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Added Jul 16 2014

Can we get some signs posted on the Northbound side telling people trying to get on at Ravenswood to GET OUT OF THE WAY of people exiting the train? Every day when I get off the train, there are around twenty to thirty people who stand in the middle of the platform waiting to board and it's a huge mess. With only one exit off the platform, it would be great if people trying to get on the train could wait at the far end of the platform - completely out of the way.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    I think you need to contact METRA about that

  • Duncs

    @Adam I choose the south end of the platform as the last two carriages empty out at Ravenswood.
    It is some temporary pain before the new station opens. Ravinia probably has some impact as well.
    Metra has had security on the platform, but not sure of their purpose other than yelling at folks to stand behind the yellow line.

  • When does new platform/station open?

  • Preeti Superstar, animal lover, just me

    The Ravenswood outbound platform has been like that for 2-3 years (or more! I can't remember when construction began). The evening rush hour trains are worse during Ravinia season. The conductors make statements but people waiting on the platform do not listen. So far this year, I have not seen any near fist fights among the Ravinia riders jockeying for position to board the train.

    Link for feedback to Metra

  • Mary1978

    When we come home a little later (catching the 5:50 or 6:00pm) trains out of Ogilvie, we almost always have issues getting off. Twice now we have nearly missed getting off because of the people trying to get on before verifying that it is smart to do so. I agree that something needs to be done, and appreciate the feedback link for metra.

  • First world problems

  • Metra should just use the intercom system to announce" trains pulling in wait for exiting passagers before boarding". Apparently people lack commen courtesy and sense.

  • LauraLiz 20 year North Side Resident. Transit junkie.

    This happens everywhere: CTA trains, Elevators, Buses... Signs won't help because people who do this lack common sense, as Page says. Even when a train conductor on the CTA says "let them off first, back up" people don't listen. Just deal with it in stride and don't let it ruin your mood.

  • Yeah those 2-3 security guards...???

  • Duncs

    @RavensHoodGhetto not sure what you are expecting from a forum called EveryBlock? Yes we live in the first world and these are our problems.

  • Adam writer

    My point in posting this was to see if others were feeling the same frustrations as I was. I genuinely feel that if people were to wait at the north end of the platform, this wouldn't be a problem. The front cars on the train are rarely full. Obviously, this is a failure in Metra's part for only creating one exit, which I'm sure is a fire or safety hazard... particularly during the madness of Ravinia rush hour.

    But I agree, simple courtesy from the passengers waiting to board would be great. Just line up against the fence to allow people to pass freely, instead of standing in the middle of the platform.

    Thanks for reading my rant.

  • Thanks for posting this. Getting out of that temporary station at rush hour is a fire hazard waiting to happen. It's especially bad when the Ravinia crowd obstructs the doors instead of letting the passengers off first, as you stated. At least the old station had more than one exit.

    And if that new station ever opens, it looks like it might have more than one way out. IF it ever opens. Anyone know when that is?!?

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