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Added Oct 08 2017

I pay hefty Chicago/Cook County taxes and every year they increase-and yet, I can't get the city to fix the alley light. Twice I have seen it reported on-line with the status "closed". When I call 311 to complain they don't want to hear anything other than the address and click-they disconnect. Is this the norm? Does it usually take this long? Let's face it, our neighborhood is no longer safe and a dark alley is asking for trouble.

  • I know it now a take at least 21 days to get an alley light fixed but that long that is wrong. Have you tried calling your Alderman's office?

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    call your alderman's office .311 is really useless.....

  • R Brighton Park

    Will do. Much appreciated.

  • I usually call 311 get a ticket number then call the alderman office and give them the ticket number from the 311 operator and the lights get fixed within 24 to 48 hours give them a try.

  • In March this year, I called about my alley light being out. I first called my aldermans office. After some time, I filed an online request. I called 311 twice. My brother called 311. I don't know what was the charm that got it fixed, but the light was finally fixed in July -- 4 months! Those wheels moved very slowly in my case. I wonder how fast those wheels would have turned if it was an election year.

  • The light on my alley was out for about 5months.I called 311 once a week since the first time it went out.They finally came out after i called and said that a storm busted the light

  • JL

    With all the new lights on Morgan if one went out I wounder how long it would take to get fix LOL I have the same problem 3 months and still waiting

  • R Brighton Park

    That is ridiculous-I guess it is the norm. Well, I did call the Alderman's office earlier this week. Let's hope something gets done. Thanks to all for the comments.

  • R Brighton Park

    Update: still not fixed! I’ve called my Alderman’s office 4x (Cardenas) and they give me the same BS. It will now be 6 months.

  • Just remember to vote these guys out when election time comes . Don't feel bad. I have been trying to get one of them cement posts by my garage for years.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    WOW. So sorry. There is NO excuse. Do you have the service number you filed at 311? Cardenas is the worst time he goes. They are suppose to work for us HA!. Yeah but these "J" offs have NO problem raising our taxes again and again and again. While our paychecks do NOT! I know when they fixed ours right behind our house, it went out again. Bad fixture. They actually replaced the entire fixture..Been waiting for a new sidewalk for 3 yrs,, Tree root issues forcing it to tip towards our home. WHole darn thing is on a slant. Get all the darn water in our backyard. They keep coming out sidewalk.What does it take? Darn city sidewalk and tree, constantly damaging our home... 3 yrs to trim that darn tree and we had to in the end, had to replace a roof rom it's rubbing.....UGH....... raising sewer taxes and water again after we were promised NO INCREASE for 7 yrs since we got the meter....Yeah ok, more BS! Has gone up 2 twice since it was installed about 16 months ago. We haven't had a new sewer in our street since the Chicago Fire. HA! CIty that WORKS? Yeah, at raising your TAXES.... Keep calling Cardenas office...I know I would...and pay it a visit...

  • peter jachimiec over taxed homeowner

    What alderman or what person was responsible for the safety Island installed at the intersection of Archer ave & Francisco?. This will impede the flow of the traffic on Archer and will create a real nice mess of traffic and air pollution during rush hour and winter driving. Why weren't residents notified of this?

  • JL

    I don't know if your old enough. They use to have these islands between Archer and Canal. The city remove them because of all the accidents they cause. A lot of people were killed because of them. I guess the city forgot. Give it time and you will see the accidents when it snows and theirs ice is on the streets. And maybe they will get heads out of you know what and get rid of them.

  • R Brighton Park

    @tpchallenger53-trust me, every election year I take these things in consideration. The last election I was on a mission to elect Cardenas out but he won by default secondary to nonexistent opposing candidates. That’s usually why we are stuck with these lazy and incompetent “civil servants”.

  • R Brighton Park

    @emj1900-Agree and feel the same frustration. This is why the goal is to move out of Chicago. Hard working middle class neighborhoods are neglected and ignored.

  • Can you me where the light pole is located. I'll see what I can do to help.

  • R Brighton Park

    @Tino-aside from climbing up the pole and fixing it yourself, I don’t think there is anything you can do. However, if you have a direct line to the Mayor, I would gladly accept your help :)

  • Go ahead and pass me the address I always push to get things fixed around my neighborhood, potholes streetlights, fire hydrants painted curbs painted graffiti removed I don't mess around. Just share where the post is located and I'll see what I can do.

  • emj1900 bp lifer

    @Tino........hoping your Santa Claus and can get it fixed for this gentleman.....

    @R.....please keep us updated.....just a shame his request has been neglected this

  • I am inclined to believe that the complaint may not be real and is using the platform to create conversation. Provide an address for the light that is out. I'll personally do my best to contact the city and make them aware of the issue and have it repaired. I like to help whenever I can. I have lived in Chicago 35 years and have seen the good and bad. Our city is not perfect but with a little push to our reps, we have to help ourselves to get things done.

  • R Brighton Park

    Dude really!? My complaint on this forum was based on the fact I went through the proper channels several times and nothing was done. I asked for suggestions. The fact that your butthurt because I didn’t give you my address, doesn’t give you a right to negate or even question my use of this forum. Get over yourself-YOU are not employed by the City of Chicago nor do you represent the City of Chicago. No one has to answer to you in order to add credibility to their concerns. Initially, what I thought was a nice gesture on your part, now has me wondering. No thanks-after your BS comment, stay clear of the area I live in.

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