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Added Feb 21 2018

Anyone have more info? Around 4:30 pm

  • LD

    Per the logan square neighborhood watch page - cops caught 1 guy and looking for another. as of 4:50 there were 5 cop cars, questioning people in the S8's at spaulding/schubert. WTF!

  • Between Wrightwood and Diversey

  • Was at Unity park playing with my child. Shooter on foot, West side of Kimball at Schubert...shooting towards Schubert...multiple shots fired. He was young, wearing a black puffy jacket with the hood pulled up, Latino. Walked away, South toward wrightwood. My child and I hiding under the park equipment. What the f*ck?!

  • I called 911 as soon as it seemed safe

  • bigbadron sorry.

    i was sitting in my living room when i heard the shots. jumped to the window to see where it came from. the only person that didn't look paniced was the latino in the black puffy coat and blue jeans. i watched him walk south on Kimball, then pick up his pace. called the cops as soon as i could.

    currently, there is a cop at the corner of Schubert and Kimball with the corner taped off. i don't think anyone was hurt, so that's good.

  • bigbadron sorry.

    oh jeez, okay. any idea where the car was at?

  • LD

    Padders - I am so very sorry you and your child had to witness this, that sounds terrifying. I hope the black-jacketed one was caught; whomever was is going to sing like a canary, glad to hear the cop response was swift and strong (including a helicopter patrol around 5:30 or so - as it should be for a broad daylight shooting after kids just got out of school near a playground. This is OUR neighborhood.

  • sorry that you both had to go thru this....

    How do we make it stop???

  • I posted separately when I drove past on my way home and saw cops searching for casings at the bus stop @Kimball and Schubert.

  • Jen60647 Kimball & Schubert

    I have photos. Is there any way for me to send a photo of kid in black jacket, but not puffy, with hood to any of you?

  • bigbadron sorry.

    Jen, you can upload them to

  • Carter O'Brien Diversey to Belmont lifer

    People are posting that there were shots after 11 pm in the vicinity, intersections of George/Kedzie and Sawyer/Barry were mentioned. The latter was MLD turf for years.

  • Mark Heller Logan Square & Chicago activist

    Alderman Carlos Rosa considering removing cul de sac @ ~ 2714 N Spaulding south of Milwaukee Ave that blocks Milwaukee traffic from cut thru to Schubert and then to Kimball. Open gang drug market nightmare Spaulding @ Schubert corner S8 housing before cul de sac built in 2000. Remove it -> cut thru traffic from Milw on neighborhood street enabled by traffic apps that helped create traffic nightmare on local streets in Leonia NJ near GW bridge to NYC.

  • this is corner of Drake and Schubert

  • JLM60 Visual Artist resident of Logan Square since 1986

    Can't access your link

  • Spaulding & Schubert buildings have been a problem for years. Kedzie/George is really bad as well.

  • If it’s the same guys, they’re not talking. From the Tribune

    About 4:15 p.m. on the Northwest Side, two men were found shot in a car in the 2600 block of North Kimball Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood, according to police. A 22-year-old man shot in the right leg was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, while a 19-year-old man also shot in the right leg was taken to Norwegian American Hospital. Their conditions were stabilized, according to police. The two were being uncooperative with investigators.

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