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Added Jan 21 2013

Well I did it again. I missed the city's Christmas Tree recycling deadline. (Growing up our tree was always around until February, taking it down this early seems unnatural.) Does anyone have recommendations on where I can take this little guy so he doesn't end up spending the rest of his days in anaerobic purgatory?

  • Elektra Owner, Everlasting Fire Studio

    I believe the recycling center at/by the North Park Village Nature Center still has the huge pile of trees. You can take it there and drop off. It's the first left turn when you pull in. :)

  • I dropped mine of on Sunday morning at Margarte Park and there was huge pike still there. I would try your luck.

  • I had the same issue this year. Thanks for asking the question and thanks for the answers! I am still hoping to make it to one of the centers.

  • If you miss the pick up at the parks you might want to contact Do the Right Thing Recycling. They are a service that picks up Christmas trees from alleys for $15, but maybe they would have an idea if you miss the park pick up.

  • I'm just happy to hear other people keep their trees up well past christmas! I usually feel like the oddball because most of my family and friends put them up before thanksgiving! and take them down right after Christmas Day....what is the rush! With the cold shortened days during this time, I need the lights and the glow.

    (If you have a garden, you could cut off the branches and use as a winter cover for flower beds.....)

  • I have to say I'm pretty disappointed to see so many advocating for keeping Christmas trees for this long. It's actually extremely dangerous. A tree that has been up this long is almost certainly dried out. A dried out Christmas tree can catch fire and happen so quickly that there is literally nothing you could do about it to save your family and belongings. Watch this video for some perspective:

  • Rinda Landscape designer; North by Northcenter neighbor

    If you have a garden, you can cut the branches from your tree and use them as mulch in your garden beds. Evergreen branches protect soil but allow water to seep through, assuming we ever get any water. Then in late March you can remove them. Alternatively, just put the tree in the corner of a garden where it will provide cover for birds in the winter.
    While I'm on it, we are still in drought conditions. If you have trees you love, particularly newly planted ones, give them some water. If your hoses are put away, you can place ice cubes at the base of the plant and as they melt, they'll irrigate the soil.

  • Caroline from Silvertown Silvertown Studio

    Thank you for all the helpful suggestions! Hopefully I will be able to visit one of the lots before they get caught up with the pile. I am renting and I don't think my landlord would welcome my tree branches as mulch, but if I had my own house I would certainly use them for such a good purpose. @Chad Fisher - Since we don't put our tree up until a few days before Christmas - it is up the same amount of time as people who put them up from Thanksgiving to the 26th - but you are correct, dried trees are a concern - we should all be watchful.

  • A.C. High school teacher for CPS.

    Just last night I saw there was still a large pile of Christmas trees in the parking lot of Warren Park, on Western just south of Pratt. Looks like an easy place to drop it off!

  • Joycey North Center Resident 8+ ys.

    Mine gets chopped up and put in my fire pit as soon as I can use it.

  • I live across from Margate Park and we entertain ourselves by guessing when the last Christmas tree will show up for recycling. I want to say that last year it was sometime in March (long after the city was turning the trees into mulch). If you can hold out until April, I'll win the pool!

  • Last night I saw a pile of Christmas trees on Rockwell across from DeVry. It is the back entrance to the school. I suppose the park has a name but I don't know it. It is the street west of Mariano's.

  • @Caroline from Silvertown - It's your house and you are free to do as you please with it, but I'd argue the fire risk has much more to do with when the tree was cut down rather than when you put it up in your house. I think it'd be naive to think the tree you bought and put up a couple days before xmas was chopped down considerably later than the trees people bought and put up 3 weeks before xmas.

  • Oh chad Caroline, I don't purchase a tree until a few days before Christmas and I buy from gethsemane who are constantly replenishing their stock. My tree was heavy with moisture. I kept it watered due to the responsible adult that I am. When I took down my tree last week, it was barely losing needles. I also checked it every few days for needle loss while it was up for the obvious reasons. I am DISAPPOINTED in how early christmas gets underway by retailers and I refuse to give in!

  • SBloom architect, 26 years north side

    Cash is referring to Clark Park, which is one of the city's official holiday tree recycling sites. @Vicki- any idea what the city does with those late arriving trees?

    I thought it was odd that the City's program ending on Friday the 18th this year. People usually take their trees down on the weekends. It would have been better to run the program through this past Sunday.

    It pains me to see the trees left out in the alley for the garbagemen year after year. Such a waste. Even though we put up the same artificial holiday tree year after year, when the city started up the tree recycling program, we decided to do our part for mother nature and recycle any trees left in our alley. This year we set a personal record and collected 25 trees from the surrounding alleys and took them over to Margate Park. I am not certain, but we most likely have recycled over 100 alley trees since 2005.

    Thank you for doing your part.

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  • @ Peter: Seriously? That much bull$hit for someone misspelling a name? Bad day, I guess.

  • MandaLeigh Here I Is.

    What the heck? Was another post deleted that I missed? Why is Peter up in arms about Vicky's name being misspelled?

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