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Added Oct 02 2017

Bankruptcy Filing by Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago, organizer of annual Humboldt Park parade & festival and owner of La Casa Puertorriquena:,_Inc#
Parade Committee owns 1235-37 N California @ Division building which is home of La Casa social club / event planner / community center. 2013 DNAinfo story discussed allegations of financial mismanagement at PR Parade Committee and power struggle for control:

    Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago, Inc. Bankruptcy (1:17-bk-03480), Illinois Northern - Chicago Bankruptcy Court
    Puerto Rican Parade Committee of Chicago, Inc. Bankruptcy (1:17-bk-03480), Illinois Northern - Chicago Bankruptcy Court, Filed: 02/06/2017 - PacerMonitor Mobile Federal and Bankruptcy Court PACER Dockets
  • HPforall Lived in HP most of my life

    What is the purpose of this post? To reflect negatively on all things Puerto Rican? This happened in February.

  • For three years now, I have been informing people who care about this parade and weekend that it is bleeding red ink for years. Imagine if they were handed the bill for police overtime on top of these annual losses. Wow.

    Either end it or organize it as a one day gathering/family reunion at the park. The unauthorized parades and amusement rides cost the community in more than money the committee can raise. Scale it back to a family event concentrated in the park with music stages and food trucks.

    Also, reform the area Chamber of Commerce to reflect the changing demographics of the neighborhood. The more welcome people feel, the more likely they'll invest long term. Right now, Division is dead from Western to California.


    WHAT?!?!? Is EB only for positive stories about this or anything else effecting Humboldt Park? This effects all of us who live in Humboldt Park and is information that is badly needed about a group that causes such disruption every year. If the criminal activity this group brings to the park every year was addressed, maybe they would not be going bankrupt!

  • It doesn't reflect negatively on "all things Puerto Rican", HPforall. The reason it was posted because it moved forward as a bankruptcy last week. It does reflect poorly on those who organize the event. Getting rid of it or reducing it to a controlled event without expenses to a committee would not end the world. The parade is just police overtime and the amusement rides in the park are costly. Time to take a deep breath and move on.

  • Mark Heller Logan Square & Chicago activist

    Fiscal solvency / management of entity that Organizes & Controls annual Puerto Rican Day Parade and Festival, and also owns La Casa Puertorriquena building 1235 N California is newsworthy and of importance to our community. Further, bankruptcy is verified active case that has upcoming court hearings.

  • Sell the building. Solvency fixed

  • Zach Abel CAPS beat facilitator and community activist

    Thanks for sharing, Mark. Clearly they have mismanaged the event. Maybe they shouldn't have honored a terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera.

  • Funny coincidence: the debt started building when they got in bed with the "concerned citizens" who pushed Riot Fest out of Humboldt Park.

    Riot Fest wrote them a six figure check every year as a lifeboat, too. You really what you sow.

  • Maldonado sponsored an ordinance (which remains in effect) which permanently waived the permit fees for the PR Festival. If a festival gets free permits and free security and can't make a profit selling liquor, there is something seriously wrong. And you will never find a liquor sales report for the event. That information is buried somewhere.

    Frankly, I'm sick of seeing an inordinate portion of the annual park budget consumed every year in June specifically on cleaning up the aftermath and restoring damage to the park grounds that is unavoidable with any large festival.

    Grasshole karma.

  • Zach Abel CAPS beat facilitator and community activist

    Lots of Grassholes in Humboldt Park...

  • They lose money on the fairway because it is contracted out to a company that takes every dime beyond the application fee. Plus, "special guests" get as many freebies for rides and drinks as they want. Perfect time to consider a more modest approach that emphasizes family and the arts. No huckster Midway, no booze, quit being a bug light attracting gangs. Either get rid of it or class it up. Simple and safer costs a whole lot less.

  • Thanks, Mark for bringing this to our attention. I think this is the 2nd time in the past 5-6 years the organization has been in a bankruptcy proceeding. I look forward to you posting updates on this important community matter.

  • Mark Heller Logan Square & Chicago activist

    recent Federal Bankruptcy Court filings 2/16/2018 re Parade Committee Chapter 11 case# 17-03480. Any lawyers on EB with Court Info access thru PacerMonitor?,_Inc#

  • Mark, thanks for your inquiry. Anyone with access to the info it would be appreciated if you could share it here.

  • As I said last year, it is no coincidence that their financial woes kicked into high gear after the big donations from Riot Fest stopped coming.

    This is what happens when you cut off your nose to spite your face. Under no instance should a not for profit with a bankruptcy in process be trusted with a permit for a parade or event. Vendors deserve to know.

    A few years off and a redefinition of the event on a smaller, safer scale would be a smart move to declare to the court, as well. It's called a good faith proposal.

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