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Added Oct 18 2012

I have new neighbors that moved in up Stairs. They leave their dog alone all day long. The dog is barking non stop, my wife works night shift and it's impossible to sleep. Can they do this, and is there anything I can do?. thank you

  • Inactive user

    Start by talking with your neighbors. Then with your landlord. Then with your relocation specialist.

  • I own the place, and people up stairs are renting. I spoke with the owner but it seems they don't care.

  • Sarah Edgewater

    I believe there is now a noise ordinance in place regarding barking dogs. I imagine this covers yoru situation.

  • Inactive user

    Uncontrolled nuisance barking is a violation of the city's municipal code. As of last year police officers have the discretion to issue a warning or a ticket to the dog owner. Previously it had to be handled by the City Department of Animal Control through a long and tedious process.

  • Inactive user

    Consult the following:
    Municipal Code of Chicago
    Title 7 - Health and Safety
    Chapter 7-12 - Animal Care and Control
    Section 100 - Excessive animal noise – Prohibited.

  • Inactive user

    Uh, if you're renting to them, can't you enforce some behavioral norms?

  • DaveP been around

    Sounds like a different owner that is renting out their unit upstairs

  • Rich RP Resident

    your condo assoc can address it.

  • RogersParker Rogers Parker since 1991

    daveP, I think OP is referring to the owner of the dog, not the unit.

  • The owner doesn't live there, he is renting the unit. And the new people that moved in are the ones eighths dogs.

  • Kenner Husband, father, proud Chicago resident.

    How long have they been there? I ask because hopefully the dog just needs to adjust to the new environment. Maybe they lived in a house before and he/she isn't used to hearing the noise of others in the building when the owners are away. Or any of a bunch of other possible reasons why the dog is on edge. The owners may also be struggling, trying to figure out what to do about the problem. I agree with Bill, above, that talking to them in a factual but non-confrontational way is a good first step.

    Ultimately, it's their responsibility to be good neighbors. And the law is on your side in this case, though hopefully it doesn't have to come to that. I hope that the situation gets resolved easily so that your wife can get some sleep! Good luck!

  • INSERT [Valium] INTO [Kibble 'n Bits]

  • Inactive user

    This condition, know as "separation anxiety", is not uncommon and is not a matter of acclimation or adjustment to a new environment. Repairative therapy is difficult and expensive. Confining the dog to a stimulus free room while the owners are gone is the only sure way to correct the nuisance. Unfortunately most owners of dogs like this think that that approach is cruel and unusual for "dear puppy" who needs to be "free and happy". Please don't drug the dog with fake treats. Scott F you be BAD. We should give you some valium spiked kibbles LOL.

  • Inactive user

    Perhaps send this to your neighbors. Describes process of getting dogs over this kind of "The humans are leaving, must bark!" behavior.

  • Inactive user

    EB should provide squeaky toys to some of the problem barkers on these threads. Just a thought. Growl, woof, woof, howl.

  • Kenner Husband, father, proud Chicago resident.

    AppleJack, with all due respect (and I really do mean with respect, not the way that people frequently use that phrase as an introduction to an insult), given only the information that we have available in this thread it's not really possible to know for certain that the dog has a chronic separation anxiety issue. My comment from before was actually borne of personal experience. When I first moved to the city a long time ago I had a wonderful Brittany that had a terrible time adjusting from living in a single-family house in a quiet Missouri town to living in a cracker box apartment building in Chicago with noises on all sides at all times of day. I had a new job and couldn't stay at home to help her through it. She barked a lot all day for about a month; it was one of the worst times of my life because I wanted to both help her and also be a better neighbor, but I was at a loss for what to do to improve the situation. [Side note: I sure could have used the Internet back then!] Once she got used to it, everything was fine. Which is to say that perhaps what she was experiencing was a form of separation anxiety, but it was definitely connected to a difficult period of acclimation to her new situation.

  • Inactive user

    Only time will tell Kenner. I agree.

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