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Added Apr 16 2018

This store as others in the area are a magnet to gang violence and shootings. Getting no where with the CPD and politicians for decades, neighbors worked together and contacted the press. Check out the video, one of several shootings by this store. Are reports being made? Why has this store not been closed? Is it just politics as usual in Chicago. Are contribution dollars more important than voters lives? Will EBer's remember this when voting next election in February of 2019? I am working hard with my neighbors to fight this wave of violence that has returned to our community in the last three years. Any suggestions of what more we can do? Hopefully, together we can.

    Ald. Maldonado accused of going easy on 'troubled' Humboldt Park food mart
    Since 2011, the city of Chicago's Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection has slapped Evergreen Convenient Food & Restaurant in Humboldt Park with more than 50 citations. They've been for violations like selling "unstamped and outdated merchandise" such as baby formula. Outside the corner store, there have been two shootings this year.
  • Glad to see the neighbors fighting back and the media addressing the issue of a bad business and corrupt politician.

  • As a 20-year plus neighbor near this store, I know that this building, location, and/or business has been the topic of negative conversation at our CAPS meetings many, many times.

    Now I see why we have to keep discussing the same problem over and over. This building is being "protected" by this Mal-do- Nada. Doesn't this sound like something right out of the Sopranos? Do you think this would fall under the RICO statutes against organized crime ?

  • Is there anyone out there who still supports Alderman Maldenada? What a complete WASTE of taxpayer money, and the biggest abuser of his power. He must go! Anyone know who's running against him?


    We have been screaming for Adam Corona to run but he has not committed to run yet.


    This has been going on for decades in Humboldt Park! Here is a link for a history lesson-
    This is what happens when store owners mention shooting in Humboldt Park- Don't you wish the Alderman to do the same to stores where actual shooting happen on a daily basis.

  • Zach Abel CAPS beat facilitator and community activist

    We have been addressing this problem for YEARS in our CAPS 1422 beat meetings. The police are aware of the situation, but their hands are tied because Alderman Maldonado wants to keep the business open because they pay him money!

    I expect to address this problem AGAIN, Thursday 4/19 night at our CAPS meeting, 6:30 pm at the Habitat, 1402 N. Kedzie, 2nd floor.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    I keep telling u guys that you go to the wrong people to get the help you need.

    Tell them you want a GANG AND DRUG HOUSE case started on this location and that you are unable to get the DISTRICT to make the arrests necessary for this kind of case. Request that Organized Crime do a mission. Ask Task Force do a mission. Request Police escorts be sent with Building Inspectors immediately.

    Do a vfia of 911 calls made for service in this general vicinity for say the last 5 years. Attatch that sheet to your email.

    NEVER go to the people who REFUSE to do their taxpayer funded JOBS. Go to their bosses and the regulatory agencies. There are now 5 regulatory agencies who have written scathing reports about lack of accountability for CPD. Justice Department, Mayor Task Force, Inspector General, Illinois States Attorney, Cook County States Attorney.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Get a Copy of their reports (just search online). Read it, see you are only one of tens of thousands Chicago people STUCK because the Mayor focuses on River Walk, 606, Pedway for bikers to separate joggers along Lake Michigan, and all kinds of other UPSCALE typoically white neighborhoods while we languish and are shot dead on the streets where we live.

    There are 5-7 agencies that have to sign off for a business to get a license. Go to each one with the foia of 911 calls at the location and vicinity. Question whether their Inspectors who sign off for the license did they job appropriately. NO INSPECTOR should sign off and APPROVE a License for a TROUBLED BUSINESS that is a magnet for crime.

    On the other side we cannot blame a business who ALSO cannot get service from CPD to get rid of troubled customers. Once again, this is a dispatch of CPD issue.

    Whinning and venting needs to change into legal steps for legal actions.

    Try a new tactic for a change. Post the difference in results here.

  • @gpblight how long does it usually take for any of the peoples' emails you listed to repsond?

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Some are very fast. Ask that they contact you directly. Write one email and send to all simultaneously. Ask that they reach out to you directly if shooting, guns, drugs are involved.

    Most residents do not approach problem solving the right way. Figure out what law has been broken. Go to the city departments responsible for enforcement. Give them evidence to support your claim. Example: foia 911 calls to the address/vicinity. That supports the kinds of calls that go in.

    Request the Commissioners and Lawyers get a case started. If Laws are broken they MUST act but need evidence. Most of the time it is the local CPd that do not make the type of arrest needed for the GDHE case. That is when Organized Crime chief can be of the most help.

    Go to the RIGHT people to get action. Bypass those who are not effective. Who cares why they do not do their job as long as the job gets done to your satisfaction.

    In the case you get no response then complain to regulatory agencies. Why? Then corruption, fraud may be involved.

    Write your email Be very specific about facts. If there is a sdsc camera near by email Jonathan.lewin and ask him what number the camera is. Then include that camera ## captures it all 24/7 and someone should look at the images.

    Post your results here on this thread. THANKS for being a logical problem solving type.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Most of the people on this thread have been saying the same thing over and over and over and over. It is hard to learn how to use the system as it is designed to work. Most do not want to do the work and follow up. they just want to moan and groan.

    Why would anyone want to keep talking to the same ineffective person and get the same result for decades? Beats the heck out of me.

    If anyone on this post has security cameras; the States Attorney is making a map of public and private cameras so they can send their own investigators out. That is a good venue to get out of the local system and into another system. CPD vs Cook County States Attorney which prosecutes crime.

  • This is an example of how this works-
    Somebody opens a place of business but does NOT get the proper business licenses ie The Legacy Dance Studio at Division near Kedzie. They decide to rent it out
    which sounds fine, but they are allowing events to exist in their space with up to 200 people.
    However, the city says they need a PPA ( public place of amusement license) which is needed for events over 99 people

    Then someone gets shot;
    but does Alderman Mal-do-nada do anything?
    Are the business owners fined? NO.
    Are the business owners told to stop having events? NO
    Are the business owners shut down? NO.

    gpblight, whom do you think we should contact?

  • @gpblight... THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSTS!! Super informative! You are so right. Never thought of going to any of these agencies. Figured the buck stops with the Alderman. And this one certainly needs to go.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Everybody, I sent a link to this EB page to everyone listed above.

    Will each of you PLEASE send an email with all the listed names I posted above? One email with each in the email address will suffice.

    No blame game stuff.

    Just state the facts:
    1. We see this kind of activity between hours of XXX
    2. We see this kind of description person at the activity during XXX hours
    3. We have contacted (list) Alderman, Police District Commander, whoever you have contacted.

    In your email address:

    Building Commissioner to send Building Inspectors for GDHE
    Law Department start a GDHE case
    Chief of Narcotics send officers to do a mission and make GDHE arrests.
    Superintendent List the issue ask for his intervention and WHY Community Concerns and City Service Directives were not ordered for this location.
    BACP Commissioner request she review the inspections that were used to approve the licenses. Go back and do inspections using todays' environment
    Ask Chief of Technology if there is a stsc camera nearby and what its' # is & District

    ASK all to pull foia of police requests in the region so they can see the velocity of resident calls for help. Foia cpd service calls at the same location and you can see that perhaps 5-10% of the time a police car was sent and did something. Ask the Inspector General to investigate this issue. Ask COPA to investigate.

    You can also go to a CIVILIAN REVIEW BOARD monthly meeting and give testimony. sometimes they will put a Commander on the hot seat; especially if you have video and a lengthly 911 call sheet with not much response.

    Will post a 21-235. Fill it out. PDF it to the Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Please meet the Chief of Patrol Fred Waller. Your problems are partially due to failures of this Chief who does not hold districts accountable for the COMMUNITY CONCERNS AND CITY SERVICES.

    Let everyone you write to above that there are failures in Patrol and CAPS

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Use this link to search for Directives

    Community Relations Strategy
    Community Concerns and City Services
    SDSC Directive

    These will tell you what service you are ENTITLED TO GET from CPD. You need to send a very factual clear message when you are NOT getting service as DIRECTED by the Superintendent. Send it to everybody above.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    I am familiar with many of the names on this post. You are true concerned citizens.

    Tell the people in power what is happening on the streets of chicago for real.

    I can't figure out how to link form 21-235 form on this post. Call your district caps or email them and ask they send you a pdf on this form.

    then ...order away and pdf to the Superintendent.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Here we go. Go to town on the Police homepage. There is a form 21-235 here. I think you follow the COMMUNITY CONCERNS box. keep a copy of your form on file for yourself.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Also, why do you blame the alderman? it is CPD, License, Mayor, who are responsible for giving a license and enforcing the law. The License Commissioner should revoke the license once legal steps are taken. UNLESS there is an EMERGENCY situation and then several in the city can shut a business down TOMORROW (litterally)

  • I blame the Alderman because he is personal friends with the owner and is the one that drives the reopening of this business every time it is shut down by the agencies.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Just gave u enough info to blast past any influence the alderman has. Go to town. Have some fun. Ratttle,the cages one by one and watch fire and brimstone come down on those WHO REFUSED to service your requests. CAPs is a joke uet we oay them high salaries to listen to your grousing and provide no service. The Commander did nothing. Why doesn’t that fry u? Read the 5 reports on Cpd failures, then adjust your anger scale.

    There are those in high places who can shut down a business overnight so it will not re open. Curry their favor and get them to invoke this EMERGNCY (if it qualifies)

    U will have alot of fun getting the outcome u want. It is pretty satisfying. It just means sending a constant stream of evidence straight to GDHE lawyers. Do not submit to Police. Submit to Law direct. They will help u if they get their hands on EVIDENCE. Photos are good. Foia of 911 calls. Emails where service requests were made and not performed. Garbage ciolations. Building violations. Fire inspection failures. Collect all of this and turn it in.

  • Jj

    When will this guy be gone already?

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Apparently u suspect an ethics issue. Search and find the ethics department. Make a complaint with them too.

    The Inspector General needs to look at this too.

    The city is FULL of these kinds of episodes. It is common ALL OVER the city.

    The Mayor needs to restructure and revamp going after building owners with bad tenants and FAST TRACK cases. When guns are involved the FBI has a serious interest. Contact them. Trump gave extra funds for gun issues.

    We need more GDHE cases. They need Building Inspectors that need Cpd escorts. They need proper arrests in violation of GDHE ordinance. Police do a bad job of citing to get that IMPORTANT ordinance enforced. Beats the heck out of me why when it is the most effective tool to get rid of gangs/drugs. They need more Lawyers to process. They need better Detective evidence collecting (another joke division with 20-30%success rate). They need Clerical staff to process the voluminous number of cases!

    As stated. YOU HAVE FAILURES in your Law Enforcement That should have generated CASES. Go after CAPs failures. Email and, Imho they should be shut down and replaced with Lawyers. Lawyers holding community meetings will get you more justice. I do not mean Cpd Lawyers. I mean City attorneys under edward siskel.


    He is helpful.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    He was given $$ specifically to investigate police. He and the other Agencies have written very detailed reports on problems with CPD and the lack of Accountability. Focus on getting ALL City Commissioners and Law to help you. Many are miracle makers. Read the shortcomings of CPD. Determine if the shortcomings are impacting your ability to get this Business Shut down. Go to the Bosses, not the underlings. A Commander is an underling. He is under Chief of Patrol who is under the 1st Deputy, Superintendent, Gen Csl.

    Oh go to the police homepage. there is a link on the top something like about us. Open it and you will see the flowchart of who reports to who at CPD.This will give you a better idea of where to go in the pursuit of up and over.

    Email multiple parties at the same time so you do not get lost in the shuffle.

    At CAPSUse forms 21-235, get them to use 21-224 and 21-208. Online fill in 21-235. On the 21-235 request that CAPS fill out 21-224 and 21-208 forms.

    Go to the ig home page. Report your complaints on his homepage.

    There are lots of online resources. If you use and are successful please post results here. Typically email to Commissioners and regulatory agencies work well.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to get the city to come down on bad businesses until someone gets killed. Even then they can stay open.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Do u uses this site? It does not look like much crime happens there. That is why you need to foia the 911 calls list. There may be 100 times more 911 calls than CPD service reported.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    GlenB plz do not email me any more on my email. Lets keep our conversation public here.

    Everybody Glen does not like my posts. I think he just wants to attack the alderman and not solve the problem.

    Plz post here if you would rather I not say what I know to work. I will ask Gen Csl if he is a Beat facilitator for 1422 or a city CAps person. does anybody know? TX

  • @gpblight

    The Alderman has the authority to advocate on behalf of his constituents and clean up the issues with this store. And he is not doing so. Not only is he not doing so, he keeps getting this store re-opened because it is his friend and he is getting kickbacks. This is common knowledge. So if a poster here is focusing on Alderman MALdenado, it is well-deserved.

    I am not saying that what you suggest can't be done. But you know what? We all work and have daily responsibilities. It's not so easy to take this on! The Alderman should be addressing this. It's his job and he gets paid very well for doing jack S*IT. He is the trash that needs to be taken out and I applaud everyone who calls him out.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    I know there is a view that the buck stops at the Alderman. If you cannot get the alderman to do what you want it is important to take another avenue so the problem gets solved. We have the same issues in EGP All of the same issues and frustrations happen about some XXX location.

    Using the LAW is the best venue to get something done. That and regulatory agencies. It is actually pretty easy. It is just rote repetition.

    As an institution Chicago puts up many BRICK WALLS that keep problems alive.

    Alderman bashing and problem solving are different. And no, I don't know or support the Alderman. We have a very problematic alderman too but with no opposing candidate smart enough to get on the ballot we are stuck.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Want to find out what has been done about this bad behavior?

    Pick a range of dates where activity was particularly heavy.

    Do a foia for 911 calls
    Do a foia for Police responses
    Compare these 2 freedom of information places. You will see many 911 calls and not many responses to your calls.

    This is why you have the problem. There are plenty of calls that go in. BUT CPD does not respond and do something about your calls.

    Once you have the evidence you need to support bad response from CPD send to the Superintendent, IG, Mayor, Chief of Staff and regulatory agencies. These are people who have helped resolve issues in the past.

    This is a path that can bring better results than what you have received in the past. Sl


    Deputy of public safety, Gen Csl Police, Superintendent, License, Buildings, GDHE Lawyer are their titles/positions.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident,%20PERCELL&;

    Here is a form to file complaints with the Illinois Commission

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