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Added Jan 09 2018

We are experiencing a basement drain flooding and sewer back up for a couple of days now. A plumber came to rode the pipes and pumped the backed up dirty water, but they can't get their rodding snake to get to the street - something is blocking it.
We wonder if this might be caused by the recent street utility work - some pipes work and some Poeple's Gas work.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem? We are the condo building on Gunnison and Kenneth's corner.

  • Peppermint Patti Ann Pre-Medicine Chaser From AP

    Our building had a similar problem. The new smaller pipe work they laid created a pressure problem for our pipes, we also had tree root problems. There were ceramic fitted plates that crumbled and created a blockage. Ultimately the city fixed things on their end and our landlord fixed things on his end. Ours is a 6 unit building.

  • John Sebeck Life long resident of Arcadia Terrance, retired

    Sounds like a broken drain tile, they were constructed from a terra cotta substance. Listen there are a lot of ways to attack the problem, however get an estimate first!!! I have seen quotes as high as $7000.00. Get a company that has good references and a camera to see what is blocking the line. From the house to the parkway/sidewalk is your responsibility. From the street to the sidewalk the city is responsible. Also, a thick PVC pipe can be used, many companies will counter and say they aren't code. Its far cheaper, easy to work with and nothing sticks to it. Good luck but get is done, A good rain will destroy. Also update your homeowners policy to cover damage caused by sewer backup. Good luck.....

  • Chandra, when did you have that problem and which street are you on? thanks!

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Pipe probably collapsed get a company to check with a sewer camera

  • Brushman4 Serving the best since "53"

    Your plumber rode your pipes? I'd get me a new plumber!

  • Thank you all! Our plumber is coming today with camera and locator.

  • good advice from John, I'd follow it

  • Peppermint Patti Ann Pre-Medicine Chaser From AP

    Dead of winter last year, I want to say. I am on Avers. All good suggestion above me, we had someone come out with a camera, and it was a multifocal problem, because the neighbor (small bungalow) also had issues. Drain tiles were indeed a problem., and they are right about where city problem ends and ours began and some issues within the building where the landlords replaced some old pipe.

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