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Added Oct 25 2017

Take this away. It is in front of Vitamin Shoppe.

  • If it's so bothersome to some, why don't they just not read this thread? And by saying that if we don't know the origin, artist (which I'd argue at that description), authorization means that whatever we opine is moot, shows that even having a CONVERSATION about something upsets the SJW and their agenda of defining what speech is acceptable. So thanks for taking an innocent, quirky, funny thread and turning it into a ridiculous legalistic treatise.

  • Can't poke a little fun at anything anymore.

  • @Daniel, I was just thinking thank god it is not a arm chair..... then it may be "armed" and dangerous.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Lots o'weepy, sensitive souls hereabouts. Talk it out! Get it off your chests! You'll feel better at the end of the day.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    It coulda been lots worse. Imagine a love seat.

  • @spam, if it was a loveseat the name of the piece would be "broken heart"

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Or more likely, in laminated plastic:

    "Broken Heart


  • Eric Pepeson NW-side deplorable, based-stickman, commie-crusher

    56 comments and still no solution-- no one wants it and no one knows what it is.

    Solution-- smash it, throw it in the garbage, smile, and thank yourself for getting rid of litter off the street.

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  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Man! Where's that crying baby emoticon when you need it?

    Hey, I've got a real plan for youse guys (and gals). It is absoeffinglutely up your alleys regarding your obvious hatred of litter and such. Ready? Here we go.
    1.) Get yourself a big-arsed trash bag, the more mils thick, the better.
    2.) Stick that bag in a grocery cart or a wagon or any old thing with wheels.
    3.) Pull on some waterproof disposable gloves.
    4.) Head on out the door and turn left (or right, your choice).
    5.) Walk to the end of your block, picking up every disgusting piece of litter that your inconsiderate neighbors have deposited on the parkway and in the gutters. Also pick up the trash on your neighbors' front lawns. I guarantee if they see what you're doing, they won't yell at you for trespassing
    6.) Cross the street and do the opposite side of your block.
    7.) Consider going on and doing another block.
    8.) Empty full trash bag in someone else's bin.

    Now, don't you feel better? Granted, I get some strange looks when I'm out policing the grounds in my 'hood. But I also get get to stop and chat with folks I'd ordinarily never run into. Try it! But remember, if it's tied or chained down, you'd best walk on by.

  • i think i seen it on the bottom of the participatory budget list, restore art chair corner of Irving park and Milwaukee ave $10,000.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Liar, liar, pants on fire?

  • I stand corrected, as the chair is not technically broken.

    Looks like the artist took the time to actually back the screws out, after 'creating the piece', removed the seatback, gently set it on the seat, and then carefully chained it to a tree, where most all good art begins its life.

    I eagerly await instruction from the Almighty (aka Spam) as to how to proceed with my life.

  • wow....a lot of mean posts here. When my husband and I moved here, we were excited that this neighborhood seemed to really embrace the arts. It's very disappointing to hear so many people being negative. Is that chair something I would buy? Probably not, but you don't know the story behind that chair....maybe it was done by a mentally handicapped person?? Try to be kinder....

  • Mean posts??? You must not go on social media much.

  • Nice reach, kelly first.

  • I was at Six Corners a few days ago and took pictures of the rest of the chairs but EB won't let me publish them. 😡😡

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Can you upload them to a site like and then post the link(s) in this thread? Then the poor souls who are obsessed with these chairs could push the post total to at least 100. Worth a try, I think.

  • The only obsession here is your obsession with saying that we have an obsession.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    @Daniel D
    Can you point to any other post here where I have used the word, "obsessed," or even used similar terminology? It's poor form, you know, to make stuff up.

  • I didn't realize there were more than one. Guess I know where I'm walking the dogs later today. I look forward to seeing the installation. I may not like it, but there's plenty of art in this world that's not my favorite.

  • I have to upload them one at a time?!

  • Some of them have sponsors but you can't read them. The writing is so faint.

  • This one is Independence Park farmers market

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Thank you! That was fun. They could have maybe used a design professional to tell them not to use the yellow typeface for the artist and sponsor information on the left-hand labels. Very hard to read.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    I'm guessing our negative Nellies must have just hated those Chicago Cows a few years back.

  • Actually, I LOVED the cows. I found the whole Cows On Parade enchanting. There is really something peaceful about a cow, even a fiberglass one. :-)

    A broken chair chained to a tree, not so much.... :-)

  • Comparing some chairs to the cows is quite the stretch.

    The cows were, for the most part, professionally finished. And they were properly and beautifully displayed.

    Can't say the same for this bunch of. . . .stuff.

  • I wonder how much those businesses paid to have an ugly chair displayed on Milwaukee?

  • Jack born here

    I loved the cows too! These chairs still look like garbage. I finally went out to see one ... they still look like garbage. I love that they are chained. Is that so people don't steal them .... or, throw them away?

    Wait... those were paid for by the businesses?? LOL

  • yeah, I did not see any broken cows either

  • This is perfect for a dibs spot. You know snow is right around the corner! ❄️❄️❄️

  • cheesecake chick i want to be the person my dog thinks i am

    I think they should revisit the cows on parade idea again. that was fun, the cows were nicely decorated, so it was "art", and cows are kind of a Chicago symbol.................

  • I think they should do robots or dinosaurs, this way both kids and adults will be attracted to see it.

  • marsh3617 10 year resident of Six Corners area

    The broken art chair has been taken away. Thanks for all the comments. It may have played a part. The other intact chairs are still there and that's OK.

  • I guess the chair did not sit well with someone that it was removed.

    thinking about it, it reminds me of that unrecorded ac/dc song

    "have a seat on me"

  • I'm so glad this "problem" was finally solved--before someone was shot over it. I've seen installations of this type in other cities. It's supposed to get people talking and seems pretty harmless. Apparently this particular chair was broken somewhere along the line and it should have been removed but, really, all this fuss? There are bigger problems out there. What about the cups, bags, burger wrappers, bottles and cans that are just too heavy to take into the house and dispose of?

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • there is that pick up guy... I think he works at burger king, but he can be seen walking around picking up random trash on irving park, Milwaukee and side streets. funny before I "knew" him I seen him by my car and bending down so I really could not see what he was doing, so I hit him up with the "you need some help buddy?" he said no, just picking up some trash.... I asked where he lived and he said up by Belmont which sounded odd so I followed him incognito a bit and he was walking along picking up trash and throwing it in the garbage cans in the alley. I have been seeing him ever since everyday just picking up stuff and throwing it the trash.

  • Explains why I don't see any trash.

    DebbieM do you want to tell us where you see all the litter?! I've never seen what you've described at Six Corners.

  • Deutsch portage36

    Inactive user, yes. you see that skinny white guy. i think hes irish. he single handed keeps the entire six corners clean. up and down cicero, milwaukee, hutchinson etc.... all day long. just picks up the trash. i met him 11 years ago, and saw him last week agin. hes still picking up trash.

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    His name is Patrick, and he's a local legend. He can get too intrusive on people's property from time to time. I've seen him going down gangways on private property. But overall, he's harmless, and a good cleaner of the area. Better than Streets and Sanitation that's for sure.

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    Personally, I liked the Police K-9 display on the 'mug mi!e' the best.

  • Re rubbish: I can guarantee that no more than one day after the side streets are swept, some idiot will drop trash at the curb. Never fails. Drive down the street, open the window and throw out the remains of their fast food. I've also seen neighbors come home, park, and clean out the trash by dropping it on the street. Not only is it too difficult to take it home, it's also too hard to drive down the alley and put it in the bin. I watched a woman who lives across the street pick up a glass bottle from the curb in front of her house. I thought she was going to dispose of it, but instead she hurled it across the street, where it hit the fire hydrant and shattered. I don't know what came first: people trash is just plain trash.

  • @Debbie,

    when I was younger one of my older friends used to run a tow truck and could jim cars.

    one day there was a guy that parked near his house got out of his car and dumped a fast food bag under the driver side of checkers burger place. my friend jimed his car and opened the door then opened the bag of left over food dropped it on his seat and smeared it with middle bag and locked the door back.

    he used to do other things for people that littered on the block too, not really people that lived on the block, but those visitors that would park on the block and walk a block over.

    most of the time just putting things on or under the wipers by the top of the hood as it , but not limited to smearing stuff on the windshield or door handles. some times if there was fries or something he would spell out some two word phases on the windshield.

    not saying it is right, just brought back some memories.

  • Inactive user: my first big laugh of the day! However, it makes me sad that people have to resort to that sort of thing to make a point. Apparently a world full of garbage doesn't bother some people. If they're driving, it's even easier. They drop it in someone else's neighborhood and don't have to look at it. Then it looks like WE are the ones who don't care.

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