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Added Sep 14 2011

This will be our first year trick or treating in the city. Not growing up here, I don't know how trick or treating works. What are the do's and don't's of Halloween in Chicago?

  • Southport typically does a great Halloween event for kids... trick or treating at the local shops, bouncy house, etc. from Byron all the way to I think Roscoe. If you're in the area I'd really recommend it. We took a friend's kid last year and we'll take our own this year.

  • Inactive user

    Lakeview is great for trick or treating. Lots of businesses participate. I would stick to decorated or at least lit homes, generally apartment buildings don't get a lot of action. For best results, I'd go after work when people are home (say 6pm) and figure on wrapping it up by nine. We always stayed in our zone (whatever busy street boundaries the area your kids are normally allowed to play in) unless with an adult or teenage supervisor with a phone. Have fun!

  • Joe M. Loving Chicago Life

    We have two kids here in the city and we always go to Lincoln Square for trick or treating. It is Saturday Oct 29th I believe this year and all the businesses are involved. It is quite fun and LOTS of kids and families. Also, Southport Ave. does the same thing. If you are looking for a good neighborhood, Ravenswood Manor does trick or treating too and the whole neighborhood really gets into it! We usually go around Richmond and Wilson, very fun. I think it will be Sunday the 30th this year, usually in the afternoon. Have fun!

  • Jennifer Mom/ Attorney/ Nerd

    Trick or treating in Chicago is excellent! I agree with all of the above- pick some streets with more single family homes, go between 6 and 9 pm and it'll be all good. Depending on your neighborhood, some of the families may even have some treats for the parents. In Old Town, parents in the know bring a glass with them trick or treating.

  • To the people who wrote about "6-9pm" I thought Chicago had an "after dark" curfew for trick or treating, which would basically mean you have to be done by 6:30ish? Am I wrong?

  • east lake view Living in Lake View since 2004

    I as far as I know, there are no set times for trick or treating at private residences. We usually start around 5:00pm. If you are in east Lakeview, you should definately hit Hawthorne and Melrose.
    The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce also hosts a party at Nettelhorst school and trick or treating at the businesses along Broadway the Sunday before Halloween.

  • Terry Resident since 1995, old graystone two flat

    Halloween Night is for trick or treating. Certain streets do very well. Last year we go over a thousand trick or treaters.

  • Inactive user

    @Jason, I was in Graceland West 10yrs, trick or treating is HUGE there.... some younger kids (who may get spooked in the dark?) during the afternoon, but by far most trick or treaters come "after dinner." Then typically a smaller wave of teenagers comes around 9 to make sure you don't have leftover candy to tempt you. ;P

  • L

    This is interesting to read. Of the two places we've lived on the western side (officially South Lake View) of Lake View, I've never seen a single trick or treater. Nor, have we had one ring our bell.

  • Inactive user

    I guess it depends on your block. I have bought what I figured to be tons, just insane amounts of candy, to have to run out and buy more because they are coming non stop, tripping over one another in front of the house. Now I've moved west a bit to Irving Park and this will be my first Halloween there. I am sure it will be very different. Fourth of July sure was!

  • Terry Resident since 1995, old graystone two flat

    My first Halloween was an eye opener, one bag of candy lasted me 5 minutes.

    There are certain streets that have a reputation and that is where the trickotreating happens. Graceland West has one of those streets. Also the neighbors embrace the festivities with decorating and dressing up in costume. It is quite fun.

  • Mick Tax Payer (Fedreal, State, County, City, etc..etc

    Many neighborhoods use what I consider a very helpful practice for trick or treaters.
    Those that welcome the witches and goblins leave their front porch lights on. Those that do not wish to participate leave their porch lights off.
    It is a good system and speeds up the fun and results in fewer “tricks’.
    Have fun... Our light will be on.... ;-)

  • lhr

    totally depends on your street. we have never had many trick or treaters on our street in north center/ roscoe but go trick or treating on the streets known to be good - have lots of activity and single family homes like others have stated. never heard about a curfew and have been doing this for 8 years now....

  • Winkie New to Lincoln Square

    Not sure where you live, but our two blocks are known for trick or treating. We try to keep track of the numbers and by trying to encourage the "only one piece of candy per goblin" rule, we counted 800 last year. People come from miles around and it's great to see a bit more diversity that day in our neighborhood than we usually do. If you have kids and are nearby, come to the 2000 and 2100 blocks of Bradley Place.

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    if your house isn't tricked out with sign/lights/pumpkins etc, no one will ring your bell.

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Im on Briar and I know that there were very specific times last year, but I can't seem to find where thats stated. I think we got a flyer on our door that said I think 2-5 and turn your light on if you want to participate. But I am normally not here on Halloween, so I don't know how the trick or treating goes. Good luck!

  • Monica B 6 year East Lakeviewer

    Oh and the North Halsted event planners state this on their website.

    Kids Activities - Space Park Spooktacular
    This year, we will also host an afternoon of activities and Halloween fun for children on October 30. Stay tuned for details.

  • Last year I think the doorbell rang exactly once.

  • Nina B 20-year Oakley Avenue resident

    When I don't decorate, with a closed gate and porch lights turned off, I still get people coming up and ringing my bell. Often it is teens, but sometimes adults with a stroller! Regardless, I never answer after 9pm.

  • JoshT Parent, Neighbor, 2 flat owner/glorified janitor

    I'm amazed by the great trick-or-treating in the Rockwell Crossing-Ravenswood Manor neighborhood. Reminds me of 'way back when'.

  • Is there any specific blocks or streets that are better than others in Rockwell Crossing-Ravenswood Manor? Thx

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