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Added Oct 06 2011

I discovered the Soul Food Hut at 7247 N Damen @Rogers last week. They have great tasting food for the soul. They have carry out, dine in, delivery and catering. I have been looking for a soul food place in Edgewater or Rogers Park for the 11 years that I have lived in the area and this is a first. Check it out for yourself.

  • We drove by there the other day, my husband didn't believe that it was really a Soul Food restaurant in Rogers Park. Glad you tried it out, now I've got some backing to stop in and see for ourselves.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Thanks for posting this, hazelg.

    Neighbors, have any of you tried it yet?

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    I have never heard of it...thanks for sharing

  • Ann on Glenwood 15 yr. condo owner

    Great news, thanks for passing it along. I need to stop in and sample it!

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    I went back again yesterday...yum..yum...

  • Mike All Local Stand Up Comic and avid Roger Park Lover!

    I want to try it out but there is only one review from yelp and it's not good.

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    @Mike, try it for yourself, as I find the review on yelp to be very disingenuous. I will let the owner know about that review. I have tried it and liked it very much.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    So what did you get? I'm always looking for good collards and cornbread..

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    @Becca, first time I had the talapia with collards, mac & cheeze, candied yams and cornbread with peach cobbler for desert. My next trip I had the liver & onions with rice and gravy and the yams and cornbread. On my next trip I intend to try the smothered porkchops and see what sides they have for that day. They have many different sides available on different days.

  • Mike All Local Stand Up Comic and avid Roger Park Lover!

    @ Hazelg, I will definitely try it myself. I have had food poisoning from some of the best restaurants around, it just happens sometimes.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Sounds great!

  • Inactive user

    I can't WAIT to check out this restaurant! Thanks, hazelg! Becca, the FIRST thing I thought of when I heard about a soul food restaurant in RP is greens. My dad (a sharecroppers son from Arkansas) made the BEST greens! I never got the recipe, either, and the one time I tried to replicate it, they were AWFUL (waaaaaay too much fatback)!

    Collards, cornbread, and red beans and rice will be my indicator for authentic soul food cooking. Chitterlings, OTOH, I never developed a taste for...

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    No chitterlings for me! Good greens are hard to find.

  • Inactive user

    Becca, I went to a CeaseFire function last fall at Chicago State U. It was catered by a West Side soul food catering company. I've been looking for the business card to post their info here (I think the biz name is Ernies), cuz, girl, I went back for THIRDS on their greens! and cornbread! It was that good!

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    Phoebe, that is the name of the restaurant, but they are closed due to a fire and only do catering until they get back open, which should be 3 to 6 months. They are located in the 4400 block on west Madison.

  • Inactive user

    Thanks, hazelg! Although I'm very sorry to hear about the fire, I'm THRILLED to learn Ernie's is an actual restaurant, cuz those had to be about the best damn greens I ever tasted (no offense, Dad). I'll bet they can cook up some smokin' ribs, too! Do they have a website? I'll have to keep an eye open for their grand re-opening. Nom, nom, nom... ;-)

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    Phoebe, I google the name for Chicago and called them.

  • jlpcubsfan RP since 2003

    I haven't been to Soul Food Hut but a foodie friend has, recently, and raves about it. Apparently it was delicious.

  • We stopped in this past Friday night for dinner, to go, and it took about 20 minutes to get our order - which means the food is cooked fresh to order.

    It's a typical Soul Food restaurant in that they have different main courses each day of the week. An entree is $11 (including tax) and comes with two sides and corn bread. I got the smothered boneless chicken - and I literally got three meals out of it.

    I had a chance to meet the owner, Marilyn, and talk for quite a while. She is very nice and has a great personality - if you stop in you need to make sure to say Hello and get to know her.

    We will be back for more (and it's great because its only 2 blocks from home).

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    MIchael, glad you stopped by, I know that most people who do will find it pleasantly enjoyable.

  • Bee

    Thanks Michael, I plan to go there very soon! How big is it for eating in? Did you notice?

  • They have plenty of space to eat in.

    PLUS they're open for Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday starting at 7:30 (we haven't gone yet though)

  • Corey's Cupcake Profession: Advertising & PR, Love: Poetry

    Hi there, Thank you so much HazelG for this positive feedback. The owner, Warren Pitts, wants to personally thank you for your consideration and being so honest with your review. When you stop in, ask for Warren or Marilyn. Tell them you wrote the piece here on Chicago Every Block. They will be happy to meet you and to treat you to some great food. We appreciate people like you helping to get the word out. Thanks and See you Soon!

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    @Corey's, both Warren and Marilyn know me but it wasn't until this past Saturday that they knew it was me that started this thread on Everyblock. They are both a delight and care about their customers and their opinions and feedback. With their attitudes they can be assured of success.

  • Inactive user

    I finally got to check out Soul Food Hut for myself. Maybe my expectations were too high, but the best I could do is give it a high C--low B. The greens were good but not nearly as good as my dad's--or Ernie's. They were cut too neatly and I didn't get a single bite of bacon or even fatback in 'em. They got my order wrong. (I ordered one side and they gave me another.) It took so long to get our food, I didn't bother complaining about the error. And the toilet wouldn't flush, so I didn't use it. Nothing like sitting down to a good meal with a full bladder. It definitely affected my level of satisfaction.

    On the PLUS side, the rib tips were EXCELLENT! I could tell the barbecue sauce was homemade. Finger-licking good, for sure. My brother said the catfish (battered and fried just like my daddy used to make) was excellent. We both thought the mac & cheese was so-so. (I had actually ordered greens and corn as my 2 sides, so I was already prejudiced against the mac & cheese.) I loved the menus, which were handwritten on a slate board. The restaurant was clean and the seating was comfortable. The waitress was pleasant and it was a beautiful, sunny day.

    I would definitely go back and give 'em another chance. I wanna try the barbecue chicken.

  • Corey's Cupcake Profession: Advertising & PR, Love: Poetry

    Thanks for all of your feedback on this forum, we look forward to finding ways to serve you better and give you the food choices that you enjoy! At the Soul Food Hut, the goal is to try to steer away from over indulgence in unhealthy food items in veggies or processed salted meats (which is found in lots of soul food recipes especially those that became popular in the 60s/civil rights era). The goal is to provide healthier options. Your patronage is appreciated so much. Your food is prepared fresh to order. The Soul Food Hut is working diligently to remodel, expand, and make the comfortable space you enjoy your meals that much more enjoyable! Thanks for stopping by!

  • great food and family oriented service! place is really laid back an comfortable! short ribs are a must try!

  • Inactive user

    Do they deliver?

  • Corey's Cupcake Profession: Advertising & PR, Love: Poetry

    Yes! Check out and place your order online or call in.

    Thanks for your inquiry! Soul Food is healthy food! Happy Holidays!

  • My name is Chucky Big CEO of
    if you find youself looking for good soul food check this place out,you will think you were eating yo mama food it is really good. Try the smother porkchops,or cat fish topped off with the red velvet cake---------good eatting folks an hope to see you there.

  • Hello, just wanted to respond to the comment made by the inactive user. The restaurant you are inquiring about is Ernies restaurant and catering located at 4140 w. Madison street. It's a family owned business of over 30 years and its ran by my mom and myself. We catered that event at Chicago State. I'm glad to know you enjoyed our greens. If I recall we also had Cornish hens on the menu. My mother cooks everything fresh, "no can goods over here!" The restaurant is not open as of now but we are currently catering, whether its a party of 2 or 500 we can accommodate you. If ever you need small or large pans of anything give us a call 773-638-2877 we have a temporary location that we use for catering. Thanks so much for the wonderful review. God bless!

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    Ernies1, you will note that this comment was in 2011. The restaurant has been closed for the past year or so.

  • Yes I'm aware that the comment was in 2011 but I wanted the site to have accurate information. Even I just discovered this two days ago so if there is anyone else looking at least they will know where to go. The restaurant is closed but the catering part of it is in still in existence. Thanks so much for your comment! Have a great day!

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