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Added Jan 16 2013

Who would I contact to have the pedestrian walk sign replaced at the intersection of Division and Paulina? When it went up a few months ago, cars would actually stop and look for pedestrians crossing instead of speeding up, honking, or flipping them off. Over time it got more and more mutilated from repeatedly being hit and is now gone, and the cars are speeding through again.

  • Irving Dave Friendly neighbor

    I love the intent of these, but I like what I've experienced in Toronto. Pedestrians press button - lights flash over road, drivers stop.

    Obviously much more expensive than a sign - but may last a bit longer. Maybe just a flashing sign?

  • I assume it'd be streets and sanitation.

  • dave, i respectfully disagree.

    these signs are conditioning drivers to stop at other white-striped intersections, which is the law, sign or not.

    drivers in this city generally suck (for a number of reasons, but not yielding to pedestrians is up there; driving in the first place is another. . . )

    i regret that i have only one 'thanks' to give j.

    i think i've noticed one missing somewhere else.

  • William C

    aldercreature, streets and san., ward office, 311

  • Kay Lee 10 year resident of UK Village

    Drivers need to be reeducated on this law, but I do not believe the pedestrian signs were effective at this. It gave some pedestrians an ill advised confidence to cross the street when cars may or may not interpret the sign and then might NOT stop for them. Many drivers were confused by the signs. The signs are easily beat up and probably fairly costly to replace. They are a good start at addressing the problem but I think as a community we can do better.

  • kay with the least surprising comment of the thread. . .

    how, as a community, do we do better? give pedestrians two thousand pounds of armor so they have a sporting chance? put up a sitcom-style "laugh" sign that lights up with "stop!" or "pedestrian!"?

    as someone who walks runs and bikes regularly, these signs have been a godsend, and most drivers have been very good about following them. i even give appreciative waves to give positive reinforcement to the big lugs.

    once again, this is a city, pedestrians should be made a priority over drivers.

  • Kay Lee 10 year resident of UK Village

    Apollo I don't know why you are taking such issues with my comment. I think we need to do something to make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street, I just think these signs are not working. I think we can brainstorm as citizens, community leaders, politicians etc (a community) and come up with a better plan. In the interim these signs are a good start but I don't think they are solving the problem. They confuse drivers. We need to re-educate drivers on the law many don't know what the law is in Chicago if there is a pedestrian in the street. Which is why drivers do not stop for them when they are trying to cross the street.

    And I also love your assumption that pedestrians are always just pedestrians, or bikers always bikers, that you can't be a person who uses all 3 forms of transportation and thus understands the perspective of all 3 and the need for all of them to share the streets and sidewalks safely together.

  • NQT

    I have noticed a difference with drivers where there is one of these signs and where there is not one. Drivers see something and pay a little more attention. It's up to the pedestrian to make sure all is clear and not just assume the driver will stop. My biggest problem is they get hit because they are in the street and don't last long so maybe there is a better solution there. Can't there just be a stop sign?

  • j

    Thanks all especially Yi Ding for help. Dave--have noticed the flashing lights in the ground for pedestrian walkways, but only in some of the nicer suburbs... not holding my breath to see them here.

  • Call the alderman and tell him it's a safety issue and the will get Streets and San out to repair it.

  • I saw a police officer sitting in a car at the intersection of one of these signs by my house- that sure got people to stop for the pedestrians waiting. Would be nice if that happened more often- but we all know the police have more direct matters at hand to tend to unfortunately.

  • pr

    I saw the sign On Monday and it looks like it's been beat up And eaten up by rabbits. Why can't they put another one up. It's not like drivers pay attention to them, it's sad.

  • The sign gets run over by cars all of the time but I guess that's better than people getting hit. That intersection should be a 4 way STOP. There are no stop signs currently.

  • Irving Dave Friendly neighbor

    Watch drivers slam on their brakes for the one at Hoyne and Chicago when there are no pedestrians present. They have a mini-Stop sign on the sign - some people see that and slam on their brakes...which has led to a fender bender or two.

    I'm not sure why apollo thought I was against the signs? I just think they could have a better design.

  • hi dave, sorry, it must have been a misunderstanding; my comment was not directed at you.

    i think these signs are great, and i do not think we'll get lights or a 4-way stop, either. i realize traffic does have to flow and that these are cost-effective for a city with no money.

    personally, as i have said, i have seen these signs work, and i have noticed cars even stopping at other crosswalks where there are no signs at all. (granted, that has probably always happened with conscientious drivers, but i certainly want to encourage it.)

    but yes, pedestrians also can't go walking out into traffic, either.

  • If you're a smart phone user, there's an app for that. SeeClickFix lets you report issues and tracks the progress on getting it fixed. Or you can report it on their website:

  • The signs are a pain for traffic. They should say "yield" to pedestrians with the yield sign not a picture of a stop sign. Too many drivers are misinterpreting them as stop signs and stopping randomly when there aren't any pedestrians waiting at the curb.

  • Sorry, the photo included in the post does include the yield sign but I've seen some with stop signs around the community. Wish they could get them correct - for drivers and pedestrians alike.

  • i think they should definitely have stop signs. i am more concerned about pedestrians' safety than traffic, and a stop sign is more authoritative.

    pedestrians have the right-of-way, that is the law; the cars should stop.

  • NQT

    This particular spot I think a stop sign would be good. For one, it won't hold up too much traffic because you're going to have to stop anyway going up and down Division. Just to the south of division is all residential so there are always lots of people walking and a lot of kids too. And with that Starbucks, people are coming at all times of the day.

  • Why don't we just post the actual laws shall we?

    My point is that pedestrians and drivers both need education but placing a pedestrian sign with a "stop" icon is not correct - either the intersection should have a red stop sign or the in-road pedestrian signs should say "yield" to be clear to drivers and pedestrians.

  • marina, i am right. thanks for the link:

    (a) When traffic control signals are not in place or not in operation the driver of a vehicle shall stop and yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk when the pedestrian is upon the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling, or when the pedestrian is approaching so closely from the opposite half of the roadway as to be in danger.

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