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Added Oct 15 2011

Anyone know what's going on?

11am sat

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    It may have has something to do with the upcoming Loyola Station renovation. I have a video press release from the CTA featuring Chicago Transit Board Chairman Terry Peterson, Senator Dick Durbin, Robert Whittmann (CTA) and Vice President of Facilities (Loyola University) Kana Wibbenmeyer regarding the renovation here: http://rp1000.blogspot.com/2011/09/loyola-station-renovation-update-from.html

  • Inactive user

    It's also Loyola's homecoming weekend, so they're probably deciding how to use the TIF money to give Loyola the rest of the 'hood they haven't torn down quite yet.

  • Inactive user

    Or, given all of the "shots fired" conversation on this thread, perhaps McCarthy is up here to look for ammunition.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    We get it Bill you love Loyola

    anyway saw on the trib it was a photo opp to talk about how the cameras help catch criminals.

  • Mark S

    Give Loyola anything they want, there are already too many units for sale in Rogers Park. Heck, call me and we can make a deal, I am sure every owner in my building is willing to sell.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    I think that suspect in the sawed-off shotgun robbery at the Loyola station was arrested based on camera surveillance.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    Helen you are correct

  • Inactive user

    Security cameras do not replace cops on the beat. At best, they might provide after-the-fact evidence, but no deterrent effect at all has been proven by research. Rahm and McCarthy are just showboating here on this one case to both suck up to North Siders (how many people get robbed on the South and West sides near security cameras and nothing ever comes of it?) and to provide cover for cutting the number of cops to balance the budget. Pure political dog-and-pony show.

  • Inactive user

    Oh, and Jeff: You're right. I'm all about Loyola like you're all about graffiti. We all have our own obsessions. That's one form of neighborhood diversity!

  • Inactive user

    Mr Savage, I think Loyola is good for RP, it like many other institutions like NW/U of C or hospitals are haphazard, mainly they are good at tearing stuff down letting it sit for ten years or more and then build brand new stuff.

    At least Loyola is fixing up the four plus one on Sheridan just south of the Starbucks. I too am glad that the liquor store building is still extant. It is regrettable that the flowershop and adjoing building was torn down and I wish that the chipotle building owner hadnt torn down the nice building that was there. That said Id still rather have Loyola here than not. Loyola is playing a huge part in improving the neighbhorhood.

    My biggest problem is drugdealers and drugusers in RP. I am trying to get rid of both, if their is no demand then there is no supply and vice versa. The dealers are here because the business is here, partly the business lives here and partly its transient scum coming off the EL.

  • Inactive user

    Dear Jeff
    Loyola certainly has its good side: provides employment and a measure of stability in the SE corner of RP. But the street lowlives you so rightly detest and fight against are part and parcel of Loyola in two ways: first, the dead zones--created by Loyola's habit of demolishing buildings that they own and let deteriorate--emboldens negative aspects of street life (one cop friend of mine called the SW corner of Albion and Sheridan a "mugger's waiting room"). Second, you're kidding yourself if you think that the drug-dealers in RP only deal to each other or to Section 8 tenants or "scum" coming off the El. They deal to Loyola students as well, and every spring a senior class leaves and every fall a new freshman class of customers arrives. If you want to eliminate drug users and dealers, you have to deal with the reality that college kids love their marijuana and will get it from local dealers.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident


    There is prob more crime and drug dealing in areas of RP further away from the SE corner of RP than in the immediate Loyola area. Do some students buy weed from local dealers....maybe. Most prob do not, they buy it from other students off of the streets and in apartments and dorm rooms, etc. This is the way most drug deals occur outside of poorer hoods. Typically the users know the suppliers and the cops and public see none of it.

    Personally, not really all that concerned with the guy selling weed. That's small fries and most of the banging and shooting isn't because of weed. It's because of the crack heads and heroin junkies who would rob their own mothers to get high. Thus they would mug you or I in a heartbeat to get the $$ to get high. This then becomes lucrative business for bangers who will kill eachother to hold down an area that is worth $$$$

  • Inactive user

    I agree with Nolan. IMHO I have found that college kids buy weed from somewhat more legit low key drugdealers that arent selling the cocaine/heroin/meth/crack "the hard core junk".

    I also dont think that bangers are killing each other over turf to sell drugs to Loyola Kids. The dealing I see on Morse and Wayne
    is usually to old people, psych patients, and general neredowells. There are alot of bad old people....

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