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Added Aug 21 2017

Motorcycles, some easily reaching speeds over 100mph, race on Dan Ryan Expy with impunity. Nightly, between midnight and 4am, motorcycles speed South of Roosevelt to God-knows-where. I never hear a siren give chase. What gives? Where's the State Police? You could easily make a few thousand in fines for empty state coffers.
Loudest is Ryan over Canalport @2am. Your help will be appreciated.

  • jim m bridgeport resident 17 years

    Loud noisy vehicles and driving misbehaviors plague our entire area and are ignored by the authorities.

  • I almost wish for a horrific crash, I'm so pissed. Almost.

  • Jambo neighbor

    These motorcycles also race down S Michigan Ave. We should all report to 911 when it happens. From what I understand the more complaints they get the better to get resolved. We can also report to our neighborhood beat meetings.

  • Wouldn't drag racing on the expressways be a matter for the state police?

  • I suggested that state police set up speed traps. It still goes on nightly on schedule. 2:45am Ryan over Canalport. Who needs a clock? I implore state police to mitigate this problem.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    @ jim m...... seems most of Bridgeport is ignored period. CPD has it's hands full elsewhere south and east of us...Look how long it took to get them to get to the drag racing issues on Archer. Mariano's was the gathering place.

    @Jambo..... that is true. when you call 911 calls are 'prioritized" the more calls made, the more it's taken seriously. Calls need to be from more than the same person however. 1 person calling does NOTHING...

    @ Felix1140.... yes expressways are under the STATE POLICE and not CPD..

    @ Noel Siwel.... try calling the State Police and make that suggestion.

    things just seem to be going to hel* in a handbasket....and we are on our own !

  • TG

    They hang out at Ph. D. Pub 1257 S. Halsted and speed up and down Halsted Street between midnight and 4am as previously stated by Noel Siwel. Thursdays nights are the worst. As a resident, I have never seen the 12th District Police (Beat 1232) who supposedly monitor the area address this issue. I missed the Beat Meeting yesterday, August 22, 2017. I was told that the next 1232 Beat meeting is Tuesday, October 24, 2017 from 6-7 pm (need to confirm in October).

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    TG.... IDK where the heck the CPD is. too busy with gangbanger shootings. This is getting insane.really insane. We are beat 915 and 913....Our other CAPS CPD retired. The new guy is hmmmm....seems to me could careless actually. Creeps me out. makes feel like we are unimportant and it's our fault. Hey look, I know they are
    overworked but really? Do something about the darn gangbanger and call it day OMG....they know who the heads of these gangs are....can't they call them in to call a truce? Been done in the past....I guess yeah gotta blame the ACLU for the mess this city is in....Criminals have rights that need to be respected, meanwhile ours are going to hel*. Lock, load and pray....pray hard babe....

  • Noel Siwel , hey BUDDY The DAY is Friday Sept 22 / the TIME is 6:30 AM / the PLACE is in Pilsen

  • Noel Siwel , hey BUDDY The DAY is Friday Oct 22 / the TIME is 6:30 AM / the PLACE is in Pilsen

  • Noel Siwel, hey BUDDY The DAY is Tuesday Nov 28 / the TIME 10:52 PM / the PLACE is in Pilsen

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