member is 18 days.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Associated Press

    Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has invited victims of gun violence to tell their stories at a legislative hearing.

    The House Judiciary-Criminal Law Committee will take testimony Tuesday afternoon in Chicago.

    Madigan says he wants a discussion on the effort to end illegal firearms sales. The Chicago Democrat noted the General Assembly approved a plan for state licensing of gun dealers last month.

    Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed the plan two weeks ago. He called it “burdensome” and noted federal law enforcement agencies already regulate dealers.

    Madigan is gauging support for an override vote.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired
  • You disregard and ignore Jimmy's links, but you want us to take a new York times link seriously?

    double standard much?

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Jimmy send TWELVE links from biased, prejudicial, crank gun-nut places advocating guns to kill people.

    Feel free to ignore the links I send. A New York Times link is far more credible than keepandbeararms, gunsandammo, thetruthaboutguns links.

  • I viewed Bob’s video link which is more of a courtesy than Bob ever extends to me. It should be obvious by now that Bob does not like a level playing field. He prefers to play by his own set of rules, and yet expects others to regard him as objective and credible, but I digress. I rate the video an 8 out of 10 for emotional content and a 0 out of 10 for rational content.

  • Back on topic ... Senator Silverstein wants to ban magazine capacities in excess of 10 rounds. I already addressed why 10 round magazine capacity is gad idea, but will add that any legislation that limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds without a grandfather clause, if passed into law, would instantaneously reclassify many a law-abiding citizen as criminals. Silverstein also wants to ban the statewide sale of what he incorrectly labels an assault weapon, particularly the AR-15. Neither Silverstein fails to make any distinction between the fully automatic M16 and M4 military issue automatic assault rifles and the semiautomatic AR15. Although they resemble one another, they are not one and the same and I have already addressed why the AR-15 is NOT an “assault weapon”, but I submit link below that clearly spells out the differences. It should be noted that Silverstein’s proposal is modeled after the expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban which countless studies have proven to have been ineffective.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    An email response I got from Rep. Mike Quigley:

    Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding gun violence prevention. Your views are important to me and I appreciate hearing from you.

    While I respect an individual's constitutional right to carry a gun, I find the current state of gun violence in our country deeply concerning. For many residents of Chicago, gun violence is not just a headline - gun violence is an everyday reality. On average, 90 Americans are killed with guns every day in this country. That's why we can no longer ignore the role that smart gun laws can play in addressing and potentially preventing gun violence and mass shootings.

    No perfect solution exists to end all gun violence, but we know from the experiences of other countries that a combination of small but practical policy solutions can severely reduce it. That's why since coming to Congress, I've been proud to cosponsor legislation requiring mandatory background checks on 100 percent of gun sales; limiting the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines; improving the National Instant Background Check System to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill; and requiring tougher penalties for criminals caught trafficking guns across state lines into Illinois. I also used my position as the only Illinois member of the House Appropriations Committee to secure additional funding to put more cops on Chicago's streets and fought to remove the incomprehensible ban placed on the Center for Disease Control to research gun violence.


  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    While the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees individuals the right to bear arms, in the same opinion, the Court emphasized that this right is not unlimited. It's time for my colleagues to stop listening to the gun lobby and start listening to the American people. The fact is a majority of Americans, gun owning and not, desire reasonable gun regulations. Congress simply needs to find the courage to do something about it.

    Should legislation on this topic come before the House of Representatives for a vote, I will keep your views in mind. Please feel free to visit my website,, for periodic updates on issues affecting the community and to sign-up for my e-newsletter. It is an honor to serve you in the U.S. Congress.

  • I said it before, but it bears repeating, Bob refuses to play fairly. Those of Bob's ilk, never permit evidence, facts, studies, data, statistics to dissuade or deter. Although entitled to their opinions, they are not entitled to "their own facts".

    Bob vainly attempts to dismiss content of links based solely upon the hosting website. How reasonable is that? Some content was sourced from recognized and respected experts and academics. Bob fails to acknowledge that, preferring to blatantly disregarding and dismiss links to any content that does not fit his agenda and narrative.

    Oddly enough, Bob is more concerned about quantity than quality of links provided. Since I don't want overwhelm him, I will humor Bob, but post only a single link. More are available upon request. The link is to the Crime Prevention Research Center. Founder and president, John Lott is recognized world-wide as the foremost expert in the field. With bated breath, I patiently await Bob's response to see what he whines about regarding this link.

  • The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) is a research and education organization dedicated to conducting academic quality research on the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety; educating the public on the results of such research; and supporting other organizations, projects, and initiatives that are organized and operated for similar purposes. It has 501(C)(3) status, and does not accept donations from gun or ammunition makers or organizations such as the NRA or any other organizations involved in the gun control debate on either side of the issue. More about the goals, objectives and its staff can be found here.

  • Mike Quigley is a decent politician. His heart is in the right place. I agree with much, but not all of what he says. He makes many good points but misses the mark on a few. Bob posted Mike's letter, but why didn't he post his letter to Mike?

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Sorry, I dug thru my "Sent Mail" folder and couldn't find my original letter or request to Rep. Quigley, I must have made the original communication via a link on his website.

    It's like posting a message here; I have no record or retention.

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Your suggested link, , starts out by soliciting to make a donation or sign up to join the list. The websites I've suggested, NY Times, Tribune, etc. don't start out soliciting donations. is run by John Lott,

    John Lott is, if not the most influential, certainly the most prolific “academic” in the gun debate. He has authored weekly columns in local newspapers on the horrors of gun free zones, published widely-distributed books on the ostensible benefits of right-to-carry laws, and his newest book The War on Guns has received rave reviews by prominent conservatives, like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Newt Gingrich.

    Before Lott’s flurry of activity, it was difficult to find anybody arguing that widespread gun ownership made societies safer — even the NRA was reticent to make such a bold claim, defending gun ownership with reference to the constitution, not criminology.
    Despite his ethical failings, Lott rose from the ashes in the wake of the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School to once more become a prominent voice in the gun debate.

    Perhaps unaware of Lott’s previous transgressions, or believing he had turned a new page by founding the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), many in the media who were desperate for an authoritative, pro-gun academic voice seized on Lott’s credentials and provided him with a new platform. In the past few years, Lott and his organization have been cited by dozens of media outlets as an authority on gun violence statistics, including the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Politifact, CBS, CNN, Fox News, and many others..
    Read more about the source of what JimmyMac is trying to feed us:

  • It is a given that research costs money. The pop-up reads … If you’ve enjoyed your visit please consider subscribing or making a donation. The donation is optional and one can readily click to dismiss the pop-up so what Bob’s point? If Bob has an issue with John Lott or that members that comprise the staff at The Crime Prevention Research center, why doesn’t Bob elaborate rather that elude to ”ethical failings” and the absurd claim that John Lott rose form the ashes in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting? Granted, the Crime Prevention Research Center was founded in 2013, but John was already active and in the fight long before the Sandy Hook Tragedy. The 1st edition of his book More Guns, Less Crime, 14 years prior in 1998. As for Bob’s post, it was excepted directly from the website and that constitutes plagiarism … a copyright violation according Everyblock’s Community Guidelines… not too prudent of Bob. When is Bob going to realize that he out of his league and throw in the towel? I will allow John Lott to step forward in his own defense…

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Remington, Centuries-Old Gun Maker, Files for Bankruptcy as Sales Slow

    Maybe guns will soon limit themselves!

    Excerpted from the story:

    "The company expected a similar bump in sales if Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election in 2016 because of her possible pursuit of gun control legislation. But in the first nine months of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, Remington’s sales were down 27.5 percent."

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    How difficult would it be to repeal the Second Amendment?

    Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for the repeal of the Second Amendment on Tuesday, wading into the charged political debate over gun control that was reignited by several mass shootings in recent months.

    It’s a familiar appeal from the 97-year old jurist, who was named to the bench by President Gerald Ford in 1975 and retired in 2010. But Stevens renewed his plea in an op-ed in the New York Times*, three days after activists staged massive gun control demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and in other cities around the country and world over the weekend. Stevens praised the protesters for demanding reforms to current gun laws but said they should go further.

    From the PBS Newshour:

    *Op-ed from the NY Times cited:

    This is just for your reading. Before you get on your high-horse I would very strongly be opposed amending or repealing or removing the 2nd Amendment. It isn't necessary.

    To many other unnecessary amendments have been made to the constitution. Let's not screw around with it any further.

  • It would be extremely difficult to repeal the 2nd amendment I'm thinking. The end game of the gun control movement is the relegation of the 2nd Amendment to a quaint vestige of colonialism. Gun grabber's would prefer for the 2nd Amendment to read … A well-regulated population being necessary to the security of a police state, the right of the government to ban and confiscate arms shall not be infringed. I am in favor of the original wording and the convictions of our founding fathers. Ban the ban ... not the gun!

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    I'm anti NRA, pro second amendment, but have to be honest with myself, in that if the writers of the constitution knew then what we know now, the wording might be different. It used to be ok to hang horse thieves, and to enslave other human beings. Times change. I think that they never took mental health, terrorism, the murder of presidents, school children, and police officers into consideration.

  • sure they did.

  • The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today announced support for a lawsuit brought by Guns Save Life challenging the Village of Deerfield, Illinois’ gun confiscation ordinance. The lawsuit challenges Deerfield’s recent attempt to criminalize so-called “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” within village limits.

  • Certainly, I blame Cruz for his evil actions. The rest is a bit harder, because I am unsure what could have been done to stop him. It is very difficult to have someone involuntarily committed, and even more difficult in Florida to take away someone's guns, thanks to the NRA and their use of Florida as a test case for gun rights expansion.

  • It is disconcerting that the disingenuous anti-gun advocacy movement deliberately sacrifice truth to advance their agenda. They value agenda more than they value truth. The tactic of prevarication, employed to achieve their objective, is best summed up in a quote. "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." (Adolph Hitler)

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is considered spam.
  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired
  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    The response I got from Sen. Durbin:

    Dear Mr. Kastigar:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding gun violence and access to guns in our country. I appreciate hearing from you, and I share your concerns.

    Over 30,000 Americans are killed by guns each year, and this violence takes a devastating toll on families and communities. I support sensible gun safety laws that will help reduce the number of gun deaths in America. I support measures such as universal background checks to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons, mentally unstable individuals, and domestic abusers. An overwhelming majority of Americans know this is just common sense. I also support efforts to crack down on illegal gun trafficking and straw purchasing, and to limit the civilian use of high-capacity ammunition magazines that have been used by mass shooters to cause enormous harm.

    We can and must do more to keep guns out of the hands of those who would misuse them, and we can do so while protecting the right of law-abiding citizens to use guns in a responsible and legal way for sport, hunting, and self-defense. My wife and I grew up in families of hunters. We know the rite of passage when a parent takes his child out into the woods and teaches him or her to shoot. The hunters I know are good people who love the sport and hate the people who use firearms to terrorize and kill.


  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    (continuation of response from Sen Durbin )

    Gun violence is a complicated problem, and there is no one solution that will stop all the tragic shootings. Reducing this violence will require dedicated efforts by families, community leaders, law enforcement, employers, faith leaders, and elected officials to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands and to address the conditions which create violence. Unfortunately, in recent years common-sense legislation to prevent gun violence has been blocked in Congress by well-funded political organizations. But I’m not giving up. I will continue to work to ensure the federal government helps address violent crime in our communities.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Please feel free to keep in touch.


    Richard J. Durbin
    United States Senator

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