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Added Sep 26 2012

Do you own chickens? There's a lost little white speckled one prancing around Leavitt and Belden. Last seen dodging a group of neighbors with bags, towels and nets. Ducked into a backyard on Leavitt just a building off Belden.

  • There's a slaughter house on Armitage and Oakley-ish. Perhaps this one was lucky and got away! (Says the vegetarian...)

  • I know it's not nice but I can't stop laughing at the visual. It's not mine but I hope he/she is OK.

  • kjb

    I love this. Go chicken Go. Stay safe and get home

  • I'd like to report a chicken sighting! Chicken was spotted on Leavitt, between Medill and Belden, on west side of street. Good luck chicken!

  • LOL, I read this quickly as Lost Children ... and was like: why are they posting this on EB? Shouldn't you call the cops?

    YES, I HAD my glasses on :)

  • Neighbor Mom involved in my communities

    Would love to see a photo of the little escape artist if anyone snapped one!

  • This EveryBlock posting title has made my day!!! I can't stop laughing, and its adorable. GO CHICKY GO!!!

  • There is actually an older woman who lives near the corner of Campbell and Palmer who has chickens. (Coach house behind the red-brick, newer-looking corner house). If it's hers,I don't know how that chicken crossed the road because Western is hard to get across even as a pedestrian.

  • I bet it was the slaughter house! I know that spot, its stinky. I was WAY too into trying to snag the chicken to bother snapping a photo, but the scene was priceless. My wife loves chickens, so I was half-hoping I'd actually end up with it.

  • Nimptsch3 Lawrence & Clark


  • There is a person that owns chickens at Hoyne and Willow...don't know if it's possible for one to have wandered so far. I mean, why did the chicken cross the road in the first place? ;) I'll try and let them know though.

  • Clearly this chicken has crossed the road to get to the other side.

  • Scott Letscher Adventure Stage Chicago managing director

    I hope this chicken is okay, but I was very happy to see a post that didn't contain "shots heard" in it.

  • CousinPhlegm I'm on your way home. Bring your own towel.

    I have my deep fryer preheated to "poultry."

  • Lana Avondale

    I'm seeking chicken poop for my compost, but I can't bring myself to post a thread to find some. I suppose it's better than WTF was that gunshot, stinky smell or gangbanger, but I still chicken out. :)

  • Come on now, don't turn this post into a debate about the right to carry concealed deep fryers.

  • There's a house on Leavitt not far from Wabansia that has a chicken crossing sign and chickens in the back garden... Could be from there?

  • Neighbor Mom involved in my communities

    If someone knows that the owner of said feathered friend is aware of this posting, please holler or bwak

  • That's hysterical! Chicken soup is on the loose!

  • check w/the guy who owns bucktown suites on hoyne and st. paulish. he has chickens back there

  • Neighbor Mom involved in my communities

    Anyone hear any updates?

  • I actually saw a black and white speckled chicken while running in River Park about 10 days ago. I was so surprised that I took a picture.

  • I'm posting the link to this thread on the Chicago Chicken Enthusiasts listserv: 400+ members, many of whom have backyard chickens! Visit our website at Workshops, tours, advice, info, more.

  • South Loop Resident 19th/Calumet

    *lol* are chickens legal to keep in the city?

  • Tina Hammond Childcare provider in the Englewood community

    Colonel Sanders is calling.

  • Yes, they are legal but we recommend people learn, plan, and prepare BEFORE they get any -- also a great idea to visit people who are doing it well. We held our Windy City Coop Tour on Sept 22-23 at 18 locations around Chicago. See

  • South Loop Resident 19th/Calumet

    double *lol* really, there's an instruction manual for chickens?!?!!?

  • South Loop Resident 19th/Calumet

    seriously, nobody minds roosters crowing at the crack of dawn? and the smell of chicken poop? i wouldn't like it if my neighbors were keeping farm animals in the city . . . just saying.

  • We promote our Recommended Practices (at which include keeping only hens (not roosters) and having a clean, well-managed coop. We also offer workshops ( -- next one is November 10.

  • not to suprising my mexican neighbor had chickens and a rooster awhile back I didn't mind the rooster I thought it was funny but I was concerned about them butchering a goat

  • Many people have all kinds of crazy misconceptions to correct for people to keep the right to keep chickens; if it meant scapegoating the Roos to keep the hens for their eggs,so be it :-(

    Truth is,roos are no louder than barking dogs; good neighbours bring a loud dog/roo inside until it has calmed down. Morning crowing is controlled by bringing them INSIDE at night night (a dog crate is a great sleep cage) Keep it in a windowless room or cover it w/ thick blankets. w/out seeing the sun,they will not crow until the blankets/shades are removed- at a reasonable hour. & then,they crow INDOORS where neighbours,either will NOT hear them,or if they do,its no worse than hearing a neighbour's perfectly legal pet parrot squawk- but only for about an 30-60 minutes,instead of ALL day. Then,the Roo can join the hens out back. Most will be quite for the rest of the day,unless they have reason to sound a warning alarm (eg: Duck for cover! there's a hawk/cat!). They are a great benefit to the backyard flock as they protect the hens. My own Roos have fought off stray cats; w/out them,we would have lost the beloved hens in our flock,instead of just giving our Roo some TLC while his wounds healed.

    Roos should NEVER have been banned- they are already adequately covered under the same noise ordinances that cover barking dogs & drunk neighbours who blast music @ 3 am. My family has lived in Chicago on Wabansia (near club lucky),on Catherine ave,& in suburbs of Oak Brook/Oak Brook terrace,Westmont & Wheaton ... we have had anywhere from 1 to 3 Roos at a time. No one has ever complained about their crowing; some have even been surprised to learn we had Roos because they never noticed them crow!

    Since most backyard keepers get heritage breeds from hatcheries & since the males of these breeds arent wanted by most farmers for meat,the roos (50% of clutchs) are thrown into chutes w/ rotating blades where they die a slow horrible death by multiple random cuts,just b/c they're scapegoats

  • South Loop Resident 19th/Calumet

    *lol* don't know who you think you're kidding . . . i grew up on a farm, so I know how loud roosters are. they belong on a farm, not in the city.

  • Roosters are NOT banned in Chicago. I happen to like roosters just fine, but they don't help the cause of urban chicken keepers. The Chi-Chick-Ens group doesn't recommend them because they are surprisingly loud for such small beasts, few people who have them manage their crowing, and they aren't needed for hens to produce eggs. We also agree that current ordinances by and large suffice and no further chicken policies or regulations are needed. However, the "noisy animal" ordinance doesn't really work, not for loud dogs or for loud roosters.

  • Sorry they ARE banned in Chicago Suburbs though, and my family resides in both the city and the suburbs, so it is an issue of concern to me. Even when they are not baned, they are still often scapegoated, or the people who get a chick that unexpectedly turns out to be a rooster don't know how to handle the crowing so the neighbours make them get rid of it. Education is eeded on rooster care in populated areas, not the default, get rid of them (almost all the roos I've had over the years have been ones given away from such situations, that were allowed to go to far so that neighbours would not agree to trying soundproofing attempts. May more just end up being killed, not because the people wanted to raise them for meat (they were considered pets) but because they didn't know how to keep the crowing under control, and neighbours got angry beyond being able to work things out.

  • South Loop neighbour, I don't know who YOU are kidding, since as I said, We've KEPT up to THREE ROOSTERS at a time in Chicago urban and suburban areas, and neighbours have often not known about the roos, and/or when did find out, they often said they preferred them to the crazy barking dogs down the street that wouldn't shut up day or night. Yes, Roos are loud, so are dogs, so are macaw parrots, so are toddlers throwing tantrums... There are ways to deal with the noise. A responsible pet owner will learn how to do so.

    If you live on a farm though, you have no reason to control the noise, so of course it will be loud, and you won't know of ways to control it for an urban environment. It was never an issue that you had to consider out there. That does not mean it cannot be done, since I, and others, HAVE done it.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey everyone, just a reminder to help us keep the conversation neighborly and friendly. Thanks!

  • Martha, If people can keep barking dogs & screaming macaws, I really don't see the problem with roos, esp if one uses soundproofing. light control & only puts them out at reasonable hours. I'm a member of the ChiChikEns group & disagree w/ the position you state- Understandably, we shouldnt promote/encourage people to keep an animal if it is illegal in their area, but we shouldn't be scapegoating 50% of the species we promote- we should be educating people on how to keep them in a neighbourly way if they want to keep them, esp where legal to, so that when other ordinances are being looked at being passed, they can be an example of how roos can be included rather than excluded.

    Yes, Roos are not needed for eggs, but they ARE needed if you want to hatch eggs. The ARE great protectors of the flock (One of mine fought off a feral cat; saving the livesof my hens). What if you have a hen & years into her life she has a sex reversion, & starts to crow? there is no logical argument that makes sense when talking about the *emotional* connection one may have with that *pet*. Do we say older hens are "unnecessary" because they no longer lay many if any eggs? Of course not! Is a pet cat is unnecessary if it doesn't catch mice? No. The emotional connection/love for the pet transcends cold-hearted arguments about "usefulness".

    if we are about kindness to animals & promotion of humane/green practices (I know many in the group are: active with animal welfare issues, shelters/rescues, veg*ns etc), so why do we tolerate the easy answer of getting rid of roos, when the vast majority end up killed in horrible ways (most of them at the hatcheries, as i said, tossed into a chute with rotating blades)- Their deaths are purposeless- just tossed out with the garbage. How can we ethically enjoy/promote egg laying hens without thinking about what it means for the 50% of the species that is born male? This just doesn't fit in w/ the what the backyard chicken movement is otherwise about.

  • Hi Alan
    I appreciate your viewpoints and wish you'd share them on the Chi-Chick-Ens listserv -- the volunteers who developed drafts of the Recommended Practices requested feedback all along, always good to keep considering options and modifying as we go along and find new/other ways of doing things. How about bringing up your comments there?

  • What on earth !? How did such a simple and quaint post about a lost chicken get so out of control. Kind of sad that this thread has more posts/comments than more serious events. Though I am still pulling for the chicken !

  • Martha, I've discussed this in the past at, just as parts of conversations about roos; is there another sister group to discuss drafts etc? If so, I'll be happy to re-post there is you would direct me to it! If it was done on that list, it may have been done at a time i was not yet a member, or a time I was not active due to other obligations; not sure what to do about it in that case.

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  • How do I get off this string? What started as a comical post about a neighborhood, has turned into a political discussion that I have no leg in (or egg in!). Help?

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  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey folks, let's stay on topic. Does anyone have an update on our feathered friend?

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