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Added Aug 20 2012

Please help rid Oz Park of the teenagers who gather in the garden every day starting at about 3:30pm, mostly at the benches on the south side of the garden. They do drugs: pot, inhale canisters, (picked up two dozens of them on Sat am) drink, etc. I have gone to the 18th District Caps office with drug bags, cigar wrappers (that they use to make bunts) and asked them to keep a watch. They tell me to call 911 when I see activity there. The group varies from 6-12 and includes females and males of all races. Some on bikes.
We need many 911 calls to get the police to respond to this activity. When I get my phone out to call, they run as they know me by now. Sometimes they flee to the alley that runs into Webster across from the Park.
It is a shame that others are afraid to go into the garden when they see this behaviour and it is illlegal.
Please help by calling 911 when you see the group gathering into the early evening.

  • Zach YA-DOG

    Respect is not about subjecting to the will of superiors, it's about meeting others half way, compromise. It requires that you step outside of what you see as appropriate (which cannot be incorrect, as it is an opinion) and at least make some attempt to understand the perspective of others. Weed smokers must understand that public weed smoking makes many adults uncomfortable. Adults must understand that teens have a right to privacy. But not in a PUBLIC park, as no matter how hard you try to isolate yourself, it remains public.

  • zach you're truly the only one here who knows anything about respect. these parents won't respect us though because they view marijuana as unacceptable, the same way it was unacceptable for women to wear mens clothing back before we were even born. imagine that, a time where not one woman wore jeans transformed into a nation of skinny jeans and booty shorts. the only way this was made possible was by the people who were taking the chance, breaking the law so more people would be exposed to their movement and therefore more accepting of it. it didn't take anything anything away from people who were witnessing it, it didn't cause them any harm to see women wearing what they wanted, so who were they to say they couldn't? now that doesn't mean we're all going to turn into potheads but all they had to do was turn the other cheek. we are a growing generation of people who are generally more accepting. gay marriage, drug use, and abortion are all becoming more accepted in a time where technology, information, and self entertainment are rapidly increasing, and it's not a coincidence. technology is making it easier to interact with people and see an overview of what's trending among the nation. we're becoming more optimistic and following our own intentions to be the happiest we can be with as little sacrifice as possible. (Continued vv)

  • (Continued ^^)people are afraid of change though and find more and more reason to hold onto the past whenever they can. they're afraid to accept recreational drug use as they think it's a step in the wrong direction. you must ask yourself if you find the fact that some really intelligent kids are within possession of a plant so demoralizing or if it's society's war on drugs thats telling you that. besides, whats worse? spending a beautiful summer day out in a park with friends and some weed? or waiting around the little children's playground so you can take pictures of some teenagers who are spending a beautiful summer day out in a park with friends and some weed? now i dont think we're innocent at all, but i don't think drugs should be the issue. instead it should be the immense amounts of litter ruining the beautiful park, the behavior of those littering, and maybe even designating an area of the park for such activities because they're gonna happen anyways, it might as well just be a controlled safe environment.
    and ozlock i don't quite understand what you're saying.. either you don't understand marijuana or you seem to lack knowledge about me.. see marijuana highs last for 3 hours or so but once it's done it's done.. it doesn't change who you are as a person.. and i dont believe there's one person who smokes all day 24/7, so there are times when i "try not smoking dope", in fact there are many every single day. and there is a lot of truth in what semaj is saying, you just might not want to believe it because it shows some of your true colors.

  • police officers have better things to do like catch rapist and gang bangers who actually add to the crime rate rather than catching kids who are experimenting with things. take a picture!! put me on the web, give it to a police officer and they'll laugh so will I. I get it, little kids are around and it's a bad influence. Parents... you can easily say to your child "hey there kiddo see that middle class brat criminal smoking marijuana, thats what you don't do, that's who you don't become". Is that hard to do? We get it, you think we're dumb and going nowhere by smoking, drinking, and littering (makes ALOT of sense). If you haven't noticed, none of them care if you think that they're lowlifes and they continue to not care. They know who they are and don't need adults like you to look down on them. Kids do change as time goes on but the thing that wont ever change is that they like to hangout in a cool place and smoke blunts, bowls, and CRACK AHHH AREST US ALL WE DESERVE TO BE IN JAIL WITH PEOPLE LIKE OJ SIMPSON


    Just an example of what it would really make you all feel uncomfortable....

  • Thank you M.Wags for posting that video. That is what should make these people feel uncomfortable and what they should be worried about. If the kids in the park are not acting like that then they shouldn't be wasting the police's time.

  • My parents are on drugs so I can't help it

  • but what goes better with the beautiful landscape (which is infested by bugs and rats anyways, which should keep children out, not teens) than a nice blunt?

  • btw its not like your park is infested with crackheads, just some kids who admire your garden enough to sit and relax there.

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  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg were gonna get like a detention dude you got us so badly

  • Not... Litterally know for a fact nothing will happen blunts shall continue to be blazed.

  • @ John Stevenson, instead of posting all of our facebooks, why don't you use this as an opportunity to create an open dialogue between people who seem to really really care about Oz and the students of LP? I'm just appalled that a security guard to patrol the garden came up before drug-counseling programs.

  • @ John Stevenson, you are breaking online privacy laws as well as Illinois' stalking law by posting those facebook accounts. I dont think my mother (who happens to be a judge) would greatly appreciate that so i would suggest you take that down

  • Just move a garbage can over by where the kids smoke. Littering problem solved.

  • These kids are responsible for animal abuse, I witnessed a group of teens attempting to get a dog high. It was disgusting.

  • Jacob:
    Ask mommy to give you the citations to the laws to which you refer, and post them here. We sure dont want to get caught in alegal web. Does she know you are throwing her around on a web site?

  • dogs love marijuana

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  • ozlock just mad cus he didn't hit the blunt yet but dog hits it all the time

  • GreatNPowerfulOz Concerned Citizen

    semaj please take this thread seriously, if you don't have anything to contribute please stop posting.

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  • Okay, first of all, i would like to say that it is evident that drugs are part of every high school in the nation. Drug use in high school has been around since the beginning of school. i don't think that there is any high school that does not involve some kind of drug use. Having said that, i think that it was a very non- strategic idea of placing a garden next to a high school, and believing that no teen will come to this beautiful and close spot to smoke weed is unrealistic. being a LPHS student, i often come to the garden to smoke weed. i don't plan to stop smoking in the garden, and all of the undercover wedding couples and casual dog walkers you send won't stop us. i've i do, however, think that littering in this beautiful place is wrong, and a well placed trash can would do this garden much good. but, as for weed, i know for a fact that many other people including me would love to light up a blunt in front of these undercover picture takers.

  • Please do not remove colinz post until the police can track it.

  • Stop using the trash can excuse, theres numerous trash cans around oz...

  • ozlock, I really hope that I encounter you one day in Oz Park, so I may pull out MY camera and record your ignorance candidly. Because I mean, if you write things so asinine when you have the time and resources to do your research, and maybe even spell-check, I can only imagine how foolishly you present yourself in the flesh.

    Until then I'll try to catch you up with the real world:


    Public school teachers will most likely begin to strike Monday.

    No class = City full of teens with nothing to do and nice weather.
    City full of teens with nothing to do and nice weather = REAL crime and violence

    Here's an article on the magnitude of violence in Chicago this year, cause you seem to live under a rock.

    I could make an argument about how pot-head kids + oz park + nice weather + teachers strike is a helluva lot better situation than how many homicides I regretfully except to see in the paper in the upcoming week, but I'll spare you and just pray you get the message.

  • M. Wags, your arguments avoid the point. Plus it seems the crowd smoking in the garden attracts violence, if you want to take that route. I've seen numerous fights going on with kids wearing boxing gloves and filming. Get real hobbies.

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  • I see that someone "tagged" the Dorthy & Toto statue base on all four sides. Would graffiti busters be able to remove this? Is nothing sacred?

  • Skelts:
    Good news. OPAC reported the graffiti and the Park District has already removed it as of Tuesday, September 11. Thanks to the Park District for acting so quickly.

  • That was quick! Bravo!

  • J

    so instead of letting the police do their actual job when they're already spread thin pulling people out of desk duty to run patrol you're going to continue to complain about kids who punch each other, smoke pot, and act like idiots together in a small, secluded section of Oz Park?

    and what are you going to say in 10 years when marijuana is legal?

  • GreatNPowerfulOz Concerned Citizen

    Because Oz Park is a public park and everyone should be able to enjoy every part of it. Just because you may stick to one small portion of the park doesn't make it right. I agree that calling 911 is a drastic step for teenagers smoking pot but if these behavior develops into something that affects others trying to enjoy the park police involvement may be necessary. My advice is to simply keep a low profile and clean up after yourselves.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    Once "pot becomes legal", it will STILL be illegal on Chicago Park District property. Do they allow alcohol there?

    I agree with the OPAC that many people don't want to utilize the flower garden exactly because of those kid's drug behavior. I've seen that happen many times.

    I've personally witnessed occasions that mother's will be walking with their young kids through there hoping to explore it and when they run across this group they grab their kids and walk right out. That should not be happening as a result of one group's behavior. All of these groups (those H.S. kids and the mothers, etc) have a right to be there and fully enjoy the garden - one groups behavior shouldn't result in pushing other's out or making another group uncomfortable.

    I don't have a major problem with adults chosing to smoke pot IF they do it where they don't infringe on my rights or my kids rights to enjoy or participate in something - such as in the privacy of their own homes. No one has to sit in restaurants or airplanes or offices with cigarette smoke anymore, why does anyone have to be exposed to copious smoking of pot?

    In addition, "once pot becomes legal" then kids who are the ages in question STILL will not legally be able to do it as they are clearly underage as it would pertain to any legalization legislation.

    Furthermore, kids that are in elementary school, and ages under, are exactly the ones that are playing the closest to the area where those kids are hanging out since the nearby Dorothy's Playlot is for kids 12 and under. What kind of modeling behavior are these high school kids providing for these very impressionable younger ones? That is clearly an issue.

    Again, I don't care if they want to get stupid on pot. Just do it in their own home. Oh, wait, will you say their parents wouldn't approve? Hmm, that's their issue ...

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    Oh, hey, I have a solution. Photograph them with your cell phone and tell them you will post it online and send it to Principal Boraz! That might solve it once their parents and LPHS sees them in the photo!

  • I agree with everything you say, with one exception. Principal Boraz and the school administration insist that they have no power to discipline or punish what LPHS students do when away from the school premises. This puzzles me somewhat since, as another poster has said, suburban schools often discipline and punish students for acts that not only dont occur on school premises, but may only exist in cyberspace.
    However, since I have a photo of pot smoking in the garden, I will reconsider whether to publish it.

  • Kush lp

    Any one who goes lp and takes pictures, has no life go home and sleep.. theres nothing anybody can do about hahaha thats it too bad get over it, its sad people are complaining about this get a life

  • Randi Doeker Environmental activist

    I'm with Naprapath: Walk over with a camera and start taking pictures. If anyone asks tell them you need photos for the OPAC or Park District website -- just showing everyone how well used the park is. Tell them to smile. Act like you don't know what they are doing. They are just more fun loving park users.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    Ozlock, I think Kush is daring you to email the photo to Principal Boraz and to publish it here on EB! As I said before, I could care less if these kids do the things they do in their own home - their health is their own and their parents issue. If someone does something in public and it negatively affects other kids, especially the younger kids, then please take action. By the way, Randi, you can legally take pictures of anyone in public space - you don't need an excuse :)

  • JB in RV Chicago Homeowner

    Make sure the pot smoking kids in question are over 18. If you put pictures of underage minors online their parents can sue the you know what out of you. Be careful! I'd just send it into the school or cops.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    How can they sue you if you are simply taking a photo of a public park? I don't think that is the law at all. Where did you get that info Jamie?

  • JB in RV Chicago Homeowner

    I think people can sue for just about anything these days. I'm pretty sure it's not okay to go putting people's pictures all over the internet without their consent, regardless of what they're doing--in a public park nonetheless---especially those of minors. I would just be careful is all I'm saying, you never know what could happen if their parents get involved, or if the kids ban together and try to spot where you live. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.

  • Well "legally" it is not illegal to photography minors or anyone in a PUBLIC park and publish said-photos any place where they are not making any money. (Otherwise a permit for commercial use would be required, and these cost up to an over 500 dollars, and are generally not used by any organization except by big-event companies that may photograph a kid eating a popsicle or something and then use the image in their brochure the next year)..

    BUT is also not legal to request property damage be taken care of by CITY WORKERS in any manner more rapidly in one park than another park. Especially a park within the same ward.

    There were some cement workers (CITY park district employees) repairing defaced cement near the corner of Lincoln and Webster across the street from Dairy Queen. When I asked them why the response to fix up the damaged and defaced cement was so prompt, they said "the neighborhood" requested the damaged cement be restored.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    I think that the cement issue is for another post - but with that said, each Alderman gets "menu money" each year. It is limited but can be spent with the discretion of each Alderman. Alderman Smith asked each neighborhood association (7 in Lincoln Park) to notify residents (it was announced here on EB at that time) that she and her staff would walk around each and every block to identify the needs of the neighborhood.

    She then prioritized things and then then told the city what things needed most attention based on what "the neighborhood" asked for --- so this may be what the workers were discussing ... not sure, but it makes most sense. Each Alderman in each ward gets this amount to spend each year. If it's not spent, I think it goes back into the general pool -- so I am pretty sure they save a little for emergencies and then try to use what they have for other improvement projects as they come up.

    Good use and I applaud Ald Smith for walking each and every block with the neighbors who cared to show up. If you were not told, then next year check with your neighborhood association (or JOIN and they will announce it in email to you!)

  • oz neighbor 36 years in LP

    Sorry but you are both wrong about the repairs to the sidewalk in Oz Park.
    The Oz Park Advisory Council requested in July 2011 that the sidewalk behind the Tin Man be repaired as it flooded every time it rained and became impassable to the many people that used it daily, especially the children walking to school. It took unitil Sept 2012 for the repairs to be made. When they poured one of the sections, the high school students defaced it with graffiti, including a very large penis. It was brought to the attention of the Park District who took out the defaced section and finished the pouring of the concrete.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    Thanks for clarifying Oz Neighbor - as I said, my comments were only a guess/suggestion. I still applaud Ald Smith for hitting the streets with neighbors!

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