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Added Feb 16 2018

A friend just witnessed two groups of youths shooting at eachother on the corner. Wow haven’t seen that in this area for a long time. He didn’t see if anyone was hit. Hopefully not!

  • any more details on this? i did not hear anything, no sirens, nothing. were these groups on foot or in cars??

  • Rick Stoneham Logan resident since 1984

    All he said was that it was in front of the little store. He was in his car and didn’t want to linger.

  • JSK

    I live a few blocks away at Wabansia and N Francisco. I didn’t hear anything. What time of the day was it?

  • Rick Stoneham Logan resident since 1984

    I live one block away and didn’t hear but with windows closed and street sound I don’t think that’s unusual. It was between 5 and 6PM so quite early.

  • JSK

    Yea, true. I was in the area around that time but didn’t see anything. Hopefully no one was hurt and someone called it in. This area is usually quiet but lately there have been quite a few reports of shootings. Very scary.

  • I live across Humboldt and the corners (location) mentioned has been a problem for years now...same corner, same location..and I don't understand why this situation can't be addressed... If it is the store ? then close it down. We need to have 'special attention' in that location.. police car making that one of there 'paths' when they are on duty. The school right there has been troubled for years as well.
    Every week on the Everyblock 'report' of criminal situation, 3200 W. North Ave has a report. Years ago it was Cortland and Fransisco and it took years to move was 1 gangbanger living illegally with his mother.
    Sorry to go on but I don't even drive by that area during the day now.just frustration and I don't know how to solve it..It has to stop....and i don't know how to make it stop...

  • The shots rang out at around 6:35 pm. I heard the shots and called 911. After that, I didn't see any police presence. But the report of shots fired was on the police scanner.

  • JSK

    Kitthop, you are totally right. If the same location is a problem with multiple reports wouldn’t that be in indication that someone / something is the problem. It’s mostly targeted at someone or a group of people so why don’t they do anything about it. We had someone stand in the street and shoot at someone’s house by me and barely anything was done.

    Tapdancemom, you listen to the police scanner or you were told that? And it’s sad that no police even showed up to investigate it. I

  • JSK..I don't know how to solve this...esp. so close to a school. I guess all we can do is report it and report it... (and I guess I have the winter blas and affect by both the Commander's passing and the Florida thing... )
    It used to be the bld at the corner and Cortland and Humboldt (East) and now I don't know. It just takes years to solve..and I don't understand why.
    But thanks again all who reported...

  • JSK: My husband and I listened to the reports on the police scanner right after I called 911. On the scanner we heard that police in a squad car also reported hearing the shots. Someone else in the neighborhood told the police that the noise could be coming from the metal plate at the corner of Armitage and California (WRONG! I know the difference.). We didn't listen much longer. The police may have driven around the area, but I didn't see any presence when I went out to look about 1/2 hour later (like squad cars parked at the corner). Perhaps the shooters missed their target and fled,

  • JSK

    Kittyhop, hopefully multiple people reporting things will create awareness and drive the gangbangers out over time.

    Tapdancemom, they probably drove around and didn’t find anything or any witnesses to talk to and moved on. Unfortunately, I think that’s common but I really hope they can scare them out of this area!

  • I live near that corner but did not hear anything. Now that I know who should I report it to? The alderman and/or police?

  • Kat: For immediate response call the police. For long term solutions perhaps you can contact the alderman's office.

  • I think the Alderman is good luck with that! He has been worthless for our neighbors....sad that...

  • I don't think it is el unique, the little store that sells booze and candy and snacks. I never see people hanging out in front, and it is fairly busy with people walking in and out. there is a bus stop where occasionally a person is waiting. there is also a very busy barbershop, but again no one is hanging out in front. the school is on the other side of the 606 viaduct (a block south) so I don't think it's the issue. the only other place is the popular tire shop, which was closed at that time.

  • el yunque (spell "corrected")

  • Loganparkcat: I think you are right. And I read in a Tribune article, which is posted on Everyblock, that there were two other shootings near the neighborhood in the 6:00 pm hour last night. I wonder if there was a connection.

  • The tie shop has helped me for years when I had my old car...and I never see any one hanging out. The 'trouble' I have seen is closer to Humboldt and Cortland...
    If this is all gang related, they could move across the blvd by me...I'm just always surprised when a 'history' goes on for years before it can be corrected...

    Thanks for posting..

  • Hopefully Wilmot Realty will make an offer on the liquor store and barbershop that they can't refuse (bangers have to get there fade somewhere ) . They seem to be developing every other corner in the area.

  • Waiting for someone to blame gentrification or the "outsider investment" Maldonado & Company discourage on this shooting.

    It's time for a twenty year plan for Humboldt Park's growth and development that doesn't include Maldonado, his real estate front groups, or the gang banger class that thinks it should be 1970 forever.

    It's pretty easy: remove the cancer of Maldonado & Company, then the gangs follow.

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