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Added Feb 01 2013

The following is a lists of services and apps that you will find useful.
The Chicago Police Department Clearpath site offer various online sources, such as information regards CAPS (Community Alternative Policing Strategies). You can learn about your Districts, Beat Meetings, and Events. Also, learn about how to protect yourself against crime, report crime anonymously, get reports, and chat with the dept.
With snow expecting to fall this evening, this will help you connect with City Winter Resources such as: Plow Tracker (see where City snow plows are in real time). Snow Corps (lend a hand to Chicago in need); Adopt a sidewalk (help shovel a sidewalk); (informs and alerts drivers of winter parking bans); (to reconnect the owner with their vehicle);cityofchicagoDFSS WarmingCenters (Keep warm and safe in this extreme cold weather with some tips and a lists of DFSS Warming Centers); (for pet owners to keep your pets happy and healthy in cold weather); Ifinditchicago (info. on food, shelter and medical care in your area.
3) Faspark (find street parking in real time; SpotHero (reserve a parking spot in Chicago; TaxiShareChicago (share a cab anywhere in Chicago (android-only); (Reminder: new cta fares went into effect as of Jan. 14th. View th new fare structure here.; Technofinder (find public Wi-Fi networks anywhere in Chicago).

If you have any questions or need access to city services, please contact my office at 773-254-6677.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    We appreciate the communication! thanks!

  • JLS

    Wow! Thanks! Please keep the info coming.

  • Thank you. Great info.

  • Lola David bartender

    This is really going to be useful to me when I want to know about CAPS.Thank-you Alderman Balcer for attending the Martin Luther King event .I was shocked to see you there.To be honest my neighbors have told me that you do attend meetings if the residents invite you.Naturally I think you should attend meetings if the residents are concerned enough to have them.I was happy to hear you speak out about gun violence.I was happier still to hear you say you commit to the 31st bus.I want to go to the lakefront without having to go thru all the hassle of transportation it entails now without a fast direct route.Keep getting out there and maybe I'll be inspired to get out there too!1

  • An Alderman that actually works! Amazing.

  • chitownlady lifer

    lolololololololol.....I'm sorry........With all that is going on in Bridgeport right now, we get community news on snow shoveling........LOLOLOLOL! God Bless America!

  • rene One of Morty's people

    There may be bigger issues, but I would prefer to encourage communication from our local officials, even if it is just light issues. Can we let the alderman's office get comfortable with electronic communication before we start criticizing it?

  • chitownlady lifer

    Yeah sure Rene.......Anything you wish! Just remember electronic communications are nothing new. But Rene, that information is always on the news to begin with. CAPS etc. info as always can be found on the police web site. As well as the reminder letter from the BCG! I'm just saying. Words of encouragement would be nicer. Sorry, but 94 yr old Aunt can communicate on her laptop. Just fishy is all.

  • A few posts back, people were wondering why Alderman Balcer never posted, and when he does, he gets backlashed!!!.....Can we stop with the goes nowhere...yes, there are many serious issues taking place in Bridgeport that are detrimental but in all fairness to everyone, he is one person, one office with many many responsibilities not only to everyday issues but more importantly to a change that is rapidly occurring. He cannot do it alone, that is why people should attend CAPS meetings, post and more importantly look out for one patient; and oppose to creating arguments about what he is or isn't doing, stop and reread what your posting...Enough is enough....try to help; present a solution, volunteer, meet with officers, neighbors, friends but be civil..otherwise you have resorted yourself to be as low as those who perpetrate circumstances...

  • (And you should probably be thanking Donna anyway.) Sarcasm aside, some people don't know where to go for resources. Just because you know it's in a certain place, it may help someone else to know it's here. There's never "too" much information when it comes to educating the public about their resources.

  • Paul Zickus B & R Bridgeport Armour School 1965 - VN 1971

    Lets go easy on the Ald. recent surprise technological advance. I know people who are still stuck in the 90's. I also know people who use their computer as a $2000 poker machine ... that they coulda got at Walgreens for $4.99.

    I suggest we all FLOOD this post with encouragement and messages of gratitude .... maybe the groundhog DID pop his head out of the hole this Groundhog Day!

  • Thanks for the info. Alderman. Very helpful! Keep it up!

  • Welcome to the information age Jim. It's long overdue.

  • LT Res Long Time Chicagoan

    Perhaps you could tell the other 49 alderman to do this! Or maybe we could draft you into our ward.

  • Paul Zickus B & R Bridgeport Armour School 1965 - VN 1971

    Thanks Jessi, musicman and LT ... Let Ald Balcer know that we appreciate it, we like to stay connected and we would absolutely HATE it if the dialogue wasn't kept up ... I hope someone in his office points out our appreciation to him ... and I remind him of a conversation we had years ago ... he's been my Vietnam Brother for a very long time but now he's my Alderman ... He's my direct go-between the City, the Council, the Mayor and the Departments .... in fact, I hear he has friends that know the President ...

    ... all I'm saying is, call for the accountability ... so someone will have some explaining to do if the communication stops ... and its been said on many, many threads and posts peoples difficulty in reaching him by email ... hold his feet to the fire now ... some people expressed their surprise but also their appreciation for Ald Balcer standing with his constituents at the MLK observance ...

    ..... Now .... Ald Balcers Office ... Let us know ... let us know this new line of communication is WIDE open ... let us know if it works .... or if it works just like everthing else does? Its Sat at 1430 ... hope to hear from someone soon.

  • Lola David bartender

    LT RES you make a hilarious and valid point!Thanks

  • Cynthia Superior likings

    Oh boy. Just keep your cool especially china town lady. What is wrong with you. You have alot of hostillity on board. Give it a break. I know you have been around the block a few times but take a hold of those reins. The alderman just walked into a storm with your comment. Leave it alone and lets see what happens.Give the man a chance. Let him get his feet wet first. You are already hanging him.....If I were him I would back off. What kind of welcome mat was that.

  • The Alderman's post was just a refresher for many of us on what city services are available. But what is he doing for the 11th Ward? Some think we should show Balcer gratitude for popping his head in here and making a post. Given the content of the post I suspect it was his administrative staff that posted it in his name. Don't get me wrong, we could do a lot worse than Balcer, we could have ended up with someone like Sandy Jackson. At least Balcer actually lives here.

    For me, the Alderman needs to step up and do something about the crime in the neighborhood, and there are things he can do. Blaming assault weapons for the citys problems are pure theatrics. How many murders were committed in Chicago last year with assault weapons? Were there any at all? Yet the city council and the mayor keep talking about banning assault weapons. How about holding parents accountable for their kids?

    Whatever happened to truant officers? I don't believe they exist anymore. Many of the kids now days aren't educated because they aren't in school and the parent doesn't care. Perhaps a truant officer could get them back into the classroom where they at least might learn something.

    I could go on an on but I suspect I have already wasted my time. I don't have a lot of faith in Balcer, he might be a nice guy, but what has he done for the 11th Ward besides put his picture in the Bridgeport News?

  • Once again......

    A few posts back, people were wondering why Alderman Balcer never posted, and when he does, he gets backlashed!!!.....Can we stop with the goes nowhere...yes, there are many serious issues taking place in Bridgeport that are detrimental but in all fairness to everyone, he is one person, one office with many many responsibilities not only to everyday issues but more importantly to a change that is rapidly occurring. He cannot do it alone, that is why people should attend CAPS meetings, post and more importantly look out for one patient; and oppose to creating arguments about what he is or isn't doing, stop and reread what your posting...Enough is enough....try to help; present a solution, volunteer, meet with officers, neighbors, friends but be civil..otherwise you have resorted yourself to be as low as those who perpetrate circumstances...

  • chitownlady lifer


    It's Chitown hun, not China...but anyway. You have your opinion and I have mine, just like others on here pick on them too. I'm not gonna join the love fest. Been around a while here. Know better. Anyway, You will learn. All it not as it seems. Plenty of other comments on here. Sorry and a few others just picked me out. no harm no foul. I just know better. have a great Super Bowl Sunday! Just sad to see people blinded is all. As you wish. But, you must admit as well as every other love fest people on here, funny how Alderman from the 2nd ward posted a warning about people being robbed and boy oh boy...11th ward posts snow and city services. Ironic is all. But......enough. Enjoy the love fest. I gave that up in the early 70's hun!

  • Tom Gaulke pastor, 1st trinity bridgeport, south loop campus

    I am grateful that Alderman Balcer is working with Bridgeport Alliance in re-establishing the 31st St. Bus Route.

  • Lola David bartender

    I am grateful to Tom Gaulke for being an awesome,involved leader at Trinity and at Bridgeport Alliance.To a pastor who takes real steps in making this neighborhood a better place to live and helping hold those in charge STEP UP!! If you don't already know him or if you haven't heard of him are not that involved.Cheers to a normal and mere mortal who is making extraordinary things happen !

  • Pat C. North Side Transplant

    I appreciate the info and think this is a great mechanism for Alderman Balcer to communicate with us. I hope this is the beginning of an increased flow of communication from his office.

  • Paul Zickus B & R Bridgeport Armour School 1965 - VN 1971

    I just suggest encouragement and cooperation be stressed ... not that it hasn't before, on BOTH sides, but lets see if the 'hits keep on happening' ... experience has proven that one can attract more bees with honey. Yes .... we have seen other wards use EveryBlock more and now our own Ward Office has surprised us so lets not immediately slam it but give it a chance to work .... encourage and contribute.

    I thank Ald Balcer also on the support and the cooperation he has given to all the folks working on the southside coalition to restore the 31st St bus route.

    There are few that think that this is not a good idea but some are selfish or ill-informed. There are MANY that will benefit from this route someday for easier transportation to the beach and the Museum Campuses including McCormick Place.

    I have friends on both sides of this fence.

    I have heard arguments from the width of the street, traffic congestion to 'outside elements' passing through Bridgeport. Who the hell are the 'outside elements' ..... WE'RE the 'outside elements' to SOME people. None of the arguments are truly valid.

    I KNOW the way it was around here a 100 years ago because I have studied it ... and believe me .... its better ... people will ALWAYS be able to pick out things from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's that were better but so will people in the year 2113 ... and they'll be talking about US!

    So dust off your 'thinking cap' and just put it on once in a while ... see other possibilities ... take off your boxing gloves and put your work gloves back on ...

    ...I aim these comments at no one in particular ... if the shoe fits ... wear it .... but I'm willing to work with anyone in 2013 to make my little plot of ground safer, more secure, easier to shop in and with more recreational and educational opportunities available to ALL of us.

    Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

  • Lola David bartender

    A toast to humanstructions and his passion.Cheers!

  • Erik H Likes to help

    I believe the correct URL is

  • Bridgeport Neighbor Born and raised in Bridgeport

    Thanks! Appreciate the updates. Keep it up!

  • Cynthia Superior likings

    Yes chilady we do have different opinions.But really you are so negative on alot of topics. Always throwing your weight around like you're a bouncer or something. I don't
    totally disagree with your comments some very enjoyable to read. Whats a love fest?
    Is that like something from the 60"s or 70's where everyone loved each other. Could it be Woodstock? Well all I'm saying is to give peace a chance.

  • chitownlady lifer


    We all have opinions. Sorry you don't seem to like mine. Your option. I do not understand how you can enjoy what you read but yet disagree. that sweetpea is your choice. Seems you have a issue with hmmm older people. Honey, I am an oldie but I assure you a goodie. Me and plenty others in my age group and older help build this area and made things alot easier for you younger generation. We paved the way honey. Gee, yes I remember Woodstock, but no I wasn't there. Perhaps that is what some of you younger people need and good dose of the 60's. We didn't shoot each other with guns and we valued our families we were taught respect and we were not spiteful. The 60's and 70's were a great time of awakening. Too many people today are asleep right now and being blind sided. you can believe all you want. I have never thrown my weight around anywhere. they are called opinions. beside, I have no weight to throw actually. And I have never been a bouncer. It;s called life experiences. Take it for what it is. When you read about all the death, robberies and the like, how can one not be negative.

    In closing, you have no clue. too young perhaps and haven't lived enough. That's cool. Besides it seems you have Superior likings. Says alot actually. Have a nice day and a superior life. Please note it is chitownlady. See, even I know your spelling it for a reason.....SPITE!

  • John W. More equal wealth based on more equal work

    Cynthia, maybe you are young, so it is difficult for you to comprehend the cynicism and frustration that accrues with age. I can certainly understand Chitownlady's unwillingness to cut the alderman a little slack, and you might too if you read the story of Cynthia Brim (your namesake!!!). She's a judge in Cook County who was arrested last March for criminal behavior that, though not injurious, was unfit for a member of the judiciary.

    Her trial was today, and she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. It turns out that she has a mental illness for which she is medicated, and when she goes off her meds --- well, she have been hospitalized for her mental problems 5 times since she became a judge.

    So why is this person, with a history of erratic behavior, allowed to judge other people? Because the Cook County Democratic Party slated her for that position more than once. The committeemen have no integrity if they would allow someone who repeatedly went off her medication -- 5 times bad enough to be hospitalized, and who knows how many other times to lesser extents -- to decide the fates of people seeking justice.

    When we read things like this, how can we not have contempt for all levels of government, when the aldermen, county commissioners and officers, state reps, Congressional candidates, state executive officers and everyone else on the ballot are put there by the same committeemen who slated Cynthia Brim?

    By the way, it took 10 months to get a decision on a simple battery charge -- that is ridiculous. And Brim has been on PAID leave the whole time. Judges make $160,000 to $180,000/year. Think that paying all that money to someone not working would be an incentive to get this case adjudicated faster?

  • chitownlady lifer


    Thank you for your kind words. You do not know half of what I have been through. One day, I will tell yeah.Let the young ones have their delusions my dear. What we need John is term limits as well as being allowed to recall any fool on office like Cynthia. For another day......4am comes pretty early in the am.....Goodnight,, and thanks again.....wisdom I have found is somtimes wasted on youth!

  • Ro Bridgeport tailor's granddaughter

    I commend Ald Balcer for the initiative of using EB to communicate to his constituents. I don't understand the complaints that it is probably his staff, not the alderman himself, who is posting. That's why people have staff. To take care of the day to day details of running his office. It is still going out in his name to the people he represents. That is a good thing. And, please, lets keep comments to the point and civil. The personal sniping has gotten out of hand. By the way, terms like "hun" and "sweetie pie" come across as dismissive or demeaning. Old or young, cynical or idealistic, pessimistic or optimistic, we all care about Bridgeport. Let's be good, respectful neighbors.

  • Well said Ro.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    Ro Wins! :)

  • Ro Bridgeport tailor's granddaughter

    Rene - Yay! What's my prize? Where do I pick it up?

  • Cynthia Superior likings

    I think I'am on mars when I talk to this lady. OMG. What are you talking about. I really think I will cut this short cause I have wasted a lot of time with this. Rene you are right Ro wins.

  • chitownlady lifer

    I use hun alot. I never considered it demeaning in any way. Even sweetie pea. I don;t get the demeaning part. Whatever .I don"t have time to analyze. So many do's and don'ts. Be careful this be careful that. Whatever happened to the 1st amendment. AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get it. Maybe what they say about Bridgeport just might be true after all. So so sad.....Goodbye all.......

  • It appears that some posters here believe it to be a contest when someone doesn't agree with their opinion. Lets us not forget that part of what makes our country great is the opportunity to have a difference of opinion and be able to voice it. It isn't a win/lose contest. Some of us have been around for many decades and seen politicians promise a lot of things, unfortunately many of those promises went unfulfilled. I sincerely hope that the alderman is actually going to try to communicate here, either through his staff of by his own hand, however past experience has told me to not get my hopes up. We all want a better neighborhood or we wouldn't come here and participate. But we also all have different views on life and experiences. Everyone opinion is welcome. And if you don't agree please post your opinion but don't attack others or make it a battle over a difference of opinion.

  • Cynthia Superior likings

    chi what is goodbye all mean? So sorry to make you go. Truly I think you are ok. You are an older person and i shall respect that. I dont think you should leave Everyblock. You are intertaining. So think about that and hope too hear from you soon.

  • rene One of Morty's people

    Ro, all I have to offer for a prize is the knowledge that your reasonableness has been observed by others. I suppose I could offer some hugs from Morty, too :)

  • Ro Bridgeport tailor's granddaughter

    Hugs & kisses from Morty are indeed a prize worth having.

  • Paul Zickus B & R Bridgeport Armour School 1965 - VN 1971

    Thats doing it doggie style!

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