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Added Mar 04 2018

There is litter everywhere and it seems to only be getting worse. Is there a volunteer organization that has a 2018 clean up plan and ideas on how to stop the habit of trashing the city?

  • There are usually clean up events around Earth Day in the spring. Check with your local parks, alderman offices, etc. to find an event nearby.

  • pbsene Local Business Owner, Tired American

    It is embarrassing and so ugly. I've said this before here, but it seems like some kind of protest against 'the man' or the city or the world in general. How can you trash up where you live? Self respect starts at home and can spread through your life. There are plenty of garbage cans around and surely you can bring your food and drink waste home in your car to your own garbage can instead of chucking it out on the street - I am so tired of fixing my bike flats from broken glass.

    The sides of the expressways are horrible right now. Not a great first look at our city for visitors and potential clients from other cities and countries. I doubt private volunteers would be allowed there to clean up so now we need chain gangs or public funding to clean it up! Miserable.

    'Don't Mess with Texas' actually started as a public campaign to stop littering. Maybe we need some kind of campaign to educate.

  • It's called living in the Ghetto!!!

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