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Added Sep 13 2017

Is anyone else ticked off by the constant shooting of TV shows in our area? Those involved with the productions (The Chi, Empire, Chicago PDFireMedJustice, ad infinitum) show little respect for the folks whose lives they constantly interrupt. In Pilsen, seldomly does a week go by when The Chi isn't hogging blocks upon blocks of commercial parking space. Do they feed the most expensive meters in America? All one has to do is to try walking past their cables, equipment, and indifferent personnel to feel their disdain for residents.
We don't want you here.
I don't want you in Pilsen.
Cinespace is but a mile away. Go there.

To digress a bit, what's with the resurgence of gangs and their ilk in Pilsen? Every other wall, building, sidewalk, or trash can is tagged with their graffiti. Where is asswipeman Danny Solis? There must be a lull in counting ill gotten gains to see to some of these neighborhood concerns, no?
When is election day? I've got to wake up my dead relatives and drag them to the polls.

And Can the Soda Tax!

That is all for now. Thanks.

  • Who's "WE" - filming can be a pain at times, but this area has been used for decades in movies and TV shows, not a hidden thing. Not a bad thing.
    Report Graffiti, it can be removed.
    Gang activity has been going on for generations in Pilsen/Heart of Chicago/ Little Village areas.Why are you blaming a politician when family, nieghbors, etc have been ignoring and supporting the gang life-choice. There are many volunteer opportunities to be involved in a positive manner in the areas, to try and help to offer a chance at a better quality of life for those that want one. And a safer one for the majority in the areas - over the last few years it has gotten MUCH safer in the area.

  • I bet you're the "fair" fellow who blames a shooting victim for being in a bullet's path. Beyond pathetic are you.
    We is me and those who feel as I do.
    Cancer has been with us far longer than film crews and criminal gangs, yet we still battle it because like those two, it's detrimental to our well being.
    Report graffiti criminals not their crime.
    I blame Solis because he's a criminal living cozily and lazily on my f**king dime!
    I've been a youth counselor for many, many years in Pilsen and East Pilsen.
    Crime hit a lull for a while but is back with a vengeance.

    You're appeasement of criminal behavior must make your mom proud.

    I'd hate to see you chocking as I might suddenly forget the Heimlich!

    We don't want you here.
    I don't want your ilk in Pilsen.

  • I understand the city of Chicago makes money when filming is done in Chicago. So where does that extra money go, aside from the city departments that relate directly to filming (street and san / police)? I understand restaurants in Chinatown are charged an extra tax because as the city puts it, they get a lot of business from McCormick Place traffic. Frankly, there are people that goes to Chinatown restaurants that are Chicago/suburban residents that have nothing to do with McCormick Place.

  • Noel Siwel, I have lived in Pilsen for many years, it appears you moved here recently.
    It appears you want to complain on the internet but do nothing in the real world to make live better for yourself and others,
    And the personnel attack shows what type of person you actually are, a coward.

  • How does your tremendous brain glean from a text how long I've lived here?
    I lived under Byrne and helped get Harold get elected.
    I've seen the likes of you come and go like the tides...but the tides leave nourishment behind.
    How in your infinite wisdom do you know what I have or have not done?
    I would not attack personnel as I am not in the military.

    As for and time, buddy.


  • emj1900 bp lifer

    Noel Siwel......take a chill pill. To think you are a youth counselor is frightening....

  • Jambo neighbor

    The film crews are always really nice. They have even offered me lunch or dinner from their table of food they serve the actors and crew. I have eaten with them twice now. I enjoy having them around.

  • Orange is the new DEGENERATE

    I agree with Jambo. Having them there is also kind of thrilling if just to see the movie being made.
    It also brings revenue to the city.

  • Pilsen is whatever I say it is! Got it Bro?

  • Marla S Pilsenmama

    I love to see Chicago streets in a movie. There was a time years ago that they didn't allow filming in Chicago. His name was Richard J. Daley. I'm glad those days are gone. LOVE LOVE LOVE Shameless.
    I hope they continue shooting scenes on our streets.

  • I hope they bring more filming to this city. I'd rather look at Chicago onscreen than Los Angeles.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • I’ve worked on the production in the past. I’m happy to have more productions.

  • Jambo neighbor

    We love Shameless! Thank you to the kind crew that offers me supper from their food spread when I walk by with my doggy! So nice and welcoming!

  • I'd love to comment on movies in Pilsen and why Hollywood should recreate 18th Street on a fake set on one of our Southside industrial brown fields, but I don't want to support the original posts, here as being legitimate.

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