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Added Feb 11 2018


If any of my neighbors on the 3700 block of St. Louis / Bernard alley have video footage from Friday night and Saturday day (9pm Friday to 2pm Saturday, please PM me and I will gladly pay. Someone got into my garage, opened the overhead door and placed a piece of wood trim nails up on the threshold of the overhead doorway. The police will not let me file a report because I do not own the property and I saw the nails before I drove over them. Thanks very much.

  • OMG, I’m so sorry that this happened to you.

  • What is wrong with people? And what the Hell is wrong with CPD?

  • Kodi&chloe

    Was anything stolen? Or was the whole purpose to put down that nail strip. If so there are easier ways to flatten a tire and I'd also be wondering who was that mad to go to all that trouble. Get yourself a camera because if someone's mad at you they may try it again.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    That is a very odd thing to do. In fact, aside from police TV cops shows using spike strips and caltrops I have never heard of this in a citizen attack before. This was a rather complicated thing to pull off. - so I have to wonder why you were targeted.

    Are you having a disagreement with someone?

    I agree with the security camera suggestion. Check this one out:

  • Kodi&chloe

    Since it's not your garage I wouldn't spend a lot of money putting up cameras on the exterior which the offender will probably spot if he/ she returns. I would just move my Ring doorbell camera and relocate it to the interior of the garage facing the door. They are motion activated and can work on a battery. In my opinion the offender won't even see it unless he's carefully inspecting the walls for a camera. Even if you have to buy a Ring they're usually around $160.00. Maybe you can position it strategically to get the license plate of a car if they're using one as well as their face. Good luck.

  • Carl Gergits Long time resident

    you sure it's not a piece of your garage door that just got stuck to the slab? do you have a wood door or a metal one? my door was good and frozen to the slab this morning.....

  • Phill Unfair suspension without reason. No rules broken

    You made an enemy. Sit down, visualize, and make a list.

  • I tend to agree with Carl Gergits that the wood strip came from the garage door. Check the bottom of the garage door to see if it was the source of the wood strip. There may be holes in the door bottom that align with the nails in the strip. The few intermittent nails have the appearance of a piece that came loose.

  • Hello, thanks everyone for your response. The wood did not come from the door, but from the opposite side of my garage. I do believe this to be personal and have cameras on the way, just hoping someone out there may already have one. Thanks.

  • Wow, something new to learn when going to file a Police Report.
    Never admit to anything to give them any excuse, not to file a report and investigate. e.g. that you " saw the nails before I drove over them ".

  • Exactly, Jim. I should have driven over them so I could file a report to have when this nutter escalates

  • Carl Gergits Long time resident

    Sorry to hear that someone would do that. Good luck catching the goons......

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