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Added Feb 16 2018

Noticed 8-9 shells on Bloomingdale Avenue between richmond and humboldt Blvd this morning, right where it intersects the alley. Anyone hear/notice anything recently? They seemed new. Just called it in so we’ll see.

  • JSK

    I haven’t seen anything reported there so thats strange. I’m a few blocks away at wabansia and n fransisco. Let us know if you hear anything on it.

  • Thank you for reporting it!

  • If they are small brass casings they could be from a Hilte gun used to drive anchors into cement and/or brick. New construction going up right there. They usually use a .22 cal blank .

  • I wondered that about the the casings. They are s&w 10mm casings - I’m assuming smith and Wesson. Not sure if that fits the description for anchor driving casings.

    For what it’s worth they were still there about 2 hours ago, though crushed now. I took photos but can’t upload like ina new post. They were kind of in the mud from construction. But they were clean themselves. If the police looked for them they definitely didn’t pick them up.

  • If casings from a Hilte gun, can they pick them up so we don't think they are bullet casings? Can someone speak to the construction head and have them be good neighbors.

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