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Added Mar 09 2017

Ms. Edwards
Smyser Elementary School
My students need regulation-sized goals to use for proper practice conditioning.
Project cost
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July 6, 2017
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  • Earth to Ms.Edwards!!!! You don't teach at a high poverty school/neighborhood.

  • Actually Lola89 - almost 80% of their students are considered low income. So maybe not as high as others, but still pretty high. And remember, these posts are just automatically posted here. And considering so many schools are getting their budgets continually cut, she might as well try and ask for help.

  • I think the problem a lot of people have with these posts is that what they ask for are not necessities for learning and they amount they ask for are not always realistic. Even with the added percentage from the fundraising place, you don't need nearly $750 to buy two regulation goals for practice. Walmart and Hayneedle sell them for about $130 each (and that was for HS/college regulation size, so I imagine youth soccer would be even less).

  • The amount*

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    Nikki, the request page breaks down the line item costs, so you can easily find out for yourself that the entire $730 sought is not for the base price of 2 goals.

  • Sorry, Botkin, I don't buy it. Dick's Sporting Goods offers free shipping on orders over $49, so there is no reason for a $53 shipping charge. I just went and added the item to my cart and they don't count as oversized. I also mentioned the fees attached by the fundraising program in my original post. Point being that they could still get the items they want for a cheaper cost.

  • As a personal aside, I really don't care that these posts show up. I'm just saying I've noticed people getting rather heated about them over the past few weeks and I do think that the exaggerated costs are a part of it.

  • I agree. $550 for two goals?

  • Marie- Theirs a huge difference between low-income and poverty. I'm not sure what's the percentage of student who are consider low-income at Smyser School. What I do know is that she is NOT teaching at a "poverty neighborhood school". Portage Park is consider a Tier 4 neighborhood. Last time I checked Tier 4 neighborhoods are consider middle class. Thanks for letting me know that these posts are automatically posted....I didn't know that. I typically read all posts and never reply/post. I'm just so fed up with a these fund me projects. I have kids and I don't sit and complain. Where are the Smyser parents? LSC? Friends of Symser? They need to get together and solve this problem. Also, what the teacher is asking for is called luxury. Just my two cents.

  • Teachers write a grant proposal and submit it to Donors Choose. Then Donors Choose foundation prices the materials and determines where the goods will come from, not the teacher. Donations to the teachers' projects then is tax deductible. And funds for CPS schools have been cut for the last two years so I think there is legitimate need. And I admire teachers who put in extra effort and write a proposal for something they think "their" kids need, luxury or not. The automatic posting here can reach a larger number of people in the community who might want to support their local school.

  • Agreed Lola - there is a home for sale across the street from Smyser with an asking price of $385,000 - I would hardly call that "low-income"

  • Carol- I also admire teachers who put that "extra time". I'm not a teacher but a parent who puts her "time". Unfortunately most parents don't help and don't care. Sad..right? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...Is only tax deductible if you meet certain criteria. Families need to meet a certain income bracket and if they're low-income their donation is considered "a kind donation". Meaning thanks for donating but it can't be tax deductible. Most importantly I didn't mind seeing this annoying post. What really bother me was the fact that Ms. Edward needs an URGENT reality check! Portage Park is NOT consider a "poverty neighborhood". The fact that is reaching a larger number of people in our community and maybe other communities is very disappointing. I will hate for other communities to think of PP as a "poverty neighborhood".

  • Contributions to a project made through Donors Choose are all tax deductible. And the poverty level of a school frequently doesn't match the neighborhood. I just checked the stats on the school and it says that 85% of kids fall into the low income category and qualify for a reduced lunch rate.

  • CJC Homeowner since 2000

    I get that Posting to raise funds for anything outside the schools' budget is the New Reality. What I don't get, is what are the parents of these kids contributing? None of my 3 kids have attended CPS, yet I pay the same tax rate as those who do have kids in those schools. My kids' schools all have fundraisers to help fill gaps in their budgets, and believe me something like this is not in the budget. Get real!

  • Yes, they're 100% tax deductible like the rest of them. However, that doesn't mean if you donate $100 dollars you are getting $100 dollars back from the IRS. We have brackets. We all fall in one of the many brackets that our corrupted system has. It works different for all of us.

    CJC- When my kids attended CPS only a handful of parents helped. I was one of the handful of parents. Until I realized how unappreciated most parents are. Their's many ways to help a school such as volunteering at school, home projects, room parent or simply donating to your child's class. Most parents take the easy way out and don't help. As ridiculous as it sounds sometimes getting a $2 donation was mission impossible. Ugh!!! I came from a BIG family most likely low-income but my parents always gave me my $3 donation for my pizza and soda back in the days. Most parents want EVERYTHING free because blah blah blah they pay taxes. We need to start investing in our children's education. We meaning "us parents". It's heartbreaking to see what's happening in CPS schools. Parents have to step it up...the way I see it... if parents can afford a Starbucks coffee they sure can afford a $5 donation to their school.

  • CJC - time to support school vouchers!

  • Craig E. Friend of Chicago

    Again this is JMO.
    If teachers would pay at least half of their Healthcare and pensions there would be a lot more money for the children.
    Now go ahead and attack me for my post.

  • I could not disagree more with lola89.
    My parents gave money for daily milk at school as well as hot dog days and taffy apples. There were no fund-raisers. My grammar school district was self-sufficient. What a concept!!!
    Oh yeah, I went to a suburban school...what a surprise!!!

  • CJC Homeowner since 2000

    Craig E, while I agree that the pension is the underlying issue for all of CPS' ills, it is not the teachers who are at fault. Back in the 90s the City of Chicago politicians demanded that they control the CPS Teacher Pension, and the State of Il gave it to them. The Chicago Politicians then raided the Pension and never replaced the funds. They now have the BALLS to demand that the State bail them out, and are blaming Rauner for all this. If the Politicians in Chicago were held to the same laws as Executives in a Company, they would all be in prison right now. Instead the tax payers are on the hook, and the Politicians continue to screw us!

  • Amen CJC!!!
    If you live in a ward with a long time alder-person, you need to get them out next vote!!!

  • Craig E. Friend of Chicago

    I don't blame the teachers for the cash flow problems CPS has but at the same time I have never heard the teachers volunteer to pay into their healthcare and pensions. The system has spoiled them and I don't see it changing anytime in the near future.

  • I just learned that every week when our president travels to his "winter" white house, it costs the tax payers millions. I know this is federal money, but let's put this into perspective. His new budget calls for eliminating programs that will help the poor and low income. I think we need to put attention on the big picture. As for the teacher request, this is just a request for a donation. We all have the choice not to give but it is also worthwhile to point out how the request could be met with fewer dollars. Paying for the winter white house trips is not optional.

  • Zachary, you are painting with a broad, MSNBC brush. Your comment is not altogether true.
    Furthermore, unddr O-Blame we saw -the highest percentage of people receiving entitlements in history. It's time to pare back the waste and get people to work and off the public dole.

  • CJC Homeowner since 2000

    Zachary, that holds true for every President since WWII. Obama traveled more than any previous president, often to his "home state" of Hawaii. His travel bill over 8 years reached the $billions as he often flew with 2 aircraft, the second one carrying his dogs and friends.

  • CJC Homeowner since 2000

    The teachers are misguided by a crooked union. Of course, I don't blame the teachers for not giving up 7%-9% of their income, I don't know many groups of employees who would freely do that. By the way, I'm not a teacher and all my kids go to private schools, so I really have no reason to defend CPS teachers.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    In it's current format, funding the public unions salaries, bennys, and pensions is only sustainable thru annual tax hikes, upping and creating more fees and penalties, and cuts. A recent comment to me by a teacher who use to live in Portage Park made complete sense: the city union employees (Teachers, Police, Fire) no longer dominate this area because they can afford to move into better areas. If they haven't yet moved to Edison Park, Ravenswood Manor, Harwood....they will be soon. These use to be middle class jobs with middle class pay and benefits. I'd say the unions have them sitting at the front of the plane sipping the good stuff. Oh well...the red t-shirts are a nice touch, though.

  • PortageRules ... You got that right! As I roam my neighborhood, I make note of all the expensive, luxury homes I pass. I then check the addresses against the "Cook County Property Tax Portal", look at the owners name, then cross-check against the "City of Chicago Employees Salaries" website! I wish I could afford a mansion on a supposedly "Blue Collar" salary!

  • Oh! The good news is, eventually, the only "Blue collar" people able to afford living in Chicago will be the city employees! Like a snake eating it's own tail!

  • Dan G Scratch and win

    Nessuno "For mayor" I would for you.

  • Dan G Scratch and win


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