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Added Feb 17 2018

There have been shootings in this area before, but this week on 2/15 and 2/14/18 a couple of cars, one being a black Honda Civic, with their lights turned off have openly shot at the house second to last from the alley near Ridgeway and Milwaukee. If I had to guess, it’s the house with the 2958 address that got shot at.

The guys that live at the location are bad news. They attract violence. I don’t know if the shootings are gang related, but I’ve seen drugs and guns at that location and now they are being shot at. It’s really scary and there are a lot of little kids in the area.

Does anyone have further info or has anything to add to this post? I want to contact the police and anything neighbors can add may be helpful.


  • Correction: the address is 2984 n Ridgeway

  • CK

    Hi AVLSN.

    My block had a known gangbanger living a couple of doors down. (Landlord is a slum lord in that building and his kids and grandkids live there...that's another story.) Anyway, 3 of my neighbors and myself got them evicted and here's how we did it:

    1.) Call 911 when you see drugs, guns any crime. Keep a journal of every time you call. Note, often times the 911 dispatcher won't dispatch a car b/c they don't care. (Don't blame the police. If they are dispatched they have to show up. It's the dispatchers.) But there will be a record that you called. How do I know this? My neighbors and I had 27 calls that were never dispatched. Our Commander cleaned up the 911 center after hearing that.
    2.) Go meet with your Commander. Get him/her involved.
    3.) Go to CAPS meetings and ask the Commander and the Alderman for help with the building.
    4.) Set up a meeting with your Alderman. Tell them you want this building cleaned out. (Note, you don't want a building declared a drug building b/c your home value will decrease.) Keep and bring specific records of everything you see at that building.
    5.) Remind your Alderman that they want people like you and your neighbors who pay their taxes and bring value to the neighborhood so he/she needs to get this "trash" out of the neighborhood.
    6.) Provide timelines and follow-ups with your Alderman. He/She can send out investigators if the building is not up to code etc. They can call a meeting with the landlord etc. Trust me if you stay on your Alderman he/she will get sick of hearing from you every couple of weeks. :-)

    There were 4 of us and never gave up. I hope you can find some neighbors to help you and good luck. This took us about 4 months total.

    Be safe!

  • Thanks for the advice CK. I’ve already started emailing the 30th Ward alderman and will go from there.

  • Michael McDonough Resident of BelCragin

    To the post that suggested move , no! Why let this crime win.Be diligent and persistent and continue to call the police the alderman and especially your police district (25) commander.Something will be done.

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