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Added Apr 17 2018

On my way to work this morning, I noticed a newer model Honda Accord on cement blocks. All 4 wheels had been stolen. This was at Fairfield and North Shore.

  • Maybe the owner is replacing the tires?

  • Dan Miller RP/WR resident since 1978

    I noticed that car, too, around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. This is at least the fourth tire-napping in our neighborhood in the last several weeks. In the 6700 blocks of Talman, Washtenaw and now Fairfield; and in the 2600 block of Farwell. Common denominator: Honda vehicle. Another trait: all the cars were parked with an open area to the rear (an alley, last car on the line of cars parked on a block, etc.)

  • Saw one a few weeks ago-same situation-on Arthur just east of Talman.

  • Honda owners: have your dealer install lug nuts on your wheels to make it more difficult--if not impossible--to remove the tires.

  • Rob

    It's FAR from impossible for a thief to get those off.

  • Mark-2412 CAPS Beat 2412 Co-Facilitator

    Locking lug nuts are a good deterrent. It's not necessary to make it impossible for a thief to get your wheels for them to be effective. One only has to erect an obstacle or two (or, in this case, four) to send the thief looking for easier pickings. These thieves are opportunists. If they wanted to work for a living, they'd get real jobs. Obviously, if wheel thieves suddenly find that most car owners have locking lug nuts, they'll go out and get tools for defeating them, but until and unless that happens, they'll simply move on to another car that doesn't have them.

  • Mark-2412 CAPS Beat 2412 Co-Facilitator

    Also, lug nuts are good advice for owners of any cars, not just Hondas. While Hondas do seem to be targeted more frequently than other brands, I've seen for myself that the thieves aren't that picky. The last car I saw victimized was a Toyota Camry. Another good deterrent is to park in spaces that restrict the thieves' room to work, whenever possible. For example, a big parkway tree with a root system that's partially above ground and makes the curb an uncomfortable place to work helps. So does a diagonal space between two other cars. Parking in front of a house that has a bright light on a very sensitive motion sensor may help, too. Anything that slows the thieves down, makes it uncomfortable for them to work or makes them nervous will prod them to bypass your car and look for an easier target.

  • Mark-2412 CAPS Beat 2412 Co-Facilitator

    Finally, note that thieves are most interested in new tires and expensive wheels. If you don't provide them, you'll make your car a lesser target. Personally, I've always refused to pay for fancy, optional wheels, preferring the old style ones that generally come with cheesy hubcaps. I also don't bother with tire treatments that make the tires look shiny new. My car (a minivan) has never seen the inside of a detailing shop. Obviously, I'm not what you'd call a "car guy", because if I were, I couldn't stand to own a car that looks like mine. (Heck, would a real "car guy" be caught dead with the title deed to a minivan in the first place?) But when you live in a neighborhood known to be frequented by parts thieves, there's a lot to be said for the gritty look.

  • WRM

    Thieves can buy key sets that include the lug nut lock keys as well. The next best defense is a quality alarm system that has a tilt sensor so when the car is jacked up the alarm goes off. My friend just had one installed by a local shop in wrp called mi sound chicago. They do great work.

  • A friend of mine installed 4 different wheel locks for his wheels after his got stolen off a Lexus. Like others said, it won't completely stop the thieves, but trying to find 4 different lug nut keys can be very hindering.

  • WRM

    I like that it's good. Regrettably most people wouldn't think to go that far.

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