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Added Sep 08 2017

There is a vote at next weeks county board meeting. Please call your commissioner and tell them to vote NO for this tax. This tax is nothing more than a tax to keep the bloated county government going.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    my preference for state, county, city would be independent w/center left social & center right fiscal views. the 7,000 factions of public union leaders/members own the politicians in form or another. sadly, voting straight blue is as normal as eating, drinking, and breathing with zero alternatives. how can something change, no matter how unappealing, when the options are so limited? it is always the lesser of evils and that is just sad. I would never vote for trump, but, when asked how it becomes clearer with every tax increase and talk of perpetual increases to fulfill pension obligations.

  • You know everybody's talking about the sugar tax and the Stroger tax she put back after taking it out but I don't hear a word about the tax that Toni preckwinkle put on and that was called a bullet tax she tax$0.05 for every bullet brought in the county don't know where that money is going sure like to so let's see #1 $0.01put back 2# $0.05 for bullet tax 3# $0.01 soda Thank you Toni preckwinkle and all of her Commission

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Excellent comment by steven.

  • is it true that the majority of people who buy sugary drinks that have a link card and not subject to the tax? i heard purchases made on link are exempt from the tax.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    link/snap can back up the truck, fill it to the top and not see one extra cent from this tax.

  • Some day the idiot politicians of this city are going to realize the cigarette taxes sent us to other counties, they did not benefit from that tax. The sugar tax has done the same thing, a minus for cook county and a plus for surrounding counties. They were all absent from class the day common sense was taught.

    Luis Arroyo Jr. is probably the commissioner in this general are. HE VOTED FOR IT.

  • Craig E. Friend of Chicago

    Just don't tax my 🍺

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Stop buying soda and other taxable drinks in the County. Bensenville is not far and is not Cook County. If everyone stops buying here, the retailers will put the pressure on the Commissioners and the tax will go away. At fast food joints, order coffee or shakes or milk instead of soda or take the sandwiches home and don't buy drinks. Drink only water in restaurants when eating in. Those fake ads on TV about obese minority children are a joke. If Preckwinkle cared about poor children, she would stop allowing Link cards to be used for soda and junk food. If Link people don't pay food taxes, what is their incentive to stop buying pop for their obese children? Pretty soon, we'll just give all of our money to Preckwinkle and Rahm and they'll give us an allowance to live on. And 100% juice is NOT supposed to be taxed...someone was cheated if they were taxed and the retailer should be reported.

  • This is a tax on the poor. Also, Chicago doesn't have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem.

  • No @Jared Karney, this is a tax on the middle class. The 'poor' have link/snap benefits and will pay none of these taxes. However, those that make above poverty levels (lower- and middle-class) will suffer most. Why are so many government/agencies so against cutting costs and staffing? Must be the voters they cannot cross who give votes for jobs/favors/patronage.

  • Lots of comments here has everyone called their respective commissioner to tell them to vote no on Wednesday!!! If they don't they will be voted out enough is enough!!!!

  • You shouldn't blame the nutrition assistance exemption on individual Cook Co officials...blame it on national lobbying groups and the weak-spined legislators who profit.

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    I feel like I am one of the only people who isn't up in arms about this tax. It is taking beverages that are in no way necessary to our diets and are actually all detrimental to our health in some way. Why aren't we all saying no to drinking these health-problem-inducing beverages, instead of saying no to a tax that we can avoid by simply not buying these beverages?

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    bellyer, this is a Pandora's box tax. other than it being a smoke screen for a county who will perpetually need more and more taxes to fund retirements that aren't yours and mine, it is unfairly implemented and not spread to all county residents. if it's about health, think about what else is taxable.....everything. cereal, pop tarts, chips, fast food, etc, etc. Most everything you eat/drink is worse than soda and prime for taxing if this reasoning is open for taxing. Think principle and long term. I remember being a kid and thinking: legalize weed and tax it and this state will be swimming in cash. No matter what is taxed it will not be enough and the taxes will keep coming and coming. THIS is a perfect opportunity to send a message of no more. Put a mandate on this tax and let the pols know we're done or you're out.

  • I only hope that everyone who has commented here has made that call to the commissioner in your district. I do know that the commissioner that is in the boundaries of Portage Park, Hermosa, and points south and east is Luis Arroyo Jr. He voted for the tax make sure you call his office and express your discust and tell him to listen to his constituents or you will be voted out!!!

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    PortageRules - I guess, as someone who really watches what I eat and drink, and consume almost no processed foods or beverages (aside from craft beer, which is already taxed at a higher rate than most things) and am primarily vegetarian and eat almost exclusively organic/pasture-raised/grass-fed/sustainable foods, I am not concerned at all about junk covered under this beverage tax or any potential future "junk food" tax. There are an incredible number of health problems caused by people consuming too much of this garbage food, much of which people fall for marketing on labels and think is somehow healthy or not bad for them, and so often those health problems end up requiring medical care that might be subsidized by tax money.

    I know I'm in the minority on this, but people do have options. Avoid the tax by not buying these unhealthy products *or* keep hurting your body and your wallet by buying all this junk. Or, option 3, keep buying it, but spend more in opportunity cost and possibly in gas money and wear and tear on your vehicle by heading outside the city/county to buy your soft drinks to boycott the tax, but that option really may end up costing you more than just paying the tax.

  • retired: wait a minute....a milk shake is not taxed but a diet coke is????

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    and don't think for one second that this tax would end at .01. start doing the math at .02... 03....05....and see how much that pack of juice boxes in your kids lunches affects your grocery bill. oh ..the county would never do that? in three years when they need more money (and they will), the excuse of "it's time to revisit the soda hasn't been increased for 3 years" will roll off their tongues like nothing. the health thing is a lie and a smoke screen for greed and incompetence. that math I mentioned earlier.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    milk shake not taxed....yet. the soda tax is a precursor to many, many, many more taxes. walk down the isle of any grocery store and take your pick of what can be taxed using this tax as a door opener. hello cookie isle...I'm looking at you cereal...wait, not granola bars.....ICE CREAM MAN!!!!!

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    Juice boxes and Milkshakes (@beezil) *should* be included here. Juice is not a healthy beverage. It is bad for teeth and does not really contain any of the health benefits that you would get from actually eating a piece of the fruit.

    And beezil, yes, "diet" beverages cause as many health problems and environmental problems as sugared beverages do. Zero calories or not, they'll help lead to obesity as much as a sugary beverage will and cause plenty of other problems.

  • Milk products are not taxed but diet cokes have sweeteners, even though they do not contain sugar. Bellyer, today they are after our "junk" food, tomorrow they will come for your "organic" stuff. Slippery slope, open your eyes.

    And when gas was $4+ a gallon, people planned their shopping trips so as not to make unnecessary trips. So now, plan your soda runs to coincide with business or pleasure trips outside of Cook county. (Wisconsin doesn't tax any kind of food.) Better yet, make friends with a Link Card owner and have them buy your soda all tax-free and reimburse them at the price they paid. Win-win proposition.

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    Retired - The win-win would be don't consume soda and other taxed beverages and don't get as many health problems. Simple as that. I see nowhere in any scientific study that our body relies on any single thing listed in the beverage tax covered products. Save money and your health. Not a hard concept.

    My eyes are very open. They already do tax organics heavily. In order to get an organic label, companies and farmers have to pay a hefty premium to the government, then on top of that, organics do not receive government subsidies. Your precious unhealthy beverages would cost a heck of a lot more if they weren't already being subsidized by taxes. So maybe with this tax, you are finally paying what you should be for these things that do nothing for your body other than momentarily taste good and then cause long lasting health and environmental problems. My eyes are open, believe me. Either we pay a few more bucks in taxes to try to dig out of a pit that has been generations in the making or we cut programs that everyone will rely on or that people we care about will rely on at some point.

    It isn't that hard to cut garbage out of one's diet and save money in the process.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    bellyr...your pain threshold is clearly higher than most. the knife will eventually hit bone and you'll come around. until then, good luck watching your money swim down a bottomless drain.

  • Everyone can we please stop with the back and forth and concentrate on the commissioners who voted for it and call them to tell them to vote NO for it. The vote is tomorrow. Thank you Lifelong Portage Resident for bringing this to our attention.

  • bellyer - I agree about diet and nutrition. What I wonder is how the government officials who are all for this tax have removed the incentive (which they claim it is) from those using EBT (food stamps) who are the most at risk population for unhealthy diets. What I wonder is why these items are even allowed to be purchased with EBT money.

    If a person using EBT had to pay for these items out of any discretionary money they had and then had to pay the tax, it would act as the same incentive to avoid unhealthy food as it does for the rest of us.

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    Beeb - I agree with you on that. Link/food stamps really should be for foods that are nutritious only. There should not be any option to by any of these items or other junk foods with them.

    And, PortageRules, my money certainly is not swimming around a bottomless drain, since the only time I spend money on this nonsense is the 2-3 times a year my son gets a root beer or a ginger beer as a special treat. These beverages are supposed to be treats, not staples in peoples' unhealthy diets.

  • Mute Mute Me

    You don't want to pay taxes on things you don't need don't buy em. I drink good ole water from the faucet

  • Denise M Seasoned dog owner

    Retweeted Paris Schutz (@paschutz):

    GOP Cook Co. Commissioner Schneider acknowledges the soda tax probably won't be repealed tomorrow, but sent to committee to be studied

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park! cook county going to outlaw ice cream trucks? those snow cones, crunch bars, and malt cups are going to absolutely kill our kids? will kids with lemonade stands be persecuted for not imposing this tax without a permit? the humanity of it all!!!!

  • @Denise, so Schneider changed his position? I throught the the vote was tomorrow?

  • Denise M Seasoned dog owner

    It is scheduled for tomorrow but will most likely be tabled

  • And why do you say that? There is an uproar and the drum is beating louder and louder it's not going away.

  • Denise M Seasoned dog owner

    I'm just passing the message on from reporters that have heard it might be tabled and sent to committee

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    be sure and watch Chicago tonight (ch. 11) @ 7 pm. they'll have the skinny on today's meeting.

  • Ok so what exactly does "tabled and sent to committee" mean

  • "Ok so what exactly does "tabled and sent to committee" mean"

    It means in politician-speak, "we're not voting on this until we get some kind of deal...."

  • Some kind of deal? We need to remember this come election time. Who do they think they are.

  • So the New York bigwig is going to use his money to make sure the proponents of this tax are reelected. What the ^&#@ is Bloomberg doing meddling in Chicago politics? Oh wait, it's politics, and money talks, not ideas.

  • Good question, Daniel. I've been wondering what the motive is behind Bloomberg spending over 5million on these obnoxious commercials. I understand him spending his fortune to disarm the country, that's what tyrants do, but why the push for a tax? It's not because he has a big heart.

  • Sue F. Long time resident

    Go here to add your name to kick the pop tax and let your voice be heard. It is not about healthy options and obesity in children when you can buy non-taxed candy bars and ice cream right alongside that taxed can of pop!!!

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    Sue - Can I go there and add my name as someone who is for the sugary beverage tax? :)

    I would welcome an extra tax on cookies/candy/etc. If they were taxing things that are actually *good* for us, then I'd say we should all be upset, but nobody *needs* to consume any of these beverages that they are taxing. I don't get why everyone thinks that this is such a big deal. When they start taxing foods that are healthy and our body actually needs, then let's start getting upset.

  • It's a big deal because they are using the tax to say it will go to health facilities. This couldn't be further from the truth it's all about pay raises and the bloated county payroll. We all live with in our means the county needs to do the same.

  • Mute Mute Me

    So if it goes through don't buy the products and you will not be supporting that pay raise.

  • bellyer Information Security Geek, Beer Lover & Homebrewer

    Portage - I agree with you somewhat. Reform is needed within our government at all levels to ensure living within one's means. You can't tell me that *all* of our tax money is going to pay raises and a bloated payroll or even that this specific tax money will be going to pay for those things. Our tax dollars are going towards a heck of a lot of worthwhile initiatives. Can you say with 100% certainty that this tax money will not be going to health facilities? Unless you are the corrupt government official that would funnel this money to the bloated salaries you mention, I don't see how you can be sure of that.

    Related to your comment about government salaries, I do have to say that by-and-large, government salaries are not bloated. There are definitely over-paid people working within the government, just as there are over-paid workers within the private sector. But, unless the government offers salaries that are competitive to private sector salaries, how can the government begin to find qualified candidates for all these government jobs to attract them to government work over the better pay and better benefits they'll probably find outside the government?

  • Sue F. Long time resident

    @bellyer-Since the site is to "repeal" the beverage tax, there might be another site for your opinion but it is here!!!

  • Mute Mute Me

    You should be really upset with the Federal Government for givings subsidies for corn syrup. Your money is being used to create the sugary drinks and then you're being taxed additionally for their purchase.

    That's double taxation baby!

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