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Added Nov 02 2017

Where have all the mail boxes gone in Lake View???

  • See my previous thread about this very same problem. And the fact that the USPS has damaged or lost several of my packages.
    The only way to remedy the mailbox fiasco is to write the head US Postmaster, Megan Brennan in DC, and cc Greg Harrison, the 60613 Postmaster. But we have to do it by petition.
    If you go west of Broadway there are NO postal boxes up and down halsted and over near Wrigley.

  • They were all taken away for the Marathon and the Cubs playoff games. Has been happening for several years now. Post office has told me that you should start seeing them return Friday, today.

  • We were told the mailboxes were to have been returned 2 business days after the Marathon. Hopefully, we will start seeing them again.

  • Ha, we've never been told two days. And if we had, it's the Chicago Post Office , so we would know better.

  • HA, I was told 2 business days, and your partner also stated on here the mailboxes would return all beautiful and painted immediately following the Marathon, but you're right, we should know better about lies, especially since it's been almost a month which is outrageous. So now they tell you this Friday, today? We'll see.

  • Yves, who is my partner? I've stated all along it would take weeks for them to come back. It always does.

  • Looking forward to it.
    Have a fantastic weekend !

  • Send an e-mail to Toma in Congressman Quigley's office letting him know which ones are missing. He is extremely responsive and works directly with the USPS to get the boxes returned. toma.toma@mail.house.gov

  • Actually the post office was honest this time. After work I walked around aND saw all the missing boxes back In my area of lakeview

  • Yves, thus far my weekend has been grand. Hope yours has been as well.

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