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Added Dec 27 2017

Our Chicago can be a very rough, mean and cruel city. It's not just the appalling numbers of shootings and murders - other basic city services are falling down and now we have a brutal, arctic cold wave and homeless people are in distress.

I note that the 51st street (by the Dan Ryan) Police station is being used as a homeless shelter. As is the downtown Harold Washington library during the day - the urine stench in the newspaper room is very strong.

We need to pressure our representatives to restore our police stations for the service of policing and move the homeless to shelters or shame obscenely endowed none profit organizations (University of Chicago, Northwestern, Loyola, Depault) to build some new homeless shelters. Depaul University just got the City to build them a very expensive basketball stadium in prime real-estate in the South Loop. The Depaul basketball team hasn't been any good since the late 1970s. The Catholic Church has been really falling down in doing basic charities and now prefers to embrace PC Lib Leftist causes like making Chicago a sanctuary city where the laws against illegal immigration (drug trafficking, people trafficking, sexual slave trafficking) aren't enforced.

But, the key issue here is that we need our 51st street police station back as an effective police station and not a (diseased) homeless shelter.

    Feeding the homeless at Club 51: 'They are my friends, I break bread with them'
    Aleta Clark says she was 18 months old when her mom dropped her off at a South Side police station and walked off. Nearly 30 years later, Clark walked into another station on the South Side in February to see a relative and noticed a lobby filled with people seeking shelter from the cold night.
  • RaleighsMa Not fauxraged but may contain typos.

    Is that screed your modern day take on "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift? I like his better.

  • The buildings/centers you suggest cannot happen overnight. What do you suggest be done in the meantime and is that something YOU can do since obviously it is a passion of yours?

  • jaye els Returned to Hyde Park Kenwood

    J Terrell Thomas

    Short term solutions.... hmmmmm

    Lots of upper middle class Chicagoans are snow birds - spend the rough Chicago winters in places like Florida and Arizona.

    M'thinks we could get some "powers that be" to quietly have some snow bird program for those on the bottom of Chicago's society - the homeless. The shelters but called something else could be built in Arizona, New Mexico, or South Texas. Obviously locals in these places would object, but it could be packaged that they will get 10 very wealthy Chicago snow bird tourists for every 100 homeless and these shelters would be run by locals like that Sherif Joe Arpaio where nobody is allowed to use drugs or break curfew.

    Publicly shaming the wealthy Lib Left Dem "Powers that be" could also result in at least something being done.

    Property owners here in Hyde Park are furious with the Obama Foundation for grabbing our Jackson Park space to build a huge Obama Presidential Library replacing our parks with large parking garages - there is some publicity problems for the Obama Foundation particularly Mrs. Michele Obama that the Obama Foundation only does Chicago things downtown and on the lakefront, hanging with rich nouve riche Black folks and not doing much of anything to help poor Black AA Chicagoans or even associating with them. I would like to see a public relations campaign showing Michele hanging out in Hawaii, LA Academy Awards parties, Martha's Vineyard, Oslo Norway etc and then show Chicago Black AA freezing to death on Chicago's mean streets.

    Similar things can and should be done to Mayor Emanuel and Oprah who left Chicago for good.

    But, in the mean time we all have to do the basics. We need our police stations back as functioning police stations in our brutal crime terrorized city.

  • Leonard2003 kyria

    Yes!!! Well said.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    BINGO Jaye......Sad reality of this Obama Library in Jackson Park, is all those promises they made. What a joke. Watch and see how many are broken.....As always, this CIty NEVER keeps the promises made. They want what they want and say anything to get it....wait and see. The homeless in this city is just that and it's up to us it's citizens, to try and help the homeless....To our city leaders, Obama and Oprah, they all have blind eyes....And perhaps NO humanity after all....

  • west bridgeporter just trying to be a good neighbor

    I've worked with homeless, low-income families and individuals for nearly 20 years and there's no simple solution to the fixing the problem. Letting them stay and eat in this police station doesn't help them besides getting out of the winter weather.

    I feel for the cops working the Area Central station and citizens conducting business there who are exposed to diseases, bugs and smells emanating from these people.

    I agree with Jaye. Police stations should not be used for homeless shelters. I have no problem with someone entering the station seeking shelter and has to wait until a city van transports them to an appropriate facility. But letting them camp out there is ridiculous.

  • jaye els Returned to Hyde Park Kenwood

    Very well said West Bridgeporter

    I think we all can get some small positive results by shaming the political and cultural elite of this city and those who left (Oprah and Barack Obama family) our city to live in wealthy elite places where homeless people or just poor people are strictly kept away.

    I'm confident in saying that the Obamas and Oprah now spend must all of their time in zip codes where there are no homeless or poor Black AA.

    I am going to make something of a (lost) cause to shame the Obama elites for taking away or Jackson Park space for the Obama library and for destroying the East end of the Midway Plaisance - to build a large parking garage.

    Why not just chuck the idea of another Presidential library - who cares about going to the George W Bush presidential library as I doubt George W Bush has ever done any serious reading.

  • As soon as you brought politics into the homeless conversation all was lost. You just wasted your time. Thanks for playing.

  • west bridgeporter just trying to be a good neighbor


    Politics has a bit to do with this topic of the homeless using a police station as a home. The local so-called politicians throw cops under the bus whenever possible. Allowing the homeless to remain there shows more disrespect by fostering unsanitary and hazardous work conditions not to mention distracting them from doing their jobs. Let's see how Preckwinkle, Emanuel, or any alderman would react if homeless people packed their offices during business hours.

  • emj1900 bp lifer


    Great point. they would be shown the door faster than you can say tax increase...


    You are right.

  • What a bunch of soulless scrooges. What would Jesus do?

  • west bridgeporter just trying to be a good neighbor

    I'm not soulless. I believe in helping the homeless but letting them reside in a police station doesn't provide the services they need.

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