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Added Apr 16 2018

On 21st and leavitt, drunks loitering mixed with gangbangers everyday every kind of weather,no help from no one they urinate and defecate in public while kids are going to school and women walking to go shopping on cermak can some one help it gets worse in the summer we had about 5 shot on corner last summer.every weekend broken beer bottles out there, Garbage all over

  • I lived on that corner between 10 to 20 years ago. It used to be MUCH worse and to top it off the sidewalks were caving in.....

  • Jambo neighbor

    Contact your Alderman and go to the next CAPS meeting for your neighborhood. If enough concerned citizens living in the area ask for help and complain they will do something about it.Firing guns and urinating/defecating in public is illegal. Call 911. If they get enough 911 calls about the same thing at same area they will do something about it. We did this for a dangerous spot in our back alley. They finally did something about it after many people kept calling 911 for help.

  • If you call 911 they will send a patrol car to check it out.

  • As others have said, call 911 in mass (and get others to do the same) always giving details of the people involved, as well as getting the name of whomever you are speaking with on the call. All that said, the sad reality is that it's a slow, painful process. There are a few trouble areas in my neighborhood and neighbors consistently call 911 and complain to the alderman with little avail. Things have definitely gotten better, but not at the pace you would think/hope. There's sometimes little accountability and a general sense of apathy towards loiterers who can have a major effect on an area.

  • No gangbangers in Bridgeport, gangbangers are scumbags, who don't work & are on public assistance. Stay out of Bridgeport!!!!!

  • emj1900 bp

    Jimmy..... problem is the landlords that just want RENT.....they rent to anyone...and I mean anyone.....gangbanger scum is no exception. Always come down to the LANDLORDS !!!!!!

  • 21st and Leavitt???? That's not Bridgeport,

  • I lived over there 8 years ago and that's just the way it is you should have moved somewhere else.

  • emj1900 bp

    Kristin Talbert....from your sad reply, I assume you were one of them....No one has to but up with that.....Sad to think you seem to think it's ok.....WOW!!

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