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Added Feb 13 2018

Ms. Gikas
Smyser Elementary School
My students need 2 iPads, 2 iPad stands, 2 microphone clips, Qball microphone, HUE animation studio, and Klutz Lego Movie maker to create great digital stories using STEM.
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June 12, 2018
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  • I see Ms. Gikas has been chatting with Laura Edwards.

    Smyser has a real problem if so many requests for "student needs" are being requested. Where are my tax dollars going if not into the classroom to help these students learn and succeed in life?

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Smyser, and other schools with a high percentage of low income families, have real problems!! Teachers are less willing to pay for supplies with their own money.

  • Bill the Engineer /ChicagoNWside/

    "Where are my tax dollars going if not into the classroom to help these students learn and succeed in life?"

    C-H-B....To personnel costs including the continued practice of Chicago taxpayers paying 75% of what CTU members should be contributing to their pensions.

  • FYI CTU only contributes 2% of their pay while other unions contribute from 9 to 11%.

  • people: i can't believe these teachers need supplies to help our kids grow and learn! darn handouts!

    same people, probably: we should arm the teachers with guns!

    same people, probably: also i go to church where they say things like love thy neighbor and help those in need!

    there's a lot of hateful, sad, hypocritical people around here. let's hope these children don't have the same attitude toward helping others when y'all are elderly and republicans have annihilated your retirement funds (to pay for arming all these inept teachers i'm guessing) and you need care from able bodied young people.

  • If I was an iPhone or iPad I would feel very secure knowing today’s children will be taking care of me in the future.

  • Tuckpointing, this is not about denying children what they need to learn. For me, it is about shining a light on the crooks who are not properly appropriating funds for school supplies. The administrators and hierarchy of CTU and CPS are serving themselves first and the kids are a very distant 2nd.

  • It also has to do with the principal, the LSC (local school council) and the teachers. It is up to the principal to decide what to do with their budget every year before the school even starts. The LSC has to approve or deny where he decides to put the money. There are teachers on the LSC as well not to mention just the ones in the school who need to voice their opinion as to where the money should go and what is needed to stop all these teachers from asking for things that the rest of the world has grown up without and survived.

  • Actions speak louder than words. Speak/complain less. Do more.

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