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Added Dec 08 2012

All the net lights I had in front of my home was stolen today. 5700 block of Rosoe Street.

Who do I call to at least get this statistic recorded, maybe the police will actually care and patrol more.

  • Mike

    I called 311 and after being on hold, was able to get a police report recorded. I know that I will never get the lights back. They clearly targeted my house, as my neighbors' displays were not touched. (I am not advocating that I wish it was them instead, just makes me feel more like a targeted victim). They looked really pretty too, and to have them taken during the day, just such a drag. (They were there at 630AM when I walked my dog, and when I checked for the mail today, noticed they were amiss). Just seems to be a trend of decline and not seeing much of a police presence (no patrols, nothing) that would seem to indicate any presence which might reduce this activity. The really bad thing is that now I am in the 36th ward and I know that my new Alderman is not nearly as good as Alderman Cullerton in looking into these types of things.

  • Mike

    I also made sure to notify my neighbors with displays of what happened so that they can be vigil. Hopefully I am the only victim.

  • Wow!! Sorry to hear that. Christmas lights really!!!

  • Hi Mike
    I live on the 5700 block of Newport. I went out to run some errands this morning and came home around 1pm. My outdoor decorations were there when I left. I had a fairly large lighted tree and a snowman stolen. I felt very targeted as well until I read your post. My neighbor came over shortly after I got home to tell me he saw three teenagers (2 male and 1 female) take my stuff and walk down the street with it. Several of my neighbors tried to stop them but apparently the kids got very belligeren and just kept going. I will be calling 311 in a few minutes (thanks for the advice on that). I too am not happy Tim Cullerton is no longer our alderman. I feel its u fair to switch them and now I'm stuck with someone I didn't vote for. Anyway, sorry about your lights. My little kids are devastated someone would take our decorations sadly its not the first time for us. We had Halloween and Christmas stuff stolen a couple years ago too.

  • Jim Douglas Community resident for 18 years

    People are jerks. Last year some creep kept cutting some of my lights strings. I kept splicing them together and lighting them until the jerk gave up! Some small minded people like to ruin things to make up for their small mindedness.

  • Jim Douglas Community resident for 18 years

    Inactive, you sure post a lot for someone who is "inactive"!

  • Mike

    Lisa M, thank you for the post. I am not happy we have been singled out by these kids (timing seems to coincide with yours), but at least I don't think it is someone directly targeting my house. I plan to replace the lights, like what Jim did, but in case I will zip tie together and to the bush. I am thankful we all can talk and exchange information to keep our community strong.

  • @jim, somehow "active user" may have some negative connotations.

  • I love everyblock too, makes me feel more connected. Like I said earlier, I felt very targeted until I read your post. Although I'm of course not happy someone took your lights, I feel a little less targeted since it happened to someone else. The other times we have had things stolen its been at night, I figured drunken kids "having fun". My neighbors said it happened today at 11:30 am. Thanks again for your post Mike.

  • That's really pathetic and unfortunately not surprising.

    I love seeing all the decorated homes in the neighborhood when I'm out walking my dog. It really brings out the holiday spirit. I appreciate the time and effort people put into doing it.

    Then for something like this to happen, trashing or stealing Christmas displays, it really leaves a bad taste in people's mouths.

    I'm quite shocked neighbors who saw the belligerent kids didn't continue following them or anything.

    I'm happy to hear you're putting new decorations up. Don't let a few punks deter you. Hopefully it's isolated ... or hopefully they'll steal from the wrong person's house and someone will walk outside and tune 'em up.

  • OldIrving Anna on a quest for craft brewed "zimne piwo"

    We've had Christmas & Halloween decorations stolen also. I bought locks & over 100 feet of chain at the hardware store. We thread the chain through the decorations, tie it around a tree trunk & lock it up. Our neighbors who've lived here starting in the 1950's said kids have been stealing outdoor furniture, urns & decorations since then. Sorry to hear about what happened to both of you--it stinks.

  • @Chris my two neighbors who tried to stop the kids are in their mid 70's and I'm guessing got frightened when the kids started yelling at them so they backed off. Another neighbor also in her 70's apparently got in the car to follow them but somehow lost them. Bless her heart, I was a little confused by the whole "chase" story but just grateful they tried and no one got hurt.

  • Don't blame the police my friend for some jerk stealing your lights,If you want someone to stand in front of your house and guard your Christmas ornaments hire a security guard because the police ARE busy in case you haven't noticed.

  • Stevio- I don't think anyone here is blaming the police. We are all mature enough to know we aren't living in Mayberry and the police have much more important things to focus on. It still sucks when someone steals your stuff.
    By the way, another of my neighbors stopped by this morning. He said the girl (carrrying an armful of christmas lights) had purple hair. She should be easy to spot if they come back.

  • @ lisa....The initial post blamed the police lisa for not not being there or caring as it was phrased,while it was a thoughtless thing for the thief to do,pointing a finger at law enforcement isnt the answer and maturity has nothing to do with focusing on reality which is the incident was terrible and just keepin the pointer finger in its holster is best. The purple haired girls hairdo sounds like it was brighter then the lights.

  • Stevio, the point is that there aren't enough police officers in Chicago. And they disperse them to other neighborhoods so neighborhoods such as ours see a spike in a lot of "petty" crimes. Why? Because no one is patrolling. EVER.

    No one is suggesting a police officer stand in front of someone's house. But people are emboldened to do worse because there isn't a cop anywhere close by.

  • southsideandy A South Side outpost in the heart of the N.W. Side

    @stevio: I agree with Lisa that I don't think anyone's blaming the police themselves for the problem. It's that there's a lack of fear of any patrol being anywhere near here that allows these kids to enter the neighborhood and feel as though they can pull off something like this, because there aren't any police officers around. That's not the officers''s the city's fault.

    Everyone and their mother knows how short on manpower we appear to be around here on the NW Side...the officers that are here are doing their best. But they can't be in more than one place at a time. It's the "smarter" criminals who come here to do their "business" with less of a threat of being caught.

  • @chris.... Think about your last post and consider that the next time you step into the voting booth and consider punching the box next to Rahm Emmanuel's name because what you're experiencing is a product of his particular choices which dont affect him because he has bodyguards unlike the rest of us.

  • @ southsideany..the initial poster for this topic blamed the police..while he's obviously frustrated at the theft suggesting that the police don't care or should be diving up and down his block constantly isnt a's a theft it happens and as Lisa said we know this isnt Mayberry rfd where Floyd the barber has all the answers

  • Believe me. I am not a fan of Rahm and would never (and didn't) vote for that clown.

  • Well looks like that's two of us Chris..unfortunately he must've snuck in under wire with the rest of the people.

  • southsideandy A South Side outpost in the heart of the N.W. Side

    And count me in...that's three, fellas (assumedly speaking on the gender)...

  • sorry, just curious, anyone ever get their hanukkah decorations stolen? ever?

  • Mike

    @steveio, I see that it was a poor choice of wording on my part. (That whole, reread your post, then hit post would have saved me from that erroneous wording.) I regret using such a tone. I should have said that the lack of a perceived police presence would reduce these opportunistic crimes. I know I don't live in Mayberry and I know the police have more important things. The Christmas lights have been coupled with the aggravation that several houses in immediate area have been broken into as well. Once small crimes start, larger more dangerous are usually not far behind.

    As for an update, I have been quite proactively contacting my Alderman and the CAPS. Both have been quite responsive, which gives me hope that there is real concern and not just lip service.
    I have learned the theft ring I mentioned above actually has been caught through the police efforts.

    I would prefer this thread not dive into a Rahm Vs Non-Rahm (for the record I am not a fan), as my intent was to make my neighbors aware of petty crimes and to hopefully put a stop to them (again, prevent escalation) through combined diligence.

    In any event, 4 different stores are out of net lights, I will put them up next year. The lights on my porch remain and I will take this as a lesson to better secure the lights when I put them up outside.

    Thanks to all for an active thread and sharing...if nothing else, it lessons the "just me" victim mentality.

  • it's not only less cops, its less people looking out for each other too, everyone minding their own business. what happened to the unity and civic responsibility of protecting your block? also, many people are working more hours to keep their homes, it is a shame that honest people slave at work and put less food in their mouth just to give to their children, just to have someone take it away. something has got to change.

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