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Added Oct 09 2017

1807 N. Paulina,
Please do not block the public sidewalk. Today a client had to drag her son's wheelchair back towards Northshore Pediatric Therapy to cross to the other side of the street because your car was blocking the sidewalk. And you have giant rocks around the parkspace so she couldn't even "off road" it. If your car is too big to fit into your garage then your car is just plain too big.
Please remember that many Chicagoans are not able bodied and cannot squeeze around your vehicle to use the public sidewalks. We did not phone the police today, but will do so in the future.

  • You can call 311 who will transfer you to 911 and have the car ticketed. Much more effective than a post here. Cars are not allowed to block the sidewalk and many property owners think they own the sidewalk in front of their garages. They don't. It's illegal and ignorant. Also a pet peeve of mine.

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  • smartypants Be Nice

    I think these people would easily just pay the tickets and keep doing it. The city should tow them if they continue.

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  • smartypants Be Nice

    I'm not so sure, Mute. The house is well over a million and the car is worth 90 thousand or more. It might be worth it to them to just pay the tickets and keep enjoying the convenience of sidewalk parking. Sometimes a little public shaming works better. Remember the city worker parking on the sidewalk in Lincoln Square? It wasn't until he got called out on EB that he stopped breaking the law.

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  • The ticket for that cost $150. One of those per week would probably be a lease payment on a $90K car. The city could use a little extra scratch if these people have too much money. Why would anyone park a $90K car overnight on a city street anywhere?

  • smartypants Be Nice

    Tasty, Because in person you can tell that his car actually is really too wide to fit through the garage door opening. Why he hasn't replaced the 2 doors with just 1 huge door is the question. Hopefully soon.

  • That isn't too far from Tasty Treats World Headquarters. The house next door has the same problem. What kind of architect does that? To save the cost of a beam? Keep calling it in. If he keeps this up the cop who gets the call may remember and escalate or make it a point to drive down your block and ticket this guy when on patrol. As someone who once had to attend a wheelchair bound person something like this would mean war.

  • smartypants Be Nice

    Thank you neighbors. Good advice.

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