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Added Feb 09 2016

There is so much talk of residents refusing to,co,operate with police. Some are not aware/refuse ro believe howfar,rhe Blue Code of Silence goes.

Read how Police treat good.cops. It is an eye opener for most. It os denied by many who,want the system to stay the same.

We need to protect the good cops and out the bad ones.

  • ihuntbeavers Ombudsmen

    Easy Answer ! Watch the movie "Serpico" ! Starring Al Pacino ! Great movie and will tell you what happens!

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    I think about that old movie...and wonder how our police departmen dodged the bullet...decades ago when Burge was at his peak.

  • Justin K. McKinley Parker since 2008, south sider since 1998

    The real "no snitch" policy is the one in effect at the Chicago Police Department. Perjury by officers is so common in Cook County, when an officer takes the stand, it's called "testilying."

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Falsifying reports runs rampant through all Chicago departments. Let's hope the Justice Department expands its investigation and examines the civil rights policies.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    CPD retaliation against good cops "whistleblowing" is in the news again. The Mayor may build a "Whistleblowing""mechanism for GOOD cops to rat/snitch on the bad ones. The Justice Department and the police task accountability report spells out abuse within the department.

    Hopefully this will change the culture in CPD so taxpayers can stop paying lawsuits for wrongdoing that are in the hundreds of millioms over the years. HOPEFULLY it Will protect the good cops from the bad cops.

    It is outrageous that good cops who has a good character are subject to abuse by the bad cops.

    City Hall has condoned a bad practice for a long time.. If City Hall is aggressive and ousting bad tops, a serious culture change can occur. Let's hope this is not another PR stunt.

    All Chicagoans should applaud the good cops. All Chicagoans should demand the bad cops be terminated. All good cops should rally to rid themselves of abusive practices against them.

  • ihuntbeavers Ombudsmen

    @gpblight Really sounds great love your enthusiasm !
    The mayor and the New Chief of Police are really good people unfortunately they have
    very bad advisers and some Corrupt ones also .
    You telling Chicago residence that Mayor Rahm going Fix (CPD) Chicago police department by creating A department of(IG) Inspector General At CPD?
    What is this a joke ? You not read our reports on how worthless the Inspector General department at Chicago housing Authority , Chicago Public Schools? Every IG in the city of Chicago has to go Thur City hall get a OKAY from the Mayors office to really conduct a Wide probe or expand it to the Federal level .
    This is why nothing can get accomplished by the City of Chicago inspectors generals except political targeting directed by Mayor Rahms office!
    The new Inspector General office at CPD with just keep control of The Chicago Police under City hall because the CPD IG will not report to the CPD chief of Police, The IG will report Directly To City hall !
    So the Mayor now will put A Kind intelligent black/hispanic Chicago Chief of police to please the Residence of Chicago but will appoint a Inspector General that will keep the mayor Happy and protected and maybe In office 4 more years!!

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Have u read rhe 190pg document Task Force on Police Accountability? Read it before u call Furgeson a rubber stamp.

  • ihuntbeavers Ombudsmen

    Furgeson is long time Inspector General at City Hall ! He is the main problem with corruption in the City of Chicago ! He should step down or be removed today !
    Tell me why he not pursuing Minister Leon Finney anymore?
    Did T.W.O clean up their act ? Why do you not read up on that affair Furguson Vs Reverend Leon Finney and TWO and tell Us why other Chicago Residents and Vendors do not get the same Gentle treatment from the Inspector General office at City hall and Other city Inspector General offices? !

    Rubber Stamp would be better ! These people are brown nosing yes Men and Women! That document you speak of (190pg document Task Force on Police Accountability) is just more smoke from Mayor Rahm !
    How much did it cost the City of Chicago for Mr Furguson to compile that Report ?
    1st stop to better City of Chicago government accountability is to Dismiss the Inspector General at Chicago public schools , Chicago housing authority And replace them with some honest Professionals that can go to the State and federal Attorney without asking permission from the Mayors office!
    Most Major Housing authority agency's in America have realized that a (in house) Housing agency Inspector general is worthless and not very independent.
    I can Confidently Say the Chicago housing Authority Inspector general office has a very low grade under the current Inspector general and her assistant just a waste of millions of Dollars every year !
    Expect Chicago housing to return to Crime and living conditions of 1990s due to the current corruption and incompetence at CHA.
    I only make these statements because i believe and know them to be true from Research and investigation of Facts.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Eddie Johnson is making attempts to restructure and help residents in violent neighborhoods!

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