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Added Nov 22 2011

General questions looking for helpful comments: I am currently doing some work in my basement. Detected a mild leak from an old valve on the main just before the meter in my house. I'd like to replace the old valve, problem is, I have no visible water shutoff in front of my house. (No buffalo box, no pit.) Have not gone directly to water dept yet, but I was wondering if I or my plumber can do anything before having the city come out? Does the city even respond if the home owner is looking for shut down just for repair? What would be the fastest way to handle this?

  • Marvin neighborhood watch dog

    usally there is a shut off valve in front of the house (between the house to the parkway) to shut off the main from the street ..but yes.. if you cant locate it.. the city will come out to locate it for you

  • If you have a shutoff at all.
    If not, call the city water Dept to report a leak and they will fix it since after the meter is your cost, before the meter is city cost.

  • Jorge Lara Stand by your 'hood.

    I talked to a person from billing on a different occasion and she said everything in my house, not including the meter, is my responsibility. I will update. Thanks for the helpful comments.

  • Jorge Lara Stand by your 'hood.

    Quick update: anything in the house, except the meter, is homeowner's responsibility. The best solution was to call 311 for finding/marking water shut off; not including turning it off. That's only in emergencies. Unknown wait time. Thanks again for comments.

  • wondering if you learned anything about invisible shutoffs. I think I have 2 mains connected to my house but only one b-box in front. My water works fine, pressure seems good, but there is water gushing up into a pit in my basement dirt floor. Plumber can't turn off from the visible b-box because it's encrusted with debris and I'm waiting for city to come dig it out.. long story, sorry. Just wondering if anyone knows about multiple water mains to one house- mine is half storefront, half built-on home, about 130 years old.

  • Do you have a water meter in front of your home that is located along the front of the property? I mean the thing that looks like a small sewer cover. If you do, the meter is there and there usually is a turn valve located in there. You may need a 5 point 13/16 half in drive socket to remove the cover that looks like a small sewer cover to get to it. Your plumber should have one of these sockets or you can get one at a plumbing supply store or on Ebay and Amazon. P.S. I don't mean the meter that is directly installed in the home or located attached to the home

  • thanks emrnibbles. I do have one by the curb and a plumber got it open but couldn't get at the shutoff valve because of debris. Now I'm waiting for the city to come dig it out. Once it's shut off I can see if my kitchen/bath water has stopped or if the lake in my basement stops filling up, or both or neither. Best case will be if it shuts off the water to the basement pond and my kitchen/bath water is still running. I still think there are two separate water mains from the street.

  • Jedigardenknight Short Bio

    I have the same issue, I want to replace the main shut off valve because it is leaking. I called 311 to have the water dept shut it off. They dont provide that service and to call a plumber, they can shut it off. I said I don't want to call a plumber (the whole point of fixing myself) I just want to shut the water down so I can fix the valve inside my house. She said there was no problem with me turning it off. But, apparently it takes a special 5 point wrench. where does one find this, Home Depot? Any neighbor have one I can use or rent for a day near monticello and Irving Park rd. (march 5th or 6th)

  • Jedigardenknight Short Bio

    disregard the above, I thought I was posting to my local everyblock. Cheers

  • If the water department cuts your water off is there a way they can find out if you turn it back on

  • Hi there! We are in the same predicament with not knowing where the water shut off is between the building I live in (12 units) and the street. A plumber told me I need to call the city for them to make a blue X as to where the box is. We have tried to have the city come out for a couple of years or to provide blueprints but nothing so far. Where do you call? What do you tell them? I need to have a leaking faucet fixed and I think I want to have a shut off valve installed to my unit.

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