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Added Jun 19 2014

I've gone over to the city office Addison and Roscoe twice in an attempt to buy my city sticker, and the line is out the door and down the block. Both times I only had about a half hour, so I just left. I didn't send it in though the mail because when I did last year, it never came and I had to make a trip downtown to get it replaced, which was about a two hour adventure and the CTA fare cost.
Can you tell me if lines are long at any Ward office sales, or if some currency exchange locations charge only a nominal fee? I really think $5.50 is too much over the price for the convenience, but am weighing the wait time vs. the extra cost.
Anyone have any suggestions?

  • I have usually gotten mine at the currency exchange on Addison & Western, without a wait. I'm not sure if there's a convenience fee, but I'm sure you could call and check.

  • Scarbnianlgc Donkey Kong best friend

    The new city clerk website allows you to search for your car with your license plate in case you don't have the mailing that went out. Ordered mine and got my stickers in less than a week. Didn't have the letter for my or my wife's car.

  • Do it online.

  • Mike from The Square Lincoln Square Circa 2004

    Ditto: Do it on line or occasionally they do it at your Alderman's office.

  • Preeti Superstar, animal lover, just me

    I ordered mine online on June 11 and received it yesterday, June 18th. I've been renewing my sticker online or via mail for the last few years without any problems. However, I have a couple friends who had issues not receiving their stickers via mail so now they wait in line downtown during their lunch hour. That being said, I would still order online before spending time in line at city hall.

  • Phil L. property owner/lincoln square

    The day at the Alderman's office (48th ward) is over, it was Monday June 16. You might want to rethink the fee. After I left the Addison location in total frustration, I drove to the corner currency exchange and was in and out in only a few minutes.

  • Yeah, Phil L., I was thinking the same thing. It may just be worth the fee at the currency exchange, because that line was brutal!
    I know the day of sale at the alderman's office for the 48th ward is over, but I was looking online and a few other wards that are nearby still have sale dates coming up. I was just wondering how long the lines are at those.
    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I appreciate it.


    City Hall... never have to wait. There is almost never a line there. Just take the el and get off and lake street and walk 2 blocks Beeb. Just not during lunch time.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in Galewood,via Lakeview

    I ordered online as well and found it very easy!

  • Emilie West Bucktowner

    Just a headsup if anyone is considering the Currency Exchange route. They all turned their sticker inventory back to City Hall at the end of April. I bought a new vehicle and can't do it online because it isn't in the database. Finally going to City Hall today.

  • SBloom architect, 26 years north side

    If you are renewing, do it online today. I ordered my sticker and zone guest parking passes last week and got them in a week. Surprisingly efficient for our fair city.

  • Online with a credit card is the fastest and easiest. They state that it can take two weeks. But I received mine back in a matter of days.

  • Mike B Ravenswood resident since 2008

    Just go to the currency exchange. $5.50 to be in and out in two minutes is a steal.

  • City Hall is fast and easy! The Revenue clerks know what they're doing so the lines move quickly even with people who have "special" situations. I always go mid afternoon or end of day and have never waited more than 10 minutes.

  • I ordered mine online last Friday (the 13th!) and got it Wednesday the 18th. It took less than 5 minutes. I didn't need the mailed renewal form, just my last name, street name, and license plate number.

  • Ordered online Sunday and received Wednesday! You still have time.

  • There's a small office on Gale Street where the old 16th district police station used to be. Usually open until 5, but Saturday until noon for stickers.

  • Reggie Gonzales Blogger, Chaplain, writer, photographer, videos

    Don't get caught buying the 6 month sticker, cause you will forget to renew and it will cost you some more bucks!

  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I was trying to avoid receiving it via mail because last year it never came, even though they had a record it was paid for and sent. So it got "lost" (mis-delivered and used by someone else illegally who was willing to take the chance of not being caught?) in the mail. Our postal delivery has been sketchy for a couple of years now. So I thought I would try to buy it outright this year.
    I really don't want to trek down to city hall, but may do so anyway. It's a long round trip for me because I'm not really close to the el.
    Reggie- thanks for mentioning the Gale Street office. I went there one time, I think for a dog license, because I was nearby and thought I could run in and out, and the problem I had was trying to find a parking space, even for paid parking, and the line was long on just a normal day. So I don't want to go there.
    I may have to do the currency exchange thing. Oh well.

  • LincSqSonny Lincoln Sq resident

    I also got mine at the Gale Street Police station that is now part of the Chicago City Clerk's office... went in the middle of the day and waited about 25 mins...

  • Just called foster lincoln currencey they have stickers and charge is 5.50

  • Yes, I've bought on line, at Gayle street and at the currency exchange at Addison and Western. The $5 dollar charge worth every penny if the online ordering doesn't work. Then go across the street and order an Italian sub at Hero's. Luv their subs!

  • City Hall is coo-coo banana @ 2 pm June 23.

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