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Added Feb 07 2018

Neighbors, I have lived around California and Milwaukee for 5 years...I have 2 kids, I know the crime in this area, but we are close to police station, so I tend to not worry too much. We were beginning to look at moving a little further west, more affordable. Does anyone know about crime closer to Milwaukee and Central Park? I know that’s getting into Avondale, but it’s also so close to Logan, so I thought it would be worth asking. From my observations, it is certainly very urban in that area, but seems family friendly enough. Anything I should know? Appreciate the feedback...Thanks so much!

  • As the changing dynamic of the neighborhood creeps its way up Milwaukee the area gets more and more safe. I frequently walked up and down that stretch late at night and early in the morning to hit up Taco Bell and Kurowski's and never once felt unsafe. On top of that you have the added bonus of a lot of great polish restaurants and stores within walking distance.

  • I've lived by Central Pk. And Diversey for 20 years. It's gotten so much better than it used to be. There are so many businesses and restaurants now just west of Kimball on both Diversey and Milwaukee. You will be fine. Good luck!

  • Marcin Talaga Northside Realtor - Portage Park Resident

    As the 2 other folks mentioned, I think that area is changing for the better. You may be thinking of moving just as the neighborhood dynamic is on the upswing. I don't believe there will be much of a difference between where you are and Milwaukee and Central Park. You'd have to go a lot further West to feel a difference.

  • I live near there and while it isn't quite as busy as where you're at it's comparable as far as safety is concerned. If anything I'd think it has less crime/activity going on simply because there aren't 15 bars within the area like there are at Cali/Mke

  • I live by Belmont/Milwaukee and me and my family love walking around that area (day or night) all the way to Logan theater. Never had a problem. We have been living in Avondale since 2000 (We moved here from Oak Park) and we're still glad we did it because it has change for better.

  • Laine Logan Square family girl

    Thanks so much for the feedback guys—So nice to hear good experiences...

  • ANGIE belmont garden resident 42 yrs

    another great thing. many grocery stores pharmacies, fast food hair & nail salons. all within walking distance from me. No car

  • Laine, when you see the anti-gentri protesters marching and shouting with their knickers in a twist like you do in Logan, Humboldt Park and Avondale (which is the area you are asking about), it is a prognostication that it is probably a really good time to invest. Price-wise it is too late in some areas but you can probably still find some deals in HP or Avondale. Don't know much about Pilsen but gentrification ALWAYS follows a period, usually a prolonged period, of broad community disinvestment. Investment and rejuvenation is occurring block by block in these communities. When looking at an area just check in the alley. If there are a lot of people who don't know how to put their trash in the city provided and weekly serviced containers you know that block is a bit slower to get better. People who don't know how to dispose of their trash are typically ignorant and it is an indicator of other potentially problematic behavior that you would have to accept or deal with should you move in near them. You often see lids missing or large rat holes chewed in the cans. When you see a relatively neat and clean alley and gleaming blue carts full of recycling you know that block is faring well. Also if there are a lot of empty storefronts then it is proof that the community that used to be there to support those small businesses are no longer there, and new residents bring renewed interest in business development. Logan = lots of active storefronts. HP = lots of empty storefronts. Check with your Realtor and you will see where the opportunities are in your price range.

  • Laine Logan Square family girl

    Humboltwriter, thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough response! Very helpful. Everyone’s thoughts have been helpful, appreciate the feedback ( ;

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