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Added Feb 13 2018

Lock your doors with good quality deadbolts. This includes garage doors too. Lock aluminum ladders up as well. Don't leave anything of value in your garages. Install iron gates on both sides of the house. Its getting worse and worse. We all know why.

  • srapach GR civic member

    We don't all know why. Why?

  • Gang bangers.

  • Why didn't you just say that?

  • What's your point? I have lived in the neighborhood for a long time and we all know that most of the crime is because of the gang bangers. What do you think the problem is? Why is there so much crime?

  • I won't hide behind "we all know why". I call it as I see it. A bunch of thugs/gangbangers/terrorists/child killers, are on the increase in our neighborhood please help take care of one another. Don't be scared of these fools.

  • I'm not hiding behind anything except behind my front door which I make sure I lock good because these gang bangers have no respect for human life.

  • By you hiding behind your locked door, you are giving these fools permission to terrorise and take over your neighborhood. You and your neighbors need to get together and stand up for what you work for. Stop letting these little turds do whatever they want. They hate confrontation and count on you to be intimidated. It's good to inform your neighbors, and even better to be United with them.

  • I'm the first one to call police but to go out and confront these gang bangers is foolish. First of all, they won't listen and who knows what kinds of weapons they have on them. I don't need to have some punk throw a brick through my window or even worse. Its not wise to try and play tough guy when the gangsters has no regard for human life. Yes they hate confrontation with the police but they enjoy putting fear and physically hurting good citizens. Then many of them hide from the law by fleeing to Mexico where trying to extradite them is almost impossible.

  • If your garage is getting broken into it is probably addicts or gypsies. Bangers are an issue too, but stealing snow blowers and ladders isn't their primary line of work.

  • Interesting comment but gang bangers will break into homes and garages every chance they get.

  • Hey Roman M what's it gonna take for you to pull your neighbors together? A brick through the window is an inconvenience, but a baby getting shot while sleeping in thier bed is not enough? That's where it's gonna go.
    You and your neighbors just make it known that the thugs aren't welcome. As for weapons , conceal carry. Get one. We had the same situation here on my block. We got our neighbors together. Called the cops, I myself was threatened by them. As a women with kids I'm not putting up with that. I threatened back I have no fear of them. I got my conceal carry. I don't walk around like Wyatt Earp flashing my gun. I'm certainly not gonna hide when I have kids in the community that want to run and play. More parents here are following our footsteps and we have more conceal carry. We all are outside with our kids talking to each other. Thugs still come by, and they keep going.
    Be visual, stay informing each other, don't let them win.

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