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Added Feb 12 2018

Dozens of juveniles were charged last year in Chicago for allegedly pointing guns at motorists and stealing their cars, but most were not detained longer than 24 hours, according to court records obtained by the Sun-Times.

Almost every part of the city has been plagued by the brazen holdups. There were almost 1,000 of them last year, compared with 663 in 2016.


A few years ago, major reforms to the juvenile justice system changed how armed carjacking and armed robbery are handled, Cunningham said.

Under state law, murder, attempted murder, rape, armed robbery and aggravated carjacking all had been crimes for which juveniles were automatically transferred to adult court — and many stayed in jail on bond until trial. But the reforms removed aggravated carjacking and armed robbery from the automatic transfer provisions

    Most juveniles charged with armed carjackings let go in 24 hours, records show
    Dozens of juveniles were charged last year in Chicago for allegedly pointing guns at motorists and stealing their cars, but most were not detained longer than 24 hours, according to court records obtained by the Sun-Times. Armed carjackings have become a major political problem for Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    The real problem is our SYSTEM. Nothing is said about a bankrupt city, county, state cannot afford lockup costs of $80,000 annually. So, we have some bizzare pretence of enforcing laws.

    Heck we have a ton of murders and shootings everyday. Not much is done about that either.

    We have lax enforcement of laws. We have lax incarceration resulting from all crimes.

    20% Police success and 30% Prosecutor success. ergo 80% and 70% failure.

    The violin strings are squealing about wrongful incarceration. Why not tell the truth about why we are becoming more violent. Criminals left on thestreerts rule the roost. They can and do get away with murder.

    If we solve this wrongful arrest/conviction problem and cheapen cost of lockup...the right guys would be OFF the streets and crime would pulmet.

  • agree and there is no reason looking someone up should cost 80K annually. Its not like inmates have their own personal guards and chefs.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    It is more Cook County BS. Lockup in surrounding counties costs 1/3 of what it does in Cook County. If we sent them out of state it probably would be even cheaper. Set up international boarding trade schools and cheaper even yet!

    In Russia grammar school teachers may make $3500 usd annually and Russia has a good school system.

    Set up a peace corp style trade school system and see if banger lives can be turned around. That would be a really good thing.

    If child soldier lives can be turned around in Africa we can turn around disadvantaged youth in Chicago...by doing it differently than it is done now....which is another failed project by the institution.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident
  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    That's often the reason bangers have juveniles and females do their dirty work, hold their goods etc. They are less likely to receive jail time, especially the juveniles.

  • Jj

    That’s bs, that’s a crime. Those escalate to murders bc they see they get away with crime

  • Jj

    Gpblight, but god forbid we’re going 5 miles/hr, the cops are after you

  • I hope that the trigger-puller who murdered the police Commander yesterday helps to change the judicial response to repeated gun violators. Previous behavior predicates future crimes, typically in an escalating manner such as this one. Sad, sad, sad, sad.

    RIP Commander Bauer.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Bet if we compare the rate of killing cops vs civilians and the rate of shootingcops vs civilians....we can see a HUGE difference.

    I think the solve rate for civilians is about 20%. Bet the rate of solve Cop crimes is 90%+. Anyone know for sure? Plz post.

    That would be a HUGE bias in whose live has more value.

    Gangsters run in cliques. Cliques do all kinds of illegal activities. Guns go off by accident, in an angry fit, deliberately.

    Gun toting bank robbers,carjackers,hot heads all can shoot and kill in the heat of the moment.

    Why is car jacking getting so much press lately? We have all kinds of equally pressing bad stats like MURDER, ROBBERY, RAPE....with worse stats than car jacking.

    We need enforcement of ALL laws with convictions. But oh wait....insolvent governments cannot afford lockup. So where do criminals stay? ON the streets WITH US. Not good.

  • I was watching a segment on CBS Sunday Morning about girls being admitted to the Boy Scouts, which is trying to diversify, and how one group was made up of Cambodian refugees. They asked one scout what he would be doing if he wasn't a scout, and he said that he'd probably be in a gang. Why not start up scouting troops in our schools? It would give young boys a sense of belonging that they get from being gang members.

  • chitechie- scouts can be done. First step would be someone, typically a parent, would have to volunteer be the scout leader

  • Soft on crime liberal justice system

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Again...a bankrupt city, county, state cannot afford to pay the lockup cost of $80,000 a year. This is why they come up with all these silly ideological libral/conservative soft/hard statements.

    No politician talks about We are bankrupt and cannot pay our bills. Theykeep a stiff upper ;lip and talk about their wonderful party and what a great job they are doing...as stats say otherwise.

  • gpblight, it can cost much more than $80,000 per year to continue to allow one inmate-worthy offender freedom. In addition to spraying bullets and damaging property, stealing cars and crashing them, and in general terrorizing decent citizens think about the cost to the victims. Innocent people suffer physically and emotionally after being victimized. What $$$ figure do we translate that into?

    Also, the conjugal opportunities in prison don't yield babies and that is a tremendous savings of medical, housing, and food welfare, unless someone wants to produce statistics that trigger-pullers father children that come from economically viable family units.

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