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Added Sep 01 2011

I know it was mentioned a time or two that work needed to be done on the Francisco stop platform due to the large number of chunks missing in the planks and the blue guard coming up in places. Looks like they started the work and just wanted to share the most recent photos from this morning.

  • _Gretchen Horner Park West homeowner.

    Cool! Looks the work is really getting underway now!

    I linked to your neighbor message in the original thread:

  • I think there were some reports about these issues on the news and the CTA is addressing them, the wood they used was not properly treated to withstand our harsh winters. They will be changing boards out to resolve this. Pictures look good.

  • gerigirl I live and breathe this city!

    I wished I lived by the Mayor....such service! Meanwhile...people are still trying to make it up steep stairs (NO ESCALATORS) at the Medical Stop on the Blueline to go to appt. at Stroger Hospital...been going on for years.....NO ELEVATOR.....NOBODY CARES!

  • Sarahjbrown17 Live on Troy, own @ Humboldt/Armitage

    Good point Gerigirl.

    Also, since we're talking about the brown line stop...why don't we have an option to buy passes at this location? I frequently have guests and since I need my pass daily it always requires an extra trip to Walgreens to get them one. On a few occassions I have changed purses and accidentally left my train pass at home and have to go all the way back (20-25 minutes roundtrip). Why can't they simply install a machine? Seems like there's plenty of room to do so.

  • Matt from Chicago North Side Sox Fan

    I don't think pre-paid passes are available at any CTA stop

  • Sarahjbrown17 Live on Troy, own @ Humboldt/Armitage

    Matt - I didn't ask about pre-paid passes as I know you have to buy them at stores. I asked why can't you buy passes (i.e. rides/cards) at this location. I myself have a chicago plus card but on those days when I misplace it or have company in town, it would be nice to buy rides at the machine generally located at all stations except this station doesn't have one. Sorry to have confused you.

  • Matt from Chicago North Side Sox Fan

    That is strange... I've never encountered a CTA stop that had no machines... Are you entering the stop at the wrong side? Francisco has two enterances, one on Francisco and the other on Sacramento. Every CTA station I have been to that has multiple entry points generally has the card machines at 1 enterance and not the other... I am sure there is some reason for this; probably too expensive to buy/maintain that many machines, a hassle for the on-site customer service relations person to have to cover 2 places on opposite sides of the station, etc...

    Are you sure you're just not entering on the wrong side?

  • Sarahjbrown17 Live on Troy, own @ Humboldt/Armitage

    Matt - Not entering on the wrong side, there's just simply no machines and there is no on-site customer service person most days. There used to be a security guard with a dog when Blago was going to court, funny how there's money for something like that but none for a ticket machine.

  • sarahj - Perhaps you don't realize that you can put money into all of the machines and it will spit out a card with the dollar value on it. I did this on the Blue line at Montrose when I had jury duty at the Daley Center. I am not familiar with the Brown Line stations but believe that all stations have at least one fare machine. I believe you have to press a button for buy card.

  • Sarahjbrown17 Live on Troy, own @ Humboldt/Armitage

    Cathy - The brown line francisco station @ sacramento has NO MACHINE. I repeat NO MACHINE so there is no way to buy anything. You can only scan chicago plus card or insert and already bought cta card at the one turnstyle. If there is now one on rockwell/ravenswood park side (will check again tonight since they're making improvements) someone please let me know, but there is no way to buy cards, add fare, etc at the francisco/sacramento side. If you have to get to the east entrance, you have to walk around 3 blocks as the alley around the station ends.

  • _Gretchen Horner Park West homeowner.

    Hi Sarah,

    The East end, on Francisco Ave, is the main entrance for the Francisco station. There are 2 machines in the station, as well as a station attendant.

    Hope this helps!

  • Sarahjbrown17 Live on Troy, own @ Humboldt/Armitage

    Awesome and thanks Gretchen! I'll let guests know to walk around the side streets next time in order to purchase at the stop. Why is there 2 on that side and none on the other? doesn't make much sense.

  • SarahJ, sorry wasn't trying to be disrespectful, said I was not familiar with Brown Line stops. . . The machine was confusing to me, took a few minutes to figure it out myself. Used to have a Chicago card but am not commuting this way any longer.

    The placement of machines will have everything to do with how many people use the turnstyles at the stop. They will also take into account all around security of a stop and any cameras that might be on site for the security of their staff that comes out to empty the machines and refill the cards and whatever else goes into servicing the machines.

    I believe it has been reported that the CTA is looking at a whole new system in the next year or so which might incorporate different payment options.

  • Sarahjbrown17 Live on Troy, own @ Humboldt/Armitage

    Thanks Cathy. Hope the revamp includes all entrances and no worries, I think my explanation may have been off. Good to know there are machines at the other entrance even if it is 3 blocks around becaus the alley deadends. I never enter that side, so apologies to al for my short sidedness. looks like more work on the platform today. but are they only replacing sections?

  • I think wherever the bad boards are will be addressed. These new ones are treated with something to make them stand up to our weather and whatever they throw down for snow and ice.

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