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Added Feb 10 2018

Anyone know anyone who works at Cozy Corner @ Milwaukee and California? I almost broke my leg today on their (as always) unshoveled sidewalk. I've lived here 18 years and never once has it been shoveled. Calling 311 is about as useful as it is with anything else... Perhaps a friendly word would do more than the $1k/day fine that they've obviously never been levied.

  • Aviation Buff Longtime Logan Sq Resident

    "Uncozy Corner" would be more aptly named. I've been bothered by their practice (or lack thereof) for a long time as well. They don't get my business as a result and a call to 311, as futile as it might sometimes seem, is not a bad idea knowing others do so. They've clearly prospered with the neighborhood's growth; I'm sure a few bags of salt and a shovel would not break their bottom line, let alone hiring a service. When they renovated a few years ago, I was hopeful that their winter ways might change, but I guess old habits...

  • You can also file a specific no-shoveling complaint on the city’s website. I’ve had results from doing so.

  • I’m convinced CC is a laundering operation. What kind of diner in a highly populated area closes at 4???

  • BTD

    Although I understand your frustration and feel your pain, after 18 years one might think to avoid somewhere you may have a possibility of breaking your leg...

  • ah yes, the universally unenforced sidewalk shoveling law...

  • John Lofton Chicago For All

    @BTD, this is the intersection directly north of the California Blue Line station. To avoid crossing there going to & from the train, you'd be walking blocks out of your way. That entire intersection seems neglected when it comes time to shovel.

    I'm pretty sure it's the responsibility of the building owner for shoveling, not the tenant. It seems like Cozy would have an interest in making sure their patrons can safely cross the street. Might be worth talking to the Alderman & th Chamber of Commerce.

    PS- Cozy does a huge amount of breakfast & lunch business. Not every place needs to serve free range, organic cocktails to be successful in Logan Square.

  • kc

    Take pictures with date stamps, write a letter to the owner or manager, copying the alderman, and include the pictures and a copy of the ordinance and perhaps even a print of this EveryBlock string. The city is probably overwhelmed with the 311 calls but with documentation, they may be able to address it later. I had to do this with kindred hospital on melrose but it worked.

  • Joe Kopera Logan Square resident since 1961 (58 years in Jan)

    Cozy Corner is a big time supporter of Alderman Proco Joe Moreno. Maybe calls to his office may get results. Then maybe not. He could care less.
    1st Ward Office
    2740 West North Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60647
    phone: (773) 278-0101
    text: (773) 985-7010

  • Hi,

    The sidewalks have been shoveled & salted since early morning.
    We are working hourly to keep them clean & salted.

    Thank You,
    Peter Iatrides
    Cozy Corner Restaurant
    Family Owned since 1977.

  • These kind of post always make me say hmmmm...
    I kknow social media tech has killed many natural social skills, such as face to face human interaction.

    "Does anyone know someone who works there...?"
    "Call 311"
    "Call the aldermaan and file a complaint"

    How about entering the business, in a calm conversational manner. Asking for the manager. Introducing yourself as a neighbor. Sharing your concern about the un-shoveled sidewalk. This will be 2-3 minutes worth of effort.

    I can only believe the business will do their best to abide with neighbor concerns if presented correctly.

    The family has been there for years and seem to be great friendly people.

    I am more concerned that after so many successful years in the neighborhood, they do not post proof of community charitable awards, certificates, contributions, in their establishment.

    Do they donate to after school programs, feed the homeless, little league baseball teams, etc?. Most long-time neighborhood business establishments have plaques and certificates proudly displayed in their entrances, foyers and waiting areas.

    To give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they do contribute and do not display the acknowledgements.

    I always order the hash browns crispy.. it just goes better with the runny yolk of the over easy,.... yummmm

  • Aviation Buff Longtime Logan Sq Resident

    Logan D--I share your skepticism on using vehicles such as EveryBlock to get people to do the right thing when used instead of a conversation. In this case, I can say that I actually have walked in to request to speak to someone about their sidewalks a while back and was met with disinterest and a lack of any follow through. Having to trudge through the CC's slush to get to the Blue Line with my luggage on frequent travel over the years led to many unpleasant thoughts about the establishment--which I'm keen to forget.

    With thanks to Peter I. at CC for taking action today, it would seem this is a clear case where this approach led to results. Hopefully it will change behavior going forward and more of us might be then willing to try those tempting hash browns.


  • Jeff 19-year Logan Square resident

    Well, this is good news. I will add that I have in fact called the restaurant twice this winter, and whoever answered the phone (I assume either the hostess on duty) said, "Thank you, I'll let the manager know." I agree that a conversation is the best first step, but when that conversation leads nowhere, it's nice to have a public forum where these questions can be raised and answered. Here's hoping the good citizenship will continue (not least because, at least according to 311, the dual frontage counts as two sidewalks, with a resultant $2,000 daily fine!)

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Email: and Ask they send inspectors.

    Why have an ordinance if it is not enforced? CAPs at your district can get involved. Ask them to file a 21-235 form and follow up intil done. If each of u posting here filed a 21-235 form just maybe u would get action.

  • I think you should write a scathing letter to the owner of the concete sidewalk that you slipped on - yes, the city of Chicago.

    Just because Rahm DECREED it, does not mean it actually will pass a constitutionality test. The property is owned by the city; just like the grass in the park, it is the cities' responsibility.

    But don't tell that to the "big government will save me" folks.

    FYI, yes I one a home; yes, I either shovel the walk in front of my home or pay others to do it;
    Yes, you live in Chicago and there is ice and snow that shows up EVERY winter. As one poster suggested, you could walk a different route, or buy a pair of boots.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Owners are required to cut parkways in front of their house, This snow shovel is an extension of that city protocol.

    I think sidewalks are under some kind of 50/50 program. City takes care of some and property owner takes care of some.

    Sounds like Cozy is responsive. We have issues with NON responsive businesses, vacant lot owners, vacant building owners AND the city owned properties.

    It is really bad in EAST GARFIELD PARK...where the quality of service is really bad.

  • Power of the people.
    Thank you!

  • Jaay Riot Fest Supporter

    WOW! Cozy Corner has been a family owned business for 41 years in this same location! Your an a knucklehead if your think they’re “laundering”? Also if this were a recurring problem how about speaking to Pete in person??? Quit your whining this is LOGAN SQUARE not Michigan Ave.!

  • ANGIE belmont garden resident 42 yrs

    I have the same problem with 7-11 at Pulaski & Wellington Corner store that never shovels
    their walk Hard 2 get to the bus stop. They have a lot of walk-ins so I do not know what the deal is. Next snowfall I am contacting the city 4 sure. I also have an issue with people that only shovel 12 in. wide when it should be 5FT.

  • Chicago John North Center neighbor since 1989

    Walk in the street
    Quit complaining

  • Joe Kopera Logan Square resident since 1961 (58 years in Jan)

    It's the law, it's not whining. You must shovel your walk in Logan Square as well as Michigan Ave.

  • It is an unconstitutional law. Ask your insurance agent if his/her company would pay out on a piece of property that you don't own nor control.

    This was just a huge liberal Rahmbo POS rule to bolster lazy millennial's attitude toward property owners, and try to get more of them thinking that big government can solve all their problems.

    And, yes, it is whining.

  • Joe Kopera Logan Square resident since 1961 (58 years in Jan)

    Sit on it Glen. Until the courts say otherwise it is the law and even if it's not it's still the right thing to do.

  • "Cozy Corner is a big time supporter of Alderman Proco Joe Moreno. Maybe calls to his office may get results. Then maybe not. He could care less."

    They gotta donate that $$$ so they can get that high rise upzoning! A proven winning formula.

  • Kathy on Crystal Thirty year resident. Real Estate specialist.

    Hey Brad, didn't you notice Peter at Cozy Corner took care of the problem. His business has been a pillar of the community for more than forty years. Give him break.

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