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Added Oct 14 2010

Be on the lookout for a blue minivan, teen spotter with afro and cell-phone robbing houses from the alley during the day. There was a break-in on Rascher earlier today. (Note: This information relayed to me by my wife who stumbled across the spotter and saw him immediately flee the scene in the van). No other details.

  • Should add that this may be a group of 2 or 3. Van driven by a separate driver.

  • Forgive the following stupid questions but here goes: So the break-in (to the house) happens through the alley, to the back of the house & everything is removed (back to the alley) to a waiting van in the alley? Are they moving stuff through the garage door or side parkway entrance? I see many vans used by handymen & junk collectors so I wouldn't want to make a false accusation. Is someone watching the front of the house, too?

  • So far as I know, this group went through a side window and was looking for electronics (laptops, etc.). Was not a junk collector.

  • Jackie L Tajiri EdgeRoge Celtic Music Lover

    I live in the 1800 block of Granville in the Rogers Park/West Ridge area, and we have residents who had their units burglarized. In some cases, the break -ins occurred while the residents were at broad daylight. One of my neighbors saw a spotter on his cellphone while accomplices went through the apartment looking for valuables. The robbers who hit my property sound similar to those responsible for the Rascher break - in. They gained entry by breaking windows or via back doors.

  • My apartment was broken into the same way and these people fit the description given by a neighbor...... then they called my cell phone the night of the break in (stole paperwork and checkbooks besides all the electronics) from a landline. I gave the information to police...they have done nothing. I have the name and phone number of one of the people that broke in...ant suggestions about what to do with the information?

  • ARM Let's make our hood a better place!

    Seems there have been a rash of burglaries in the area over the past month. There have been 2 similar "alley" burglaries on Paulina that occurred during broad day light.

  • they must have been watching my apartment because I left a few minutes after 8am and the police put them there a little after 8:30.

    I had bars on the windows but the landlord took them off the outside (to put an air conditioner in) and placed the bar on the inside in front of the air conditioner. They pulled the airconditioner out and then continued to kick the inside bars in until the skinney one could fit in between the upper and lower (kicked in bar) then opened the door for the others. They took everything out the back entrance to a waiting van in the alleyway.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hi everyone, I'm the EveryBlock community manager and a former Andersonville resident. I just wanted to thank Dave for sharing this information. We sent it to our Twitter followers (@ebchicago) to help spread the word and it was re-tweeted by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce.

    Please continue to post these types of alerts for your EveryBlock neighbors as well as any other news that's relevant to the neighborhood. It's very helpful and greatly appreciated.


  • Zim

    Walking home from Ravenwood station yesterday at 4 PM, I saw undercover cops responding to home burglery alarm on 4800 block of Paulina. They were searching around the house, but it looked like they didn't catch anyone. I also notice a squad van patroling neighborhood alleys early this morning. Be alert.

  • ARM Let's make our hood a better place!

    Curious as to where on the 4800 block of Paulina that's the same block where at least 2 other burglaries have occurred.

  • Zim

    It was a large house in the middle of the block. It used to have an ADM alarm sign on the front lawn, but I don't think it was there yesterday when I walked by. The undercover squad car raced north up the one-way street in the wrong direction, while another pulled up in front of the house from the other direction. It seemed like they got there pretty fast, so if there were burglars maybe they went down the alleyway.

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