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Added Nov 12 2011

Good morning everyone!! First - I want to thank everyone that came out for the PL last night -
regardless if you came late, or came out because of the
events that occured.

Yes - there was some "action" last night. Approx. at 8:30 there was a shooting right in front of us. WE ARE ALL FINE!!!! A group of bangers came out of the bad building on Ashland and one of the bangers broke
from the group walked out into the street and fired one shot south on Ashland. He then turned around and disappeared going east on Morse. At that time 2 of us got on the phone and notified 911. At that point the bangers scattered and one of them was spotted going North on Ashland. He was followed (by one of the PLer's) going east on Morse.
Police were again notified, and a group of bangers were also spotted on Morse. When the CPD arrived they were all apprehended.

We then reassembled on Ashland, and noticed a large group of banges south of us on Ashland. CPD was notified again, and the responded and basically blocked off Farwell, and Ashland and stopped the bangers. The bangers were then searched and arrested. This happened approx.around 9pm. The group then filed complaints against the bangers, and at last account they were being held by CPD for at least 8 hours.

Again - Thanks to everyone that came out! This all could not have happened (the arrests) with out your help! WE DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE LAST NIGHT!!

  • Chris G on/off RP resident since '88.Musician/Programmer.

    Looks like it's working John! Glad nobody got hurt though, but the gang bangers are definitely feeling the push. Good job to everyone who was out there last night, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

  • Inactive user

    HOly CraP!!! Wow.
    just titling it PL last night is an understatement.
    Working this gang issue from all angles really helps I think.
    We at Morse and Wayne (the businesses and neighbors have tried our darnedest to keep the pressure on them and to keep them away.) I think the bangers are feeling the pinch, because there is no where for them to go but out. THey need to go.

    GoOd JoB!!!

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Well done, all. I'm glad no one was hurt. I drive through that area quite often on the way to visit friends in RP, it wouldn't be unusual for me to be driving on Ashland near Morse at that time of the evening. Thanks for your efforts to make the area safer for everyone. Please do stay safe yourselves.

    Just curious since there seems to be a "bad building" in that area -- what actions if any can be taken/are being taken to address the issues with the building owner?

  • John Warner 14 year resident - Rogers Park Positive Loitering

    @Barbara - Thanks and yes! Steps are being taken to remedy the situation. I can't go into details, but it is being handled.
    @Jeff - Thanks and you can join us anytime! We need more folks to get involved.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    John, Thaks for your report. I'm glad you are all safe. Can you please share with me the address of the building on Ashland?

  • John Warner 14 year resident - Rogers Park Positive Loitering

    @Alderman Moore - Thanks! The group last night worked like a well oiled clock!!! I will send you the information thur your email.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Awesome, that's great to hear, John! Great to see Alderman Moore is following this issue as well.

  • Alexandra Rogers Park connoisseur since 2006

    It was great!
    And by "great" I don't mean the gunfire. That part is scary and ridiculous to say the least.
    By "great" I mean how thankful the CPD were to the PL group for being there, and how responsive and present the CPD were in our vicinity, and how willing they were to answer many of our questions. And the apprehension of many of last night's troublemakers was great, too!
    I truly believe if this "presence and partnership" between residents of Rogers Park and CPD occurs on our streets on a very frequent basis, the gang issue would be highly reduced (if not eliminated). In the end, it just becomes too inconvenient for the bangers to pull their stupid crap.

  • John Warner 14 year resident - Rogers Park Positive Loitering

    @Barbara - Yes - he is.... :)

  • Just wanted to say thank you for everyone's work and bravery. You all are truly making a difference in our neighborhood.

  • Bill Morton President, Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

    John, Even though you stated earlier that someone who does not wish to be transparent is blocking future positive loitering events, I will with due diligence ask.<br>
    When you mentioned "The PL events for RP have been cancelled until further notice. This is a request from a Higher Authority", Who exactly were you referring to?<br>
    And ... When you stated "The only thing that I can say is that the PL's for Rogers Park are suspended until further notice. This is NOT my decision - it is one that came to me thru higher authority. If you would like to email me privately thru EB, feel free, but you won;t get any different explaination"., Who exactly are you referring to as a "higher authority"?<br>

  • E

    Hello all: A request if you will, please do not make generalizations that the building that you are speaking of is a "bad building", it is actually a building of historical significance (apartment are similar to French Flats and beautiful, 2 units to a floor - from the front of the building to the back of the building) and you have tenants who have lived in the same apartment for 15-30 yrs and a lot of the people who live in that building are professionals (IT professionals, Bankers, and tenants with Master's Degrees) and they do work, so just because there are a handful of people who are having problems, does not make it a "bad building" as a whole, the majority of the people that live there are decent, hard working individuals, so if you could refrain from calling it a "bad building" that would be great. Thanks.

  • E

    One other thing @Alexandra: You do know the gang issue will not ever be eliminated, right? It might quiet down but it's not ever going to be eliminated, because once you get rid of one gang, a new one is formed shortly, thereafter. That is just the reality of the society in which we live in, unfortunately. I've lived in this neighborhood for 13 yrs and moved here from Lincoln Park. I've seen this neighborhod go through an amazing gentrification and/or transformation and what's happening now is mild compared to what it was maybe 5-6 yrs ago, where nobody would not even dare sit on the sidewalk at Morse or walk down Morse for that matter!!! It will get quiet soon enough like it always does and all will be right with the world!!!

  • Inactive user

    E -- a "bad building" is a bad building due to any number of issues that create a negative influence on the neighborhood.

    The title "Bad Building" isn't intended to insult, or negate the good intentions of the majority of good residents that reside in it, but rather bring focus to those who are creating a negative living environment.

    Perhaps "bad landlord" or "badly managed building" would be more appropriate - but either way, I think we're all in agreement and hoping for a more peaceful neighborhood that is free of gang violence.

    Private message me if you'd like to participate in a neighborly discussion to help better our neighborhood... I'd love to talk further how we can work together!

  • Inactive user

    I think that the gang issue at large ofcourse will never be eliminated. However it can be minimized to a large extent in Rogers Park IMHO. Market forces are at play and even the slummiest landlord will one day realize that housing people causing problems may not be the best way to make money. There is damage to the apartment and market rate will some day even be more profitable than any section 8 unit. Yes there should be SOME low income units, but not so much that it is a detriment to the community at large. As it stands there is still too many badly managed and section 8 units in Rogers Park.

    The gang issue will one day get to the point where you really dont see bangers on a corner. I do believe this is going to happen soon. Because better businesses/landlords/tenants/owners etc will move in that simply wont tolerate it.

  • E- I live in said building and I agree there are many of us hard working tennants. I work full time in management and I also am a full time student working on my BSW. I don't know my neighbors very well but I refuse to turn a blind eye to the 2 or so bad units that are drawing all the attention to this building. The people may not all be bad but the building is BAD! I will not rant about the numerous problems I personally have with my unit but will express my disgust to the young men (in this building) who are shooting directly in front of my house, dealing drugs, and, now more recently, alleged crackheads prostituting out front. We need to fight to get rid of these problem units so we can have some peace again like when I first moved here. It's to the point that if it's after dark and I don't have to be anywhere I just stay home to ensure my safety.

  • Alexandra Rogers Park connoisseur since 2006

    Hi E,
    You never mentioned if you live in this building, but I assume that you do?

    Well, with all due respect - the fact that a building has historical significance becomes of little importance when there is gunfire, drug dealing, and other types of gang activities occurring regularly in front of it. I certainly understand that all these problems are caused by a very small number of units in said building, but wow, did it go downhill this year - thanks, in part, to mismanagement! It's a huge building, and I hope that great majority of people who live there - good residents - don't passively watch it deteriorate, but continue to demand a safe environment from the landlord. As for the time being, 90% of my calls to the police involve your building's address - and I really hope that changes. I've lived in the neighborhood since 2006, and your building has been a peaceful, quite building - until this year. But today, I don't know how else to refer to it - maybe "building with problem units", or "mismanaged building".

    And of course it's hard to expect for gang issue to be eliminated everywhere (I wish!), but why is it unreasonable to have a goal of making it very inconvenient for the gangs to operate right here - in our neighborhood, on our block? Yeah, Morse has improved - (and it is great!) - but the gunfire outside of my windows is not the "reality of society we live in" that I want to sit back and accept. The more residents get PROACTIVELY involved in keeping the neighborhood safe, the less gangs you will see (or hear). Morse didn't magically improve on its own, after all.

  • John Warner 14 year resident - Rogers Park Positive Loitering

    @Bill Morton - Like I have mentioned before - the PL events have been suspended until further notice. The only other thing that I can add is that due to recent events current incidents are under investigation. As far as who is requesting that the events be suspend it came to me from the CPD Commander. That's all I can say on this situation.

  • Inactive user

    It takes awhile to get prostitutes and drug dealers out of an area. There are still drug dealers by me at Morse and Wayne, atleast they are being less obnoxious about it. They have changed tactics and they dont try to dominate the whole block, the prostitutes I see arent hanging on the block they are being more discreet.

    Its a step in the right direction atleast. I couldnt imagine living with these people in my same building. If there are alot of decent people in the farwell/ashland humugous building and it sure sounds like there are, well mr landlord needs to kick them out whatever it takes. Even if these numbskulls burn their apartments on the way out its worth it (hopefully this doesnt happen). I have seen such destruction in the wake of awful people leaving. What mr landlord should do is talk with the neredowells and find out how much money it will take to get them out. Give them a check after they move out and then put a stop payment on it and change the locks.

  • Inactive user

    Minor edit to John's post:

    "As far as who is requesting that the events be suspended, it came...from the CPD [24th District] Commander."

    I'm sorry, but once an editor, always an editor. ;-)

  • E

    Thank you everybody for your reply. Please do not assume that I live in or around the building, I could just be someone who maybe knows the landlord or people who live in those apartments.

    The volume of crime goes in waves and some areas are hit a lot harder than others, this has just been an unpredictable year of which where and how much crime has taken place.

    I will say this, I am very active within the community. I just might be involved in more other subtle ways to help the community without being visibly seen.

    As a reminder from the last CAPS meeting at the Rogers Park Police Dept., the Commander did mention that there is a new gang in or around the area called the MS13 Gang. I think all of you should be very well educated on this gang (here is the link: because their main focus is killing people on site who inform the police of their activities, which might be the reasoning behind that the PL events be suspended.

    Furthermore, at one of the CAPS meetings, the Commander did tell those of us who attended, that there was a gang member in our midst (after the gang member left, of course), and that everytime you sign in, you have no idea if a gang member can come in and look at the list and quickly get names and addresses of those who are at the meeting; hence, I have not ever put my full name or address or email on that list!!! Just a future piece of advice you may want to consider for the next time you go to the CAPS meeting, that you never know if a gang member could be present, as it is open to the public!!!

    Just like every single time I call 911, the officer will ask do you want to give your name, I say no because the offender and their attorney has the right to have that 911 tape released and listen to the 911 tape.

    Your efforts are very significant. If you have time and patience then you will be very successful in your efforts, I'm sure. Just be safe in doing it.

  • Inactive user

    The link re: MS-13 provides old data (2003-2004). Any sources that provide more up-to-date, local info. about this gang?

  • E

    @Phoebe: I am a researcher, so yes, I will get some more current information for you. But this gang is here and even moreso, prevalent on North Shore. Just be careful.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Neighbors, I have been in regular communication with 24th District Commander James Roussell regarding the latest round of violence in both the Ashland/Pratt area and Howard Street. The police are addressing this issue aggressively and proactively. Some of the violence is related. Other incidents are isolated, such as the shooting on Bosworth Avenue Saturday morning, which involved a domestic dispute. The Commander stressed that his request of the neighbors to suspend the positive loitering activities was temporary only and that he believes PL is an extremely useful tool to reclaim our streets.

    I applaud everyone's involvement. It has helped to stem the violence and I encourage you to continue to call the police whenever you see criminal or suspicious activities. I will continue to keep you apprised of further developments.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident


    Which beat meeting did you attend that had a known gang member in attendance?


  • Inactive user

    E sounds like they are themselves passing on the gang intimidation.
    Anonymous source spreading fear about gangs. Its not like the people here searched out gangs and started trouble with them. We just dont want to live in a graffiti filled gangbanger loitering society.

  • E

    @Nolan: It was last year. My point was just to be careful that's all and that you are not obligated to fully disclose who you are. I have chosen not too. It's just a personal choice, that's just me. Be safe.

  • E

    @jeff olson: I in no way have ever in any of these posts, would ever want to accuse or give the impression that the PL efforts have caused anything, "Its not like the people here searched out gangs and started trouble with them." I apologize if me just being thoughtful on educating the rest of you, based on what the Commander said about this new gang, implied that. That was also me just being neighborly and expressing safety for the rest of you. Again within my post, I stated that I am very active in the community just in a more subtle way; therefore, based upon that statement, one could interpret that as everyone's efforts of what they do to support the community may have a different approach, if it's not through PL then it might be through another subtle avenue, which should be respected and applauded, as well. Just like I applaud your efforts, which is what I stated at the end of my post, then please applaud and respect my efforts, as well. We're on the same side here just helping the community in different ways.

    One final thing at one of the more recent CAPS meetings that took place at the police station after the Pratt and Ashland shooting, the Commander did state that he wanted all of us to keep calling 911 and if you see that the Police haven't responded to it or they let someone go, that there is a reason for it. Perhaps that the person is a CPD undercover officer or informant, and the Commander was emphasizing do not get frustrated if you feel something isn't being done but to keep calling, but there is a reason for what they do and how they are handling certain situations, but to still be vigilant about calling 911!!

    Again, I applaud all of your efforts and just be safe.

  • To ALL the RP people putting yourselves in harms way to better your neighborhoods, I applaud you! Very impressive and encouraging. I hope your efforts and continued vigilance will lead to a cleaned up peaceful community.

    I also want to give Kudos to Alderman Joe Moore for participating on Everyblock and keeping the lines of communication open by responding to your issues. It's more then I can say for our Alderman at this point. A Newsletter, while informative, is so much less than a verbal response. I am impressed and envious.

  • Inactive user

    @E, I just hate hearing about gang intimidation. Its good to be careful and these gangs can be obnoxious, and its ridiculous that they are trying to sit through regular citizen meetings. Its not like we are showing up at their meetings. Gangs will always try to intimidate, but how it is good to spread the intimidation or give in to it? I have seen them try it, and if you give into gang intimidation then there will be increased loitering and shooting.

    @Kris, I dont believe people are trying to put themselves INTO harms way. I think people are just standing up for their neigbhorhood and for safety and the gangs are trying to intimidate them and society at large. Will it work? No.

  • Ben

    @E I would second Phoebe's request that you post a more up-to-date, accurate link. That website you reference also has a ton of articles about alien conspiracy theories, ghosts and and big foot. I would hardly consider that a reputable source of information.

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