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Added Oct 09 2017

  • Not a good alderman. Hope he doesn't get re-elected

  • Martwick? Can't they find someone else?

  • Disagree. Nick Sposato is a good Alderman. Nick Sposato is a 10 times better Alderman than John "tiny hands" Arena. Nick Sposato is a 100 times better human being than John "tiny hands" Arena. The Chicago City Council is a better place because they have a thiroughly decent guy in Nick Sposato.

  • Chico, Groucho, Gummo, Harpo, Karl, Zeppo dialectical materialism not

    Nick Sposato ethical and honorable!

    John Arena unethical and dishonorable!

  • StephenK Schorsch Village Resident

    Nick Sposato is a good Alderman and should be re-elected. We are fortunate to have him in our ward, especially when compared to the Aldermen of some of our neighboring wards. He is from the area and although not perfect, he always tries to do what is best for the constituents of his ward.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    I like NS as a person. However, I'm not a fan of retired public servants serving on elected seats. they'll vote on money issues protecting city/county/state pensions over basic common sense money issues protecting non union constituents every single time.

  • John Arena is a phony backstabbing hypocritical politician.

    Nick Sposato is a down to earth unpretentious public servant.

  • We dont get to choose between Sposato and Arena -- this is not about Arena. I ask again - what ha Sposato done for our ward? A genuine question, not a snarky insult

  • Chico, Groucho, Gummo, Harpo, Karl, Zeppo dialectical materialism not

    Nick Sposato day in day out quietly does all the little things to make the 38th ward a great place to live.

    Nick Sposato has more integrity in his fingernail than the devious, manipulative, politician, John Arena has in his whole body.

  • Marx -- I ask again, what has Sposato done for the ward? What has he used the alderman's discretionary income to do (we don't have voter imput on this, as some wards do). Will he make a statement condemning the Patio's booking of a noxious right wing troll? Has he helped make a decision about the status of the new school -- k-12 or middle school? Has he worked to bring businesses to Irving Park n. of Cicero? If so, or if he's done other good things, he deserves credit. Since he does not seem to do very well with communicating to constituents, I just don't know.

  • What has Sposato done? Well, he made all those nice white saw horses emblazoned with his name.

  • PortageRules Love Portage Park!

    I don't believe NS puts tiff funds to vote for certain infrastructure enhancement projects like other alderman do. I really wish he did and quite frankly, can't understand why he doesn't. Tons of crappy streets (most of Long not by portage), endless miles of unwalkable sidewalks, tons of curbs in terrible shape. And, as far as the sidewalk fix share program? Total half is thanks. I'll wait till a kid falls, breaks something and sues the city. NS is lax on basic infrastructure projects. Where does that "allocated" TIF money go, anyway?

  • central park 5 no profiling!

    Nick Sposato YES! YES! YES!

    John Arena NO! NO! NO! A thousand times NO!

  • Sposato is terrible. He has no clue of what's going on in the ward. Doesn't support business. We need an involved progressive Alderman like Arena who supports art, new business, progressive infrastructure: bike lanes, community beatification, safe pedestrian walkways.

  • central park 5 no profiling!

    Come on Kittypgrl you have zero credibility. Really you think Sposato does not support business? Completely wrong.

    Arena is the one who does not support business. Arena killed the City funding for the Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce not once but twice. Arena went on an out of control rant demanding that the City department that funds the Chambers in the City not give the funding to the Jefferson Park Chamber. You don't seem to understand that Arena killed the funding for the Jeff Chamber not once but twice. John Arena is the biggest phony on the Chicago City Council! Arena is a 21st century snake oil salesman!

    And do I even have to mention Lake Arena at Milwaukee and Irving?

  • Annette? Annette Sposato, is that you?

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