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Added Nov 17 2017

There is an urgent need for adequate lighting on the North side of the 606 at Bloomingdale and Western. The pavement is very uneven and dangerous to pedestrians. Also any traffic coming from the East trying to merge onto Western cannot see what's coming from northbound traffic on Western. There should be a way for cars to see what's coming on Western, in order to merge without blocking the crosswalk or entering Western since that's very dangerous to the moving cars on Western as well.


    Also be on the look out for groups of two to twelve wearing hoodies robbing people. I wish I could give you a better description but this is only what the press will release. In Chicago's world of PC, it is not right to give a full description of violent criminals because they might be offended! Victims only have the right to be victimized!

  • Here's a Streetview of that intersection: https://goo.gl/maps/QQBKwdcVMDD2

    The blind spot in seeing south bound Western traffic is caused by the new 606 bridge and there's nothing you can do about that. This street should should be turned into a car/ped shared space all the way to Rockwell with no egress onto Western. There is nothing wrong ingressing from a 4 lane major road onto a tiny street like on Bloomingdale east/across Western. Wonder how many peds have gotten run over there? Does CPD or CDOT keep track of that?

  • Oops. I got turned around in Google. Substitute east for west, south Western for north Western in the above.

  • JeannyB Old Apartment renovator, architect,

    I was speaking of the East side of Western and Bloomingdale (north of the 606) from your photo it would be impossible and impractical to go straight across Western, not to mention a huge waste of time (but those of us in Wicker Park, Bucktown and Logan Square seem to have to live with a lot of wasted time in our travels) but the danger is certainly there for all concerned....the lighting should be more intense and/or a stop sign for Western motor traffic? Is the Alderman Waguespak? Do we call CDOT or him?
    Just crossing Bloomingdale on foot is treacherous due to the unseen and uneven pavement.

  • I wrote a correction because I got my directions turned around like what happens to me in the subway sometimes. That pic is east side of Western facing west, north of 606. Bloomingdale is the width of an alley and should never egress into a 4 lane major road. You can see the the sidewalks on this street are less than the required 6 feet because of the tree cutouts. This is an ADA violation. There are a myriad of ways to get to Western without having to egress at this intersection. This is very dangerous as you pointed out. Lighting won't help and no one cares about a silly stop sign.

  • JeannyB Old Apartment renovator, architect,

    You're quite sure of yourself and clueless about how people navigate. People merge into traffic from alleys all over creation. I don't know what ADA means or why this would be considered a violation, but Western is not a highway or an expressway, and the traffic on Western would be compelled to stop for a stop sign. If you live on Bloomingdale, east of Western there are NOT many ways of getting to where you want to go without a lot of one-way streets, cut offs and lots of frustration, so you shouldn't be dispensing generic advice that in reality is quite meaningless.
    You also just describe the sidewalk problem, without any problem-solving. Stronger streetlights would definitely help some one on foot see the ground and not trip over the uneven junk and get hurt.
    Don't forget there's a lot more bldgs. going up, without parking, which assumes that these folks will be navigating by bicycle or on foot...which means a lot more traffic.

  • ADA means Americans with Disabilities Act - the sidewalk is not wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs plus pedestrians.

  • The danger of this intersection is the bridge abutment blocks the view of northbound Western traffic seeing cars exiting Bloomingdale which means those cars won't see what is about to hit them. Bloomindale is narrow making it like a bob sled chute which will lead to vehicles at relatively high speeds "merging" into north bound Western traffic who don't know they exist until the last moment.

    Egressing Bloomingdale into Western was made in a time where safety was not a concern. Cars didn't have seat belts, people smoked in airplanes, bars, restaurants, whereever, no one cared. The younger generation cares about these things. In a scenario where cars are only concerned about hitting other cars, pedestrians are always an afterthought. .

  • Artist girl Artist and Muscian

    JeannyB, Have you reported this issue to your Alderman? Do you suggest that they put in a stop sign at Western at Bloomingdale?

  • JeannyB Old Apartment renovator, architect,

    Unfortunately I don't live in the 32nd Ward although I have to be in that area quite often.I will try to contact Scott Waguespak and CDOT to look into this..There's already 2 stoplights on double staged corners of Wabansia and Western but either a stop sign and/or better lighting is a necessity. Right now for a motorist it's pretty much of a guessing game (especially during rush hour) and it's treacherous for a pedestrian just crossing Bloomingdale on the East side of Western. Here's hoping?

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  • Artist girl Artist and Muscian

    I think that if they put in a convex traffic mirror on the right side on the corner then whoever approaches the intersection will be able to see the approaching cars heading north on Western. That would be a good solution.

  • JeannyB Old Apartment renovator, architect,

    . I still think a more intense street light would be necessary for the pedestrians though as repaving would probably not last due to Chicago climate and the fact that it's somewhat under a viaduct (the 606) which always has bad pavement anyway. That would be better than a stop sign, if it would stay visible. Right now you can see a little portion of coming traffic thru the posts, but not everything....and you're not totally sure of what's coming and how fast.
    Where should it be placed exactly? T He more detail you tell the city, the better.

  • Artist girl Artist and Muscian

    I didn't say a stop sign, I said a convex traffic mirror that would show approaching traffic reflected in it. It would solve the problem. You would place it to the right, on the north side of Bloomingdale, where it meets Western, and turn it so that it shows approaching traffic.

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