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Added Oct 08 2017

Ms. Edwards
Smyser Elementary School
My students need six Breakout EDU kits for financial literacy activities as well as 26 laser pointers and 30 frisbees for our classroom store.
Project cost
Expiration date
February 6, 2018
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  • More gimme, gimme, gimme.

    This is not a good lesson to teach your students.

    Wouldn't a better lesson be to sell candy bars or cookies or whatever to raise the money you need?

    Teaching children that searching for a handout as a first course of action does not prepare them for life.

    What should we expect from a CPS union member??? Gimme Gimme..Gimme.

  • No one is FORCING you to donate. You sound very angry and bitter.

  • I wonder how someone can discern anger and bitterness from a few words.

    I have no patience for a corrupt political system...a system in which the teachers are an integral part. And perhaps teaching kids bad life lessons should make us all angry!
    Teachers are an extension of the upbringing we provide our children. I don't want my children to grow up thinking that being a mooch or taking the easy way out is the way to go thru life.

  • Mute Mute Me

    I'm angry and bitter that the students don't have what they need but teachers don't strike because of this. I'm angry and bitter that a teacher misuses the word need. No one needs frisbee s and lazer pointers.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    I agree with cubshawksbears and mute, teachers your instilling begging on children ,go to the principal in charge and explain you supply problem.

  • Mute Mute Me

    61k this teacher made 4 years ago.

    Lets lower teachers salary or freeze them until students have what they NEED.
    Chicago's teachers are paid higher than similarly sized cities public school teachers yet they strike every year.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Hey I think they forgot the clowns and circus dog.

  • Big Oaks Big Oaks resident since 1979

    I went to Chicago public schools in the 1970's. It was a whole different world.

  • Mike Bayne Dunning area New to the area and have 2 children.

    Mute, can you help me out, I need a Maserati and a Billion Dollars. And no I don't "want" it, I "need" it.

  • Mute Mute Me

    As long as you are going to save my life w an aed in 20 years!

  • mcm Portage Park resident and CPS teacher

    The continuous personal attacks on teachers for fundraising and on the children attending CPS schools are "unneighborly" and will be reported as such.

  • Where are the unneighborly attacks on the schoolkids that you assert, mcm? The kids are the victims here and people like you are enabling teachers to let their children continue to be victims...victims to the corrupt CPS and victims to bad lessons taught by teachers trapped in that same corrupt system.

    Attention parents of CPS students...Don't turn a blind eye here. You all pay more taxes than most if not all big city residents. The system, in return, should provide what is required to teach your kids without these handout requests.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    Can you imagine, if CPS "teachers" actually taught their students academics instead of making them good future SJWs.

  • mcm Portage Park resident and CPS teacher

    What exactly does GFY mean?

  • Mute Mute Me

    go f yourself?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Mcm report the teachers for scamming

  • It is disappointing to read so much hate on what should be a "community" of info sharing. It is even more shocking to witness the disrespect to teachers. I suggest that all of you find some constructive ways to volunteer your time to help in areas you so easily condemn. I am sorry that your disappointment within yourselves has perpetuated such anger. My sixth grade CPS teacher gave me these words of wisdom that I hope will help all of you. "If you are unhappy with something, don't complain. Get up; go out; and do something positive." No need to respond because I will not be participating on this platform. I will try to find a community resource that does not foster vitriol.

  • Mike Bayne Dunning area New to the area and have 2 children.

    I think the teachers can't be faulted, for at least trying to get funds for activities like these. Let's face it, there are people who are generous to a fault and will open their wallets/purses for something they believe in.

    Just as there are those who think the teachers should quit this practice, and for whatever reason.

    If your child(ren) are being taught by the those that use this medium for donations, and you don't like or agree with it. Then you can complain to the school board and be insulted and/or ignored, as they back the teachers on this issue.

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    Golf Foxtrot Yankee

  • Mute Mute Me

    A place that gets my money by force will never get of my time voluntarily.

  • "If you are unhappy with something, don't complain. Get up; go out; and do something positive."

    I shall indeed...i will vote against every crooked, incumbent, Democrat who is in bed with the unions and break up there perverse little soiree that bilks taxpayers of our hard earned $$$

  • ella 22yr resident of belmont heights

    I dont understand why the teachers dont solicit from the parents of the very children they want to have the benefit of whatever they are asking for. I cant believe that the schools are filled with orphans. maybe they should remove state and local funding and like the private schools have the parents pay for teaching their children. Maybe then only what is truly needed will be purchased and used

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    I agree take away funding they are wasting taxpayers money gimme good schools .

  • Mute Mute Me

    I can't for the life of me understand why we don't require proof of income to provide free education. We need to provide proof of income for free medical care. Food stamps and cash benefits. These teachers priorities are just as flawed when they strike for benefits for themselves each year as the parent picking up their kid from cps in their porsche

  • Lava girl future resident

    As a former school teacher, I think it'd be good to motivate the students by doing a fund raiser and maybe 'others' could match the earnings to create an incentive. This way it'll be a good lesson for the students to earn and appreciate the value of money and possibly feel the support of their community if a match is offered. Then it wouldn't be like a 'hand out', everyone participates in the process and feels the satisfaction of attaining the goal or at least getting close to it. When 'things' are given too easily, appreciation is lost usually.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Bingo! Someone gets it!

  • Exactly right. Glad to hear a voice from a teacher not blinded by a perverse loyalty.

  • Mute Mute Me

    Refreshing! Too bad a former teacher!

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