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Added Nov 16 2017

Hello all, I'm considering purchasing a home in McKinley park. The neighborhood has great transportation to the Loop (where I work) and the overall aesthetic is quaint and pleasant. However, I'm concerned about crime and the many foreclosures throughout. The property that I like is priced on the very high spectrum of the median price. So the possibility of neighborhood depreciation is also top of mind. Are any residents here able to share their thoughts addressing my concerns? I'd love to here perspective from an actual resident. Thanks so much!

  • Mike mckinley park

    I have lived here for 10 years and never had a problem with crime. However, it is Chicago there is crime but I never felt unsafe. I highly doubt their will be a neighborhood depreciation issues for you, I think it will be the opposite it has been steadily appreciating and lately there has been a lot of new development. The foreclosures do not stay on the market for long and all of the ones I am aware of were quickly purchased and rehabbed. I would place the importance of a nice neighborhood, transportation access, good neighbors and a wonderful park at the top of your mind. Where else would you find all of those positive elements in Chicago?

  • I've also lived here for 10 years. I don't know why MP gets a bad rap because crime statistics here are comparable to Bridgeport, Pilsen and Chinatown. I do know this, I love it here but I still can't convince my North side friends to pay a third of what they pay to live here.

  • Hello Mike, thanks for the response! I've been walking around the neighborhood and I see so much possibility. I lived in Logan Square for more than a decade and McKinley reminds me of the early heyday of Logan. I loved logan for it's architecture, diversity and vibrant community, but those days are dissipating as more and more bars crowd out some of the unique character it had. I see many parallels between McKInley and early days of Logan. I do think that McKinley lacks some coffee shops and mom & pop stores, but I like to be witness to slow awakenings. McKinley seems to have all the ingredients that make a great neighborhood. I'll continue to look for property there. Thank you!

  • Hi Sharon! Well, this former Northsider is likely moving to McKinley. I had a condo in Logan but I'm ready to buy a house now and have been priced out of my area. I'm so happy for all that McKinley has to offer and it seems to me that the residents will make it a wonderful place to call home. Thank you!

  • Mike mckinley park

    BTW I moved here from Bridgeport . I find Mckinley park an infinitely better place to live. It is quieter, there is more green space, and less noticeable crime. Night life and coffee shops can quickly be accessed in other neighbor hoods.I find that better than living in close proximity to bars. I walk to Bridgeport regularely. One last very important detail is we have great resources for food, marionos, target ,cermak foods, jewel,, and a farmers market.Good luck with the search!

  • Keep an eye on 35th in the coming years, I bet new businesses will (slowly) start popping up. Like in Bridgeport, a little more every year.

  • Justin K. McKinley Parker since 2008, south sider since 1998

    We bought here in 2008 and are glad we did. McKinley Park has way lower crime than every adjacent neighborhood (including Bridgeport). It's at the geographic center of Chicago. The park is great. And there's a growing level of civic commitment and involvement throughout the neighborhood. McKinley Park has also had the shortest time on the market for home sales.

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