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Added Mar 19 2017

Can this be true???? If it is!!!! Who is to blame????? The ward is a trainwreck

Checkout for your,ward.

    Ward 28
    The citywide dashboard with ward-by-ward views of service delivery in Chicago.
  • Taj's page Committed to helping others.

    That's a very good question.
    I've called about a pole light being out in my alley over a year and two months ago and it's still out. I've called the alderman's office about a month ago and they took the complaint as well and still nothing. I was informed that the commissioner passed away two ago. My deepest condolences to the family.
    However, how much longer must we (28th ward) continue to suffer and fall by the waste side?

  • That's interesting and I wonder if it's inaccurate. I have put in orders for lights out, street drainage issues, etc. and all were completed. Just recently the area I live in (it is in ward 28) had the city working on drains and paving a part of a street used to enter an alleyway that goes behind the building I live in.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Tif are u at Homan/Walniut? Or what imtersection?

  • I'm at Van Buren/Throop. The work being done was on Throop/Gladys.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    What hundred n/ w is that? I am at 3200w and 100n. I think,you are further east amd south. That can account for the huge difference. It still does not account for the zero count on chicagoworksforyou site.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    The commissioner did not die. Robert Meyers in charge of lights died. He was a remarkable civil servant and the job pressure may have killed him. Many who work extremely hard can work themselves to death. People with his kind of dedication are the real heroes on Chicago government. He was humble and even tempered. He would bristtle if I told,him stories like yours,and deny defects in the system. He was loyal to the union and his people.

    Foia service requests for alley lights using the range of addresses on your block. See what the real status of where your service requests went. If u see that requests were marked"completed" and they were not; send to the commissiomer Rebekah Scheinfeld and IG Josepj Ferguson.

    The object is to hold workers responsible when they falsify work orders. Falsifying work orders means turning on a time sheet saying you did work when in fact you did not. People who have been playing this game for decades have gotten away with their cheating and fraud because WE do not report them to the proper authorities.

    You know the best way to get city service is to ask the mayor and commissiomer. Why didn't u do this?

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    We are trying to get the 11th District to follow (3) Directives given to me by Gen Csl of CPD. Riding for 6 months with an Area North CAPS co coordinator the (3) Directives were not followedto the letter.

    We requested Organized Crime fill in forms and got better results. They are now too busy to do it.

    We will now have clusters of people fill in 21-235 forms and submit them directly to the Superintendent, the responding department, and Dept of Information Technology.

    We expect having heads of Departments track orders that can be foia'd will help improve city service requests.

    There is some kind of conventional wisdom that needs to change. We PAY civil servants who are on our streets, sidewalks, etc hour by hour. YET instead of them ordering service we need or supervisors or Aldermen ordering what we need THE RESPONSIBILITY IS SHIFTED TO US.

    MANAGEMENT needs to hold their staff ACCOUNTABLE. CAPs is Directed to turn in service requests and does not in any meaningful way in ghettos. Instead city employees push their responsibility on to citizens. Citizens give up when they call time and time again and do not get service. The IG needs to follow the order trails and punish slackers.

    It is great you are able to get city service! We are getting pretty good service in a 6-8 block test area but it is a daily email paper trail.

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