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Added Dec 03 2012

The sidewalks along Ashland (between Ainslie and Lawrence) are horrible. The tree roots are pushing up the concrete sidewalk and there are no handicapped ramps at the street crossings. Does anyone know where can I request the whole block be looked at? The website wants an exact addresses.

  • Which website were you trying to use, Matt Barnes? I've had good luck so far posting pictures via SeeClickFix because there you can put up a picture but then describe the issue more completely in the comment space and also keep following up with more pictures. It also relays info to key people in your area: It's a little cumbersome & seems like the kinks are getting worked out, but might be worth a try.

    There's a lot of work going to happen all along Lawrence, so CDOT is in the area. That might make it easy for them to look at that section of Ashland too. More about the Lawrence project here: Though the stretch you mention is not in the 47th Ward, I believe, they might also be a good contact.

  • Here's the SeeClickFix report by address: Chicago Works is also an option if you are an iPhone user:

  • I'd call the alderman's office.

  • Barbara in Andersonville Andersonville resident

    It is more complicated than you think. Sidewalks are the joint responsibility of home owners and city. The cost of replacement must be borne by both parties. That is why many sidewalks on residential streets are in need of repair. Difficult cost to bear.

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 30 year plus resident

    Call your alderman- GOOD LUCK...

  • Call Ald. Pawar's office. Ask for Jim Poole.

  • Call 311; be sure to get a confirmation number

  • Call and email 311 relentlessly. It helps if multiple people do it. Our sidewalk was the same way and after three months it was done and we didn't pay a dime.

  • Pawar is not my Alderman. East-side of Ashland Ave is the 46 Ward. They have not responded to past emails. I know it's a shared cost but the people who live in front of the messed-up sidewalks are not taking care of it. When I start the claim process about sidewalks it wants me to list contact info. Since I would not be the one splitting the cost because the sidewalk is not in front of my building I am stuck.

  • What are the addresses of the worst sites, Matt? If you put them up via SeeClickFix, I'll vote for them too.

    Your part of Ashland will be in the 47th in 2015 due to the remap & some planning is already starting to shift towards those new boundaries. With Bus Rapid Transit proposed for Ashland, there may soon be big changes since BRT requires excellent pedestrian access:

    Another feature of the landscape is that the 46th ward is doing participatory budgeting (PB) to spend menu funding this year. Committees of community reps just formed & the next meeting for the group doing cycling/transit/streets/infrastructure (clearly this requires an acronym!) is at the 46th Ward office at 6 PM on Dec. 12. Although the projects the 46th Ward community came up with in the neighborhood assemblies in October may not include those sidewalks, it still might be useful to try to join the PB process if you have time & interest, because it can bring attention to things that might be addressed using other funding or strategies. One example from the 49th ward process was that a shelter at a train station wasn't funded using ward menu money, but the fact that it was brought up led to Metra finding a used shelter from elsewhere & relocating it to address the need. More info at the 46th ward website here: At the bottom there's a link to standard costs for things like sidewalk replacement, too.

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 30 year plus resident

    your in the 46th ward - call them they are VERY helpful

  • The 4800 block of Ashland is in the 47th Ward on new ward map. On the old map, the east side of Ashland was in the 46th Ward.

  • Best place to check by address:

    The 2012 menu funding has already been allocated per the old ward boundaries. You can see what the 47th ward plan was here: Much was apportioned using 311 data, which illustrates why 311'ing things can be important. Ashland didn't really make it on the map last year because it wasn't in the ward yet.

  • It only took us 5 years to get the city to fix our sidewalk. It was a cost share so we had to pay $520 for the replacement. Good luck.

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