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Added Nov 27 2017

Hi Neighbors
I was wondering if anyone knows when Cozy Restuarant will open on Harlem at the location where Sally's use to be -seems like they have been working on for about a hear -you would think there would be not much of a transition ?
Second -there is a plot of land next to Marriott on Higgins that looks like there tore down entire building -are they rebuilding something there or perhaps trying to add on to Marriott? Live in the area and want to keep up with what's going on in the hood.
Thanks for any info you can provide.

  • Silver Neighborhood blogger

    Correction -working on for about a year -not hear...sorry !

  • gotts1 Block Party Planner

    It seems that the permits and monies from the bank took longer than anticipated. The Cozy Corner should be open with in the next couple of months.

  • Not sure about Cozy's. Perhaps the powers that be are awaiting there little white envelope.

    The plot of land near the Marriott on Higgins was proposed to be a large affordable housing apartment building. That was recently voted down as it would create a burden on an already over crowded elementary school (Dirksen). I know other concerns were voiced, but that was the most compelling argument I can remember.

  • HoneyBadger resident

    Don't know about the restaurant, however, wasn't that plot of land on Higgins supposed to be a posh hotel and once the work began it was found out the self-proclaimed big shot was found to be a scammer from China who had zero finances?

  • On the plot of land west of the Marriott will be three new buildings. Two commercial buildings with offices and there was talk of a high-end rental apartment building that was contingent on the other two buildings being sold. My company will be moving there in about 18 months. They just broke ground for my building, I believe. The high-end apartments were to start at $1,250/ mos for a studio. Those were the prices quoted back in 2016.

  • MJK

    Thanks cubshawksbears. I always thought that sliver of land was Park Ridge.

  • Cozy corner website says February

  • Silver Neighborhood blogger

    Just wanted to say thanks neighbors for all for answers - Cindy are you talking about the land by Hooters or the plot they just tore down closer to East River Road ? I was actually refering to that ? It seems like it was torn down pretty quick -was wondering if Marriott was expanding -I believe there is a for sale sign last I looked a couple of days ago.?

  • Big Oaks Big Oaks resident since 1979

    The plot of land next to Hooters was involved in some shady dealings by the land owner. He tried to get oversea investors to put money into a major brand hotel that he was planning on building. Long story short, just one big scam. Also, Park Ridge is across the street and starts at Canfield.

  • Yes, I am referring to the land next to the Marriott. Another parcel is for sale as an office building.

  • See DNAinfo article dated 12/8/16 titled "299 Luxury Micro Apartments Proposed next to Cumberland Marriott".

  • Silver Neighborhood blogger

    Thanks again -Cindy -read 12/8/16 article-and thanks everyone for all information !

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